6770 Tasting Notes

drank Champion Black by Shanti Tea
6770 tasting notes

The SororiTEA Sisters will be featuring a full length review on this one at 6pm EST this evening! In the meantime…

This is really bold and a nice solid black. The color is of deep burgundy and the aroma makes you crave multiple cups!

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For someone who NEVER adds sugar to their teas…for my 2nd cup of this one from Red Leaf I decided to follow their optional suggestion by adding one of their White Sugar Sticks to it. And I must say it was very good. It does take the edge off of the WICKED BOLD Black tea taste – but I guess it all depends which way you want to go! I LOVE the boldness of this but I have to say – this is one tea I could go with or without sugar…I enjoyed BOTH cups!

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NOTE: I NEVER add sugar to my teas.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way I will tell you this…

These remind me of ROCK CANDY I had as a kid! LOVED them! They taste like it too!
It’s pure-white sugar on a stick! It adhere’s to the stick well but it also swizzles well in the hot tea too!

I will be doing a FULL REVIEW over at SororiTEA Sisters soon!

I ended up trying this one in the Kick In The Cup Tea from them and it was pretty good! This…coming from someone who NEVER adds sugar to their tea, mind you! :)

This is a nice product!

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Fairly Malty!

I have a feeling I will be bouncing off the walls – COOL!

First up…plain

I am going to try one of their sugar sticks in the next one just for KICKS (pardon the pun)


Use a White Sugar Stick and Kick in the Cup.
And your Good to Go Bouncing Off All the Walls
Work up a Thrist. and Have a Cup of Tea.
Keep on Steepin

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I don’t know why I am hesitant to drink Rose flavored teas…I assume they are going to be bitter from all the rose petals…but that is rarely the case.

This is very nice!

It’s everything you would expect from a Rose EG! It’s intensely scented and the flavor is ‘just right’ once it hits the tongue.

It’s juicy and floral – and it meets in the middle wonderfully!

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I’m so excited my friend Melissa picked up a bag of this for me while she was on vacation! I’m so grateful! I’m starting my morning with this one – check out my previous review…that sums it up nicely, I think :)


I’ve wondered about these teas. I don’t know, but I think it’s the packaging design that is turning me off about them. (I feel so superficial.)


I know this one has a loose leaf and a bagged…I prefer the loose but the bagged is good too!

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This is REALLY fantastic! I had one cup hot and another cold and both are lovely, fruity, and memorable! Passionfruit Oolong/Wulong! Very nice! YUM!

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My last matcha for today…will pick up again on Monday with the matcha…


I have been WAITING for a white matcha!! I HAVE to try this NOW!!!!!

This is a light brown/grey in color powder-wise…once mixed with water it’s a murky brown in color.

DRY…this smells amazing! Pure! Once mixed with water it doesn’t really have a distinct aroma.

As I sip all I can think about is how pure this is and how mouth watering and true to the white tea this is…it’s amazing!

The flavor is wonderful! Since I haven’t seen other white matchas or tried them yet and because I am enjoying this one so much I am going to rate it at 100. That could change – but for now it sticks!

ATTN TEA WORLD – Bring out MORE White Matcha, will you!?


I have always wanted to try white matcha, but can’t get ahold of it in the UK. It sounds amazing!


I THINK Red Leaf Tea ships to UK…


Is this the same as the white rhino matcha you’ve tried? As white tea lowers body temp, this would make a great matcha lemonade!


Nope…this one is COMPLETELY Different tasting…I prefer this one much better :) My personal opinion…


I forgot that was a white matcha! LOL Oops!


But yes…I like this one better than the Rhino…it is VERY different from the Rhino tho…this was juicy and sweet and the Rhino was grassy and more on the bitter side.


Oh yay! They do ship to UK!

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Awwwww, yea! This is the stuff!
Butttery-goodness! :)

And yes…that’s Butttery with 3 T’s!

This is a little grayer in color than the other matcha’s I have had today!

I really like this tho! It’s just enough of every thing you would want in a matcha, I suppose.


Well, I’ll chalk this up as my tribute to the Royal Wedding Celebrations today – since I don’t have any of Twinings’ Commemorative Royal Wedding tea…this will have to do and it’s doing just fine and dandy!


buttery w/ 3 L’s?


HAHA! I meant 3 T’s!!!! HA!
Yeah…sign of too much matcha today, I guess! teehee

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I agree with Geoffrey’s note about it tasting like sweet seaweed or Nori type tasting…This is a nice matcha standby to have. It’s ok! I love the smoothness of it! That’s my favorite part of this one…


Nori! I wish more matcha tasted like Nori:)


Speaking of which…I’m having Vegan Sushi tonight…just made it official! :)

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