6770 Tasting Notes

drank Grand Keemun by Tea Licious
6770 tasting notes

A very nice Keemun! Ever-so-slight hints of brunt toast but a nice medium-strength burly black tea! YUM!

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drank Orange Pekoe by Gorreana
6770 tasting notes

There is a light orange hint to it or it could just be messing with my mind! Regardless I do like this one! :)

It’s semi-bold, semi-mouth-watering, and airy. Slightly bitter but in a good way…or maybe astringent would be a better word, but, regardless it’s tasty and different than I expected!

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drank Spring Fling by Souvia
6770 tasting notes

I had a cup of this earlier this week on my way out the door and didn’t have time to review it. So…

Today I am having another cup! It’s very good for an herbal. It’s minty without being too minty. It’s citrusy without being overly so. It has HINTS of fruity and floral notes too that are ‘just right’.

I wish I was laying in a field enjoying spring – instead – I’m stuck in a office…under florescent lights…sigh…

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I can taste more Apple and hibiscus more than anything…but there is a creamy/smooth mystery about it…must be the caramel…wouldn’t have known that unless I read it in the description tho! :)

Not bad…if you like Fruity Tisanes!

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Orange, Ginger, and Peach! All 3 flavors blended in perfect harmony over top of the green tea. Nice! Just enough of each flavor for my liking and overall a nicely flavored green!

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Thanks LiberTEAs!
This is one Stash Tea I had yet to try…it’s been a while since I have had any of Stash’s teas, actually, but this was one for the books! I really enjoyed it! It’s a nice medium strength black tea – slightly chewy-honey notes – not really a sugary-sweet honey but a chewier one…very nice!

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Thanks LiberTEAs! This is very cream-creamy!I didn’t get much or any of the rum but the flavor is really, well, creamy! And dreamy! Good blend!

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drank Maple Tea by Culinary Teas
6770 tasting notes

Thanks LiberTEAs! I have been craving Maple flavored black tea for a while. This is alright but not overly flavored maple. Still pleasing, however. A very nice cup!

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I got LOTS cayenne pepper in my first attempt. It kind of knocked my socks off. shocking! It’s ok. Personally I would LOVE more chocolate and less cayenne but I can certainly see the market for this the way it is as-is…


I felt the same way.

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This is a FANTASTIC Citron Green! The citron is almost a sugary-lemon – like lemonheads! The green tea is a juicier/lighter green tea and it’s great tasting! YUMMY!

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