6770 Tasting Notes


EG and Honeybush – sums it up! :) True to description! I really like the EG with the honeybush, actually…it’s one of the better nontraditional Earls I have had.


That’s an interesting blend, especially with Earl Grey. Cool – I’ll have to try that one.


Always interesting to see what will and won’t mix well with EG.

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drank Gyokuro by Tea Licious
6770 tasting notes

Plain and simple…this is a WONDERFUL Gyokuro!
Clean, smooth, slightly sweet and juicy. Really great!

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drank Kapha by Tea Licious
6770 tasting notes

All of these ingredients are a bit on the mellower side and I appreciate that. They all play nice with each other and it’s hard to tell which ingredients stand out more than the others. It’s herbally but soothing and seems to go great with the pumpkin seeds I am nibbling on at the moment…

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Squeaky clean and refreshing! A very good Jasmine! I really like this!
Thanks LiberTEAs!

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drank Summer Kiss by Red Leaf Tea
6770 tasting notes

Pretty Good! I’m writing a full review over at Sororitea Sisters that will be posted at 6am on Friday!


Can’t wait to here all your thoughts! :)

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This is really good! The Ginger and Orange are the main flavors and the peach is in the background…the green tea is also in the background, mostly. All 4 (main) ingredients are great with the others! This is good hot or cold! Nice Flavors! Not too weak and not too intense! :)

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This one is a little strange but good.

It smells of a gentle black tea, cocoa, mint, floral. The taste is a nice cross between cocoa and mint but it’s a tad vegetal and floral, too. It’s like Mint Chocolate Chip Cake sitting next to a floral arrangement.

Tasty tho!

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drank Green Tea Hysson by Gorreana
6770 tasting notes

I’m going to have a full length review at 6am EST tomorrow at Sororitea Sisters. This is one I am spending some time with today and really surprised me.

slightly chewy for a green…interesting.
slightly vegetal, slightly herbal



I’m curious… What do you mean by chewy?


I was wondering that too!


lol – like almost bakey, I guess…

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This is REALLY flavored and scented and since it was Pu Erh I figured I would start with the infusion time of about a minute…it was pretty impressive for my first attempt…usually I have to tinker with it for a few…but this worked nicely.

I wasn’t sure about the aroma but I could really smell a lot of that stereotypical Puerh smell but the EG Aroma helped cover a good amount of it.

The taste was intense and very EG flavored. I could still pick up on the Puerh but the EG Flavors really popped and really helped make the tea more drinkable and enjoyable.

If you are looking for different types of Earl Grey to try…this one is different but also very EG flavored.

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Started my day with this one…a bit lighter than I remember but still darn good!

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