6770 Tasting Notes

drank Lemon Zest by Joy's Teaspoon
6770 tasting notes

Already going thru withdrawal…sigh…

The 4 cups I had earlier today were AWESOME tho! See my previous notes!

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drank Lover's Lane by Indie Tea
6770 tasting notes

Had two lovely cups earlier today…backlogging…see previous notes…

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GREAT Tulsi Blend!

The Tulsi is wonderful but I LOVE that it’s paired with the black tea! It’s almost the pioneers of both worlds coming together to collaborate – almost like Run DMC & Aerosmith to come up with an awesome blend of flavors for a hit than will stand the test of time!

If you like Tulsi and you like black tea – this is darned nifty!

The tulsi is like sweet basil herb and mint tied into one with the black tea for a nice TEA base! REALLY like this!

Brilliant! I have been waiting for someone to do this and Shanti did! THANK YOU!

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I drank several cups of this – this morning. See previous notes…sending the last little bit in a mystery swap package! This one will be missed!

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drank Matcha by Unknown
6770 tasting notes

Had a matcha latte at Wegman’s tonight – I’ve had it before but can;t find it on here…not sure who they go thru for their matcha…I’m thinking it might be RIshi. Regardless it was quite FAB…frothy, creamy, with a hint of natural sugary goodness!


I hear Wegman’s are amazing. I wish they’d come a little further east in NY! The latte sounds really yummy!


How “upstate” are you!? If you don’t mind me asking…even a nearby city :)


I’m not far from Albany, NY. We have Hannaford and Price Chopper yay (note sarcasm)


We are just getting our first Wegman’s in Frederick, MD, but since my grandparents live in Brockport, I’m no stranger to this awesome grocery store. Now to hear they have lattes?! YUMS!


If you go to their Deli/Food prep area – you know – with the cafe type area/sit-down area, ready to eat or open and serve stuff…most of them have coffee and/or tea, etc now…YUMMO!

Ours added sushi (including VEGAN Sushi Options that I am grateful for) this past year! YAY!


Did you take this picture (of the matcha) or just pull a random one from the internet? If you took this pic of the matcha you got from them, then they got their matcha from Marukyu-Koyamaen (a very well-known Japanese producer of matcha). At least, this picture is of tins of theirs!

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drank Vanilla Cloud matcha by Domo
6770 tasting notes

Nearly chugging a warm cuppa this right now…vanilla! yeah! See my other notes! ALSO…Jason and Ricky added a Matcha Category! Woot! I’m in the process of editing existing matchas to now include that in their description/category…feel free to edit any you find…too…I have a start on it but it will be an ongoing project I am sure!


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I can’t believe I am the first to log this one! :)

This is a really nice yellow.

It has hints of floral-peppery notes but the cross between the natural green and white tea tastes are very good. In addition, I think the sweet after taste is my favorite of this tea.

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drank Lemonade by Shanti Tea
6770 tasting notes

YUM YUM YUM! See my other notes…

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drank Pink Sonoma by Red Leaf Tea
6770 tasting notes

Oh! How I’ve MISSED YOU Pink Sonoma! I got another envelop of it and will send half to my SororiTEA Sister Anne!!! See my previous notes…

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Basically if you were to take gentle Indian Spices and pair them with sweet basil – this is IT.

This is herbally and spicy and comforting…one of the better herbal-tasting tisanes and chai tisane’s I have had. Doesn’t leave a funky aftertaste either

I’m trying to get Jason to add not only a Tulsi Category but a Matcha category to steepster as we are adding more and more of those :)


Possibly a broader “stone ground” (or microground) category would be best. Then that could be checked in addition to the type of tea (rooibos, white, pu erh, black)… Instant chai could even fit into that category.

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