6770 Tasting Notes

drank Catuaba by Infussion
6770 tasting notes

Good Lord! I this one is SO NOT for me! It smells, looks, AND Tastes like Pencil shavings! BLAH!

VERY bitter, too!



hot steeped pencil shavings….mmm now i’m curious!


Mmm pencilicious

Rachel J

LMAO!!! That is the worst review I’ve ever seen on Steepster. Hilarious! Sorry you even had to endure a sip!


I actually kind of love the smell of pencil shavings… but drinking them sounds terrible.

And I have to admit, this review made me laugh.


Might be a good tea for writing :)


Kind of hoping the tasting of real pencil shavings was when you were very young! :)


I have to agree! When we tasted this from the teabox we thought BLECH!

Anthony Burdge Jessica Burke

Catuaba isn’t a sipping tea. It’s for medicinal purposes. So it’s not going to taste awesome on its own. Needs to be toned down & blended with other herbs

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This is a very satisfying ginger root. One of the better tasting ones I have tried or maybe it’s just because the older I get the more I appreciate ginger root, not sure. This helps the throat and my shifting wisdom teeth. Mission accomplished.

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I had some of this earlier today! It’s a might fine Yunnan. It’s slightly bakey but sweet. It has hints of grainy notes that fit in nicely. It’s reminiscent of creme brulee or a comparable dessert – on the end sip!

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I know I have logged this one but I also know it’s been like 4 years.
I had a cup of this yesterday – loose. It was alright! It was Chai with Coconut. It was sweet but spicy. Tropical but ‘of the earth’, too!

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Had a bit of this before passing the rest along – see previous notes


sounds tasty!

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This was a goodie! Smooth and creamy! sweet and gooey. Very much like Caramel Cheesecake! YUM!

Sure wish I had more!


Gah, that sounds delightful.

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Backlogging several cups from yesterday!

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drank Rosy Earl Grey by Teas Etc
6770 tasting notes

A very potent and aromatic Rose EG! Stands up to it’s name. Floral Rose, That flavor you would expect from an Earl and the juicy bergamot, too! Levels of Flavors exceed expectations!


Ooh, this one sounds good! :)

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This is a medium-strength Lovers Leap Ceylon and it’s pretty satisfying! There is a bit of “crustiness” and it works really well in this cuppa! Delightful!

Doug F

I like to see the Ceylons getting their due!

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I’m so happy the ’Here’s Hoping’ Traveling Tea box included several Black Teas I haven’t tried yet! Most of which I am only having a cups-worth and sending the rest along the way so others can enjoy, too! I assume JacquelineM was the one who added this one because she, too, added tasting notes to this one, as well as the loose leaf being in the little plastic containers that are super cute! Thanks!

This is robust and astringent in a good way! A FAB Morning Tea – it really whacked me in the face – just what I needed this morning!

A special shoutout this morning to SIL
I started posting early just for you!!!
I tip my tea cup to you!


WOOT! and here’s me totally late with my postings haha stupid work


LOL – no prob! It’s been weird so far for me today too! Oye!

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