6770 Tasting Notes


I grabbed enough for a cups-worth before passing the rest along in the Traveling Tea Box. This one lives up to it’s name…Beautiful! It’s gentle and mouth watering and somewhat citrusy – naturally! This is very nice! Glad I was able to try it!

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I’m so sorry I have taken so long with the Traveling Tea Box…I’m almost thru it and ready to send it along! Last week I was ‘missing’ because I was super busy and in and out of the Chiro’s office! Eeeek! But…I am back and trying to catch up!

Nature’s Tea Leaf has some herbals that are coated with tangy hibiscus/rosehips/fruit ingredients and some straight-up herbals or fruity flavors that are all across the board. I’m glad they have so many offerings but some are hit and miss for me.

This one is alright…not on my faves list but ok. It has that tangy Rosehip/Roselle Flavor going on along side the Orange-Citrus. Those ingredients alone pack-a-punch but there are some green tea flavors as well as some herbally notes that popping thru too!

It’s a bit tart for me but is ok iced…so I am rating with the tarty factor in mind as well as the cold brewed idea, too!

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Looking back to the first time I tried this – I really didn’t like it – but I just had a cup and it was toned down quite a bit – for the better – I don’t know if it’s because it’s aged OR if it’s a better batch – it’s BETTER but still not awesome. Upping rating a tad because this is better than the last time I had it!

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drank Ruby Pie by Butiki Teas
6770 tasting notes

Sil you are wonderful!
Stacy from Butiki you are a genius!
RUBY PIE you are a delight!

This is a masterpiece – because RARELY do people MAKE IT in LIFE by ‘playing it safe’ and Butiki thrives on the creativeness behind the cuppa! Thank you for being so creative and taking those creative combo risks! They are great!

The Black tea base is fairly strong and I like that. The Vegan Bunny Grahams are a brilliant addition! They give it a wonderful crustiness to it! The floral notes give it a peppy and peppery pop here and there and the Strawberry notes are WONDERFUL! The Cinnamon notes are strong and appreciated. This tastes more like a meal than a cuppa!

I’ll have to order this and SOON!

If you over infuse it will be a little more cinnamony as well as stronger and “darker” or more astringent but it’s still an interesting flavor and satisfying and filling at that!


I have some of this on the way. :) Looking forward to trying it!


I’m so glad that the box made it to you safely :) Just note, that the final blending is a little different that the samples i sent you lovely ladies :) It’s from the original batch!

Butiki Teas

I had so much fun working with Sil on this blend and I think it turned out pretty interesting. Love the vegan Bunny Grahams. :)

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This is absolutely amazing! This is one of the best ‘minty’ greens I have ever had! I like this both hot and cold even tho it was designed to be a ICED tea. From their new line of Iced Teas…this is wonderful! Les Plaisirs Purs! YUMMERS!!!! I’ll be sharing the rest of this with Liberteas and Azzrian and I hope the enjoy it, too!

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My sister brought some of this back for me while she was in Charleston! Woot! I have a nice bit of it in my stash now! I had at least 10 cups last week! BACK LOG! Sorry for the dashboard flood! Sorry I was ‘missing’ last week! I should be ‘back’ most days now :) Miss everyone!

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Backlogging from Friday! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Upping rating!

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Backlogging from last week!

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Thanks for a bit of this Liberteas. This was pretty good! Passionfruit, Berry, and tang! It’s a little bit puckery-tart but pretty good! I’m betting it would be even better iced! :)

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Backlogging from last week! LOVE this! YUM! Both Cold and Hot!

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