6770 Tasting Notes


I tried this one about a week ago and loved it. I must have been in a hurry because I didn’t log it. I only infused it for about 4 minutes but the water temp was quite hot – at least 200 degrees. This review, today, will be based on 10 minutes and 100 degrees C – as suggested by the company. I don’t think I have ever infused a black tea for 10 minutes on purpose. So I thought this was interesting and I really hope it works.


Yup! This is GOOD!
It’s of medium strength for a black tea base. It’s amazing that this didn’t get bitter! LOVE that! While reading the package THIS TEA won the Great Taste GOLD 2012 Award! I can see why! It’s an original! It’s unique! This tea is selected and imported from Taiwan! The flavor isn’t INTENSE but it still has a NICE flavor on the tongue. It’s one of those to sit, sip, and ponder!

It’s slightly crusty and quite malty. It’s not a think malt but a smoother type malt. There are dark chocolate-like notes and honey or mead flavors popping thru. It’s really a joy to drink this tea!

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

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drank Maple Splash by Tealyra
6770 tasting notes

Thanks to SIL for this one!
The over all taste of this is good but the flavor description and name don’t really add up. I LOVE the addition of the popcorn, I do! However, the black tea base is tremendously weak, the maple flavor is barely there, and the cinnamon is on the lighter side as well. This tastes more like an herbal tea than a flavored black tea to me.

If everything were about X 10 – I would think this is the perfect flavor combo. It’s just really on the light side.

BUT…what I can taste I do like! I just wish it had more POP!

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VERY pistachio-Y. Almost a little LIME-Y, too. Toasty, Nutty, Vegetal, quite…GREEN, really. I’m not tasting the chocolate notes they mention but maybe it’s the chocolate notes that contribute to the creaminess on the back end. Pretty good, just be sure NOT to over infuse – it can get a little bitter!

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Well, this one is ok – nothing special – but nothing bad. It’s slightly flavored pear, slightly caramel, slightly rooibos flavor. Yes…keyword is SLIGHTLY all across the board. Probably better iced, not bad hot, just not memorable.

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These are crazy sturdy leaves! Long and winding, stiff and artistic-looking. It’s a lovely Oolong. Somewhat floral-sweet, nutty, a little buttery. The end sip is somewhat like a gentle Jasmine in comparison to give you an idea of flavor.


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Thanks SIL
A little ‘bitter-crusty’ like toast with a bit of smoke which I like! A natural berry note as well as cocoa type aroma and end sip on to the aftertaste. This is fairly strong and I like it! I should have started my day with this one!





I will have to try their keemun someday

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Thanks SIL
This sort of tastes like Cinnamon Water. The black tea is gentle, not strong. The Cinnamon is that of a cinnamon powder type cinnamon. And maybe Clove. The aftertaste lingers a little funky but it’s ‘ok’.

Might be good to add to something – a food – maybe another tea? It’s a good starting point but was left a ‘tad’ wanting…

Glad I got to try it tho!


another tea to cross off the list of all teas!


:P Thanks Sil! So excited to try it :)

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Thanks Sil
This is different than I thought it would be! It has a medium-weak black tea base with a quesi-citrus flavor but there is also a bit of tart in there – maybe like a not-quite-ripe-yet berry of some sort.

It’s an interesting flavor and a nice change-up, tho.
Creative Flavored Fruity Black, really…not bad!

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I feel like I walked out in to my backyard and picked these myself! Well, not quite, but it’s very herbally and earthy to the eye! I was especially surprised by the Red Clover Buds/Blossoms! I don’t know if I have ever had a tea/tisane that features this ingredient!

It smells herbally and soupy. It looks, smells, and almost tastes like a broth.

As far as this being a full-out herbal tisane – this tastes quite good – in a more neutral type way, that is, it’s not overly herbally but it still serves a purpose. This really surprised me, actually. It’s pretty decent!

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This one smells subtly grape-like but it’s really hard to see/locate the black tea – most of it’s white tea. I understand that they probably did it this way so they don’t overpower the white tea with the black tea but again I’m having a hard time locating/see the actual black tea!

The flavor is very much a white tea tasting base with lovely grape-like notes and rose hints, as well. It makes a great gulping-cold-brewed tea and delicious sipping-white/blended tea as well!

Purely delightful!

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