6770 Tasting Notes


I just downed 2 infusions of this and think it’s wonderful! The dry aroma is very memorable! It has that chai aroma but the black tea is bold and not hidden by the spices AND almost fruity to the nose…maybe a little bubblegum type scent to it trying to hide underneath. It’s quite unique.

Once infused the spices play a wonderful part, of course! The bubblegum or fruit notes I was smelling before were no longer there but there is a surprising sweetness to the taste and a perfect-for-my-preferences-chai taste to it!

This is special! I like this! This is the very first Rabbit Hole tea I have tried and now I cannot wait to try the others I received this past weekend!!!! Woot!


RE: the brand name… What the heck? lol. It made me laugh:)


Rabbit Hole tea? Makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. I might have to hunt down the brand and try it later. I’ll remember the name easy. :)


They are from Australia! :)


from australia! Great! its so annoying seeing so many teas that we cant get in australia.

The Rabbit Hole

Sorry guys, you’ll have to come visit us “down under”. We will be opening a Tea Bar in the very near future. Glad you’re liking the name too (it was inspired by Alice’s tea party). It was the first one we came up with and then, we workshop’d another 100 or so before coming back to it. Trust your instincts hey!!!

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drank Yunnan Black by Urban Tea
6770 tasting notes

What a wonderful Yunnan! I really liked this one! It’s bold and dark and had a hint of crusty or bready like notes as well as tomato, perhaps…it was yummy and savory! I like this one and thank LiberTEAs for it!

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Backlogging…thanks AGAIN to LiberTEAs!

I wasn’t really fond of this one…not sure why…just didn’t stand out in any way for me. It was your run-of-the-mill rooibos with spice…that sums it up…not bad, just not memorable, I guess.

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Thanks LiberTEAs!


This wasn’t bad, really, and kudos for being a little different, however, I didn’t really get much EG, nor did I get much of the bergamot – if any. The lemon was like lemon pudding or something which, for me, was the highlight of the taste due to it being different and it making me think, but I didn’t really care for the rose with this as much.

Again, not bad, but not awesome either.

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Ginger – peach – orange – spice – and white tea! Very nice! All ingredients were noticeable and they all played well together! I enjoyed this one! Backlogging! Thanks LiberTeas!

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drank Lemon Mango by Tea Licious
6770 tasting notes

backlogging…thanks LiberTEAs!!!

I really REALLY enjoyed this! The perfect combo of Lemon, Mango, and Black Tea! YUM! Very Aromatic, very pleasing to both the nose and tongue! I got 3 good sturdy infusions from this! I would order this again and again!

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Thanks LiberTeas!

This is really good…really minty – not as chocolatey but still tasty…it’s a little heavy on the particles – use a tight strainer!

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I must say I like the aroma more than the taste on this one…a nice croissant type with fruit…yum…but the flavor is too tangy-fruity-sweet for me. I, mean, it’s not bad, but I was left wanting, I guess. I am wondering what this would have tasted like if it were black tea and not green? Also…I wasn’t able to actually TASTE the Green tea base…it was interrupted by everything else.

Thanks for letting me try it LiberTEAs! :)

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