6770 Tasting Notes

drank Slim by Utopia Tea
6770 tasting notes

This is yummy.
Not much for aroma but the flavors are just-right!!! Soothing, relaxing, juicy. I can first taste the peach and then the apple…D-LISH!!!!

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Thanks LiberTEAs!
This is pretty and quite flavorful! I can taste the Calendula a bit more than the Rose Violet and I think that is just fine and dandy! This is good hot or cold!


sheesh, how do you manage to drink so much tea… I’m kinda jealous- in a good way!


Hahahaha! I often feel the same way, Indigobloom. :)

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Sometimes – I just NEED a good Yunnan…backlogging, see previous notes…

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drank Peach White by Tea Addiction
6770 tasting notes

Pure delight…see my other notes…

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backlogging…tremendous! YUMMERS!

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Thanks LiberTEAs…backlogging…Steepster has been giving me problems lately…anyhow…

This was MUCH better than I anticipated! The cacao and vanilla in addition to the mate worked well together – nothing was overly intense tho…I really appreciated the roasty/toasty effects too!

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Thank you LiberTEAs!!!!!

This smells like sweet fruit and a hint of pine needle (not sure why but it does!)
It’s a lovely aroma!

The fruit flavors are subtle while sipping but the green rooibos is pleasant :)

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Dry – this smells like flowers and oatmeal
After infusion – this smells floral with a hint of tarty-juice
The color is a light yellow-brown.
The taste is very delightful! A beautiful white tea with soothing floral and herb notes but they are subtle. I can pick out the Chamomile a little more than the ‘petals’ but both are relaxing and not loud.


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3rd infusion…
10 secs
Color: Dark(er) Brown…much like a hefty black tea
Aroma: Bolder Musky and a little less plum scent than the 2nd infusion.
Taste: Creamier than the last infusion, still very plum like with the taste, semi-mouth watering…

I really like this 3rd infusion, too, I would say equally as the 2nd infusion but they taste distinctly different. This is very nice!

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Infusion 2…
8-10 secs
darker in color a nice medium brown
Aroma is musky and of PLUMS! Yum!
The taste is Plum-like and near creamy.
I’m enjoying the 2nd infusion much more than the first. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the first but the 2nd touches my heart and soul a lot more! :)
Upping rating!!!

3rd infusion coming soon…

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