6770 Tasting Notes

drank Xocolatl by Bird's Eye Tea
6770 tasting notes

I had this a while back – straight-up and it was chocolate-E but also spice-E. Today I had this with a double-shot of the loose mixture and added Raw Agave. With this addition – this flavor was more of a chocolate milk with a bit of spice. While I did like this flavor while I was drinking it I wasn’t overly fond of the aftertaste. Still good while drinking, tho!

Special thanks to Liberteas for this one!

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on my 3rd cup! YUM! See other notes!

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drank Fig Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
6770 tasting notes

Midday Matcha Break! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! YUM! Might have to increase rating! See other notes!


Mmm figs! Sounds good :)


Mmm, on my shopping list! I want a good fig tea :)


Oh my! I wonder if I can get my hands on some of this…

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This is a nice stand-alone black tea. Medium Strength, Medium flavors of aromatic floral and bergamot – maybe a bit on the lighter side of medium, actually. But regardless this is a really gratifying cup!

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Mango, Peach, Lavender, Rose, and Black Tea flavors make up this flavor combo and all are present and accounted for. This is very well balanced and quite impressive. It’s sweet, floral, rich, smooth, while still allowing you to taste the black tea base at a medium-strength level of intensity. I like this! It’s a goodie!

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More Green tea than Blueberry but that’s ok with me. The Blueberry is alright, here, just be sure not to over infuse because it can/will get bitter. It’s pretty good both hot and cold. It has slight floral notes underneath, too!

It’s pretty good – not my favorite Blueberry Green but satisfying and I would drink it again!

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This is tasty! The Chocolate and the Mint and the Rooibos Combo is darned near 1/3,1/3,1/3 and meshes really well with each other. It’s similar to a few other Chocolate Mint Rooibos’s I have had from other companies so it doesn’t really stand out apart from them but it’s darn tasty, too!

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While this isn’t my favorite Darjeeling I am going to rate it higher than most on this specific tea. I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s not overly memorable but it’s tasty. It’s a nice standard Darjeeling to have in your stash to share with anyone anytime of day! It’s slightly crusty and slightly misty with a bit of satisfying astringency. A fair Darjeeling!

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First I would like to say that I didn’t know this was decaf until I was ready to log it! So…in a way…that is good…because I thought it tasted a little ‘weak’ but now it makes sense. For a Decaf – it’s tasty – gentle – pretty good. BUT…why the hell did I start my day with a DECAF! Yeah…it’s Friday! Woot! WOW!

This is fairly astringent but the taste doesn’t linger long. Not bad!

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