6770 Tasting Notes



these are tightly ‘braided’ and much like a work of art!

Not much for aroma but the taste is Juicy-Sweet-wheat-YUM! The color is near clear.

This is very crisp and clean! Very nice!

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Dry this had a hint of vinegar aroma to the nose…nothing too drastic tho.
While infusing…woodsy and a little like syrup.

This infuses dark.

The taste is unexpected and interesting! Just when I am thinking a mellow bark like taste is changes up to a syrupy type taste and just when I think I have that nailed it changes to a smooth and velvety rice hint but then I think it almost has some drier wine notes coming thru.

If you are one of the people turned off by pu-erhs because you may think they are wormy or earthy – try this one – it’s very different!

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drank Noni Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
6770 tasting notes

If you know of anyone who is into RAW Foods – tell them about this Noni Matcha!

It is 100% raw, pure and organic.

Dry – the first thing that came to mind was Noni flavored Scones!

After mixing up it smells like fruit and veggies with matcha!

This is pretty good. It’s a tad tart but unique and super healthy! It’s a nice change-up from your plain-jane matcha! :)


Afterthought…I like this one a bit better as it cools for a few…it becomes juicer, it seems


Never heard of Noni. Must do research. :)

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A nice – strong – rich – HEALTHY – great quality tasting matcha! It leaves a leafy green meets veggie aftertaste but it’s darn good!


Love me some strong and rich matcha. But all matcha is healthy!

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I want to thank my friend Melissa (who isn’t on Steepster, but still…) for picking up 4 samples of Charleston Tea Plantation Tea while on vacation for me! It’s so sweet she thought of me! :)

This is the first of 4 I will be tasting and reviewing. Prior to this the only CTP Tea I have had was the Rockville one and that is one of the 4 samples she brought me. I remember liking that one so I am so happy I get to try it again!

As for this specific tea…

Dry – it smells like a black and airy tea
post infusion it smells like a black tea with a slight cotton type aroma trying to hide in there somewhere.

The taste is robust yet well rounded and in medium strength for a black. It has a mild yet crisp aftertaste I am really enjoying, too!


I am hoping to visit the plantation when I go to Charleston in June for my niece’s wedding!


Awesome! I wish I could go!!!

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Malty with a touch of sweetness! Not bitter at all! This is MARVY! I really like this! YUM! It’s medium brown in color and of medium strength for a black tea. A nice sweet-smooth finish. YUM!

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I was a little scared when I first smelled this one. It reminded me of a tea I tried a while back that I found to be way too sweet and way too cinnamony…like cinnamon red hots! Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE cinnamon red hots – I just didn’t care for it in my tea!


When I sipped this I was relieved to find out that it was pretty good! It’s not something I would pick out for myself if I were to see it on a shelf in a store based on the smell…but lucky for me I enjoy trying new things!

Piping hot this tasted like a chai with candy-sweet cinnamon instead of an Indian Cinnamon Spice or powder type cinnamon taste if you know what I mean.

After a few moments at room temperature the Wine flavors come out more…an interesting addition.

The aftertaste is a stronger black tea paired with a more natural tasting cinnamon.

This is complex and fun! It has a lot of character!

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My assumptions:
This tea would be darker than dark! A pure black brew! Stronger than strong…almost coffee-like.

I was wrong!

The color was a light brown. The taste was strong but not a thick black chewy tea taste is was astringent and almost darjeeling tasting.

This was quite good just much different from what I was expecting!

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This is a VERY good Matcha! It isn’t overly chocolate-E but it is TASTY. I am going to play around with it more but first taste was good!


Ugh. I hate you. Ya know, in a “not really, you’re a great friend… I’m just REALLY jealous right now” way LOL. <3 The up side of this is I’m hoping you’ll try all the weird ones I’m too scared to first lol. I’m wondering if their ginger is the same as AoT’s. (which I have now and am almost out of.) Frank better get going, RL is beating him at his own game lol. :)


grrr my < 3 came out as “s.”


Chocolate matcha? I think I’m in love! XD


Is this the same as Domo’s chocolate matcha? If not, how is it different?


I’m certain it is different from Domo’s Chocolate Matcha…I think Domo’s is more chocolate-E and smooth but Red Leaf is more Matcha-E if that makes sense LOL


Oh hm… part of my 1st post got deleted too. (probably due to my attempt at a heart). I was trying to say I wonder if RL’s ginger matcha is the same as AoT’s.


Oh and yeah that makes total sense. :)

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OMG! OMG! OMG! Red Leaf Tea added more matchas! Whooooooo! Yeah! I receive some in the shipment I just received and I can wait to try them! This was the first one on tap and I chose it at random. Sure this smells and tastes like black tea but I’m excited about this one mostly because of how strong the black tea flavor is in it! It’s wonderful! I have a feeling this won’t last long in my stash!


I know right?! I just discovered them yesterday! Some of them are down right weird.


Stay tuned! I have LOTS more to post about! LOL


You already knew I’d be stalking you, right? LOL I’m looking forward to living vicariously thru you!:)


Question for you about this tea, since you drink a lot of matcha. Do I still use low temp water for black matcha or do I use stands black tea temp?

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