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Thanks for this LiberTEAs!

The pre-infused aroma isn’t very intense but once infused it’s a little stinky. The taste, however, is one of the more subtle stereotypical pu-erhs I have come across. I like that. It’s smooth. I like THAT. It’s woodsy but more importantly a little sweet! I LOVE that!

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Stereotypical Darjeeling – yes – with a little more grassy and floral going on! This is a full flavor Darjeeling that is for sure! The infusion (liquid) is lighter in color but the aroma and taste is THERE. Pretty good!

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Thanks LiberTEAs!

This is pleasant enough and I must say I enjoy it but perhaps for other reasons…

what I mean by that is I like that the spices are subtle and work with the white tea much better than I thought. The Apple is the prominent flavor but I’m not getting any vanilla, really. The peppercorns linger a tad but it’s not distracting.

Overall it’s alright…I enjoy it…wondering what it would be like with (more) vanilla tho!


Maybe add sugar-free vanilla syrup? I wondered about this one myself – apple is such a delicate flavor, so I wondered how the cuppa drama would play out…


Maybe vanilla almond milk? No, hemp would go better with apple. Almond milk can be strong. I love the idea of a subtle white chai too. I love chai but I always make them to strong to go with softer items like pears.

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drank Peppermint Leaves by Teapigs
6770 tasting notes

backlogging several days of this…
now I only have 1 bag left…sigh…

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REALLY liking this – backlogging from last week and this morning…more info coming soon…

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Almost forgot to log the other day…enjoyed it more than before upped my rating on this one…see my other notes :)


i’m curious… do you intend to continue getting new japanese teas after the whole nuclear disaster that happened there? idk what to do myself…

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Excellent! See my other notes about this one…LiberTEAs notes, and http://sororiteasisters.com

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Delightfully sweet and a little sour yet milky and smooth! Very nice! YUM!

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drank Organic Hojicha Chai by Eden
6770 tasting notes

Forgot to log this a few days ago…it was chai like and in a bag and not bad actually I liked it just fine. More coming soon…

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drank Organic Sencha Mint by Eden
6770 tasting notes

backlogging from the other day…check out my previous notes

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