My first reaction to this flavor was “OH” and not necessarily a good one! Mostly because I wasn’t prepared for that flavor…

You know when you take a big swig of something – what you think is – Dr. Pepper and it ends up being orange juice or something completely different?? Well that is why I was so taken back by this…I was ASSUMING it was something completely different!

After that initial shock…I was blown away by the spiciness of this one!

By the 3rd sip everything started making sense and the taste and my taste-buds starting to finally become friends!

I can taste the spices, the orange, and then the cinnamon – specifically – it reminds me of a fireball type cinnamon, then the cranberry and peach. Towards the end of the sip I can taste the papaya. The apple is a bit more hidden than most of the other flavors but that’s ok with me. The end of the sip on to the aftertaste is a fruity-spicy one…more spice than fruit tho.

This cup is NOT lacking color, aroma, or taste – let me tell you that! This is a beautiful dry blend and the more I sip it the more I like it but it was quite shocking at first – especially because I wasn’t prepared for that flavor! It’s intense!

I’m not complaining…I do like this!

Just a heads-up on the cinnamon! If you like fireballs you will probably like this. If you aren’t into spices or cinnamon or fireballs…just wanted to warn you!

This is sure to warm any tummy! Nice bright mix and toasty-warm cuppa!

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