6770 Tasting Notes


Thanks LiberTEAs!

This is intense with aroma but a little flatter with the taste but I like it very much because of that fact! Nicely done!

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drank Apple Strudel by Fusion Teas
6770 tasting notes

I’m not real fond of the aroma…it’s overly tarty fruity – so much so that it stings the nose…BUT

The taste is pretty good hot but even better COLD…yes! I am going to trek on with this as an Iced Tea or Tisane…does the trick! fruity with a hint of cinnamon.

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Thanks LiberTEAs!

This is very light brown/gray in color after infusing. It’s roasted but not as intensely roasted as some kukicha’s I have had. The taste is more nutty and less roasted-woodsy than I have had in other kukichas. It does leave a sweeter/nutty aftertaste, too, which I really like…

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This is SO amazing on SO many levels!

It smells a little like tomato soup and/or tomato bread…I LOVE the aroma! The taste is toasty, creamy, malty, a mellow black tea, meets a hint of cherry tomato type undertone but then changes up and evens out. By the after taste I can find that mint note they say lingers…it’s so amazingly different I can’t NOT like this one!

WOW! Nice!!!!

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This is pretty good! But it’s different than I expected. It’s not overly Pineapple but you can tell it does have Pineapple in it…there are a few other things going on here too…including something that reminds me of coconut – almost coconut pouchong oolong type taste in with the pineapple. And it’s a breadier type oolong…neat features!


Breadier = pineapple upside down cake-ish?


minus the cherry, perhaps?? :P


Which would be a PUDC I would LOVE! I’ve heard of “bakey”, “cakey”, “toasty”, but never “bready”. Very interesting.


maybe bread puddingy??? Like Ohana’s in Disney World…


I’ve always wanted to try pineapple in tea… it sounds yummmmmy

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Upping the rating on this one! I’m having another cup this morning and it’s hitting the spot :)

It’s malty and lovely!

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Thanks LiberTEAs!

This is one of the better Darjeelings I have tried! It’s smoother than most. It still has that little bit of masculinity to it but it’s a fine tasting Darjeeling! A few extra points for being Organic!

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This is one of the teas that Talbott is taste testing for possible addition down the road…

I can taste sunflower first followed by mint then some green tea and then other flower notes. It’s alright…a gently flavored green tea, I suppose…nothing overly memorable but it’s not too shabby either.

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Tastes like Asparagus! YUMMY!
Smells like it too!
Yeah…all-around Asparagus in the form of a tea and I think it’s GRAND!

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First…I want to say…when I first read this description all I could think of was “oh…so this is the REBEL of the White Tea World, eh?” Well, “BRING IT ON”…Rebels are COOL! Almost like the Danny Zuko or Kenickie from Grease!

Anyhow…this is really REALLY Fab!

It kind of had an astringent yet fruity smell to it but there was a little hay-like aroma going on there too!

The taste is VERY vibrant for a white! It’s creamy but a little juicy and semi fruity at the beginning of the sip but finishes more buttered veggie-like. There is a delicious aftertaste that lingers, too!

Wonderful! Memorable! I really like this!

I’m going to go listen to Billy Idol now…


Maybe I should try me some… sounds kinds yummy…and U go girl and listen to whatever your heart desires hehe!!!


with a rebel yell she cried more more more ;)


It’s a nice day for a white wedding…

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