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I’m currently drinking Tea Forte’s LOOSE LEAF Earl Grey! YES, LOOSE LEAF.

I was first introduced to Tea Forte Teas last year when my mother saw their cute lil bags in the shape of a triangle and stood perfectly in your cup with their trademark ‘leaf’ sticking out of the top. She ended up buying me a gift set of 6 samples and I liked some and others were too tarty for me but was SO EXCITED to try them regardless.

Yesterday when I received my KATI via UPS there were three samples in it…one of the samples was their EARL GREY LOOSE LEAF. Yup! They have LOOSE LEAF, too!

Of course I am drinking this in my New KATI from Tea Forte!!!
Which I reviewed yesterday in more detail and will be testing a bit more and posting my personal tea blog which is located here…
Later this week…

Anyhow…here is the review on their Loose Leaf Earl Grey…
I can smell your typical black tea, bergamot – but not too bergamot or fake bergamot smell which is a definite PLUS…since lately I have experienced some loose leaf teas that are mostly fake bergamot flavoring and it seems to linger for HOURS whether it be for scent or after taste…but like I said…this one is a happy medium with the bergamot. The actual black tea is very bold! This is a nice surprise…I wasn’t sure about the strength of the black tea taste based on the original scent of the tea…and then there is a hint of floral and a hint of something else that I am not sure I have smelled before in other Earl Grey’s. WHAT IS THAT hint of mysteriousness!? OH! It’s…almost a hint of rice scent!? It’s barely there but that is sort of what it smells like to me…freshly cooked rice…of course this isn’t a focus or a flavor that is even listed in the ingredients but I just thought I would mention that it is something that I picked up on…and I LIKE IT.

This Earl Grey doesn’t seem to have an aftertaste that bothers me either and that’s WONDERFUL!!! I think it’s one of the bolder teas – if not the boldest tea – I have tried so far – to date – from Tea Forte.

Now…as for the findings on this BLACK loose leaf in the KATI – since I did a GREEN yesterday – this is still perfect for Black Tea as well…as you know I have already drank several Black and Black Flavored Teas so far today and ALL of them have worked REALLY well in my KATI.


This link will tell you more about the KATI…which I have become more and more fond of and protective of in my office. I have non-tea drinkers EYE BALLING it! LOL

They are just jealous!

By getting this KATI it just might encourage me to get into more accessory hunting (purchasing)…YAY!

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