This is quite pungent! Inside/Family Joke with my sister and I…years ago we sold Candles and one of the scent choices we could buy/sell was HEATHER and when we smelled the sample we both made a grimace-face and looked at each other and said…eeeweee! Heather Smells! Soooo…every once and a while when we smell something FUNKY we randomly say HEATHER SMELLS!

Fast Forward to this tea! As soon as I opened this packaged I made THAT face and had no idea what I was smelling. When I saw it was HEATHER – I laughed out loud and actually said HEATHER SMELLS in the middle of the office! THANK GOODNESS NO ONE BY THE NAME OF HEATHER WORKS HERE! teehee!

Yeah…so…this tea has…black tea, heather flowers, nettles, juniper berries, bilberries, natural & artificial flavor

The black tea is of medium strength but there is so much more going on here that is seems to be almost cancelled out by the other flavors! HEATHER really SMELLS! I can taste the various flowers and berries. The combo of the two provides a funky, tarty, bitter berry and bitter/stale floral taste. I can’t say that I love it. At times just when the berries seem nice the flower-power takes over and between the two bitter flavors colliding I’m just not sure about this one. It’s ok but I wish it wasn’t as bitter. And it’s not that the actual TEA is bitter – not that kind of bitter – but the flowers and fruit. Honestly, I think the reason I continue to drink this is the grapefruit notes…those are nice!

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