6770 Tasting Notes


Dry – this had an interesting yet Unidentifiable aroma to it tied in with an lovely assam aroma. It has a gorgeous color to it…a medium brown with an orange tint to it. The post infusion aroma is a slightly chewy assam. The taste is AMAZING! It’s like a sweeter assam but it also has a smidge of bitterness to it but it’s the bitterness one would crave and not one that would be ‘in the way’ or ‘interrupting’ the flavor…it contributes to it. It has a nice even slipperiness to it, too…very nice! I really like this one!

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Not sure if it’s a good sign that I am starting my day with this one! LOL
Yup! I was a little perturbed – to say the least – last night when I tried to go to bed. It’s been a hell of a week and it’s only Tuesday…actually the last few weeks have been that way! I think I am suffering from “the last straw” syndrome…if you know what I mean.

I’d like to tell a few people the name of this tea

but for now I think I will sit here and enjoy it while grinding my teeth. Upping the rating…


I feel your pain…I too have been suffering from “the last straw” syndrome! I figure something has to give soon and until it does at least I have tea. (Also I like your description, not that you feel perturbed)


Thanks…it always helps to have someone to share the ‘pain’ with LOL

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drank Kukicha by shizuokatea.com
6770 tasting notes

Very nice! :) See my other notes…

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drank Plum by McNulty's
6770 tasting notes

My love for this one continues to grow! See my previous notes…

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drank Caribbean Holiday by Souvia
6770 tasting notes

This is another new release from Souvia! Normally I don’t usually like fruity herbally tisanes because they are too sweet or fruity or tart or full of hibiscus BUT…this is nice! This is a TREAT…candy ALL Round! This doesn’t have hibiscus in it! YAY! The purple/red you may see is beet root. Sure…it’s tarty and fruity but the sugary and candied fruits help counteract that. I’m think this would be best iced but it’s pretty tasty hot today, too! Yup! The key is the candied and granulates ingredients! And I’m not going to lie…I grabbed one of the lemon granulates and gnawed on it while the rest infused! NomNomNom…

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drank Raspberry Mint by Souvia
6770 tasting notes

Most unusual but most tasty!

Bean Peels? I’m game!

I will say it’s more raspberry-E than minty. The mint is quite subtle. The berry is prominent to the nose and on the tongue. The flower combo is pretty and accompanying and not overdone. Neither is the hibiscus! Just the right amount! I can taste the apples more in the aftertaste as an individual flavor rather than during the initial sip. Overall…creative, different, good…I’m thinking even better ICED but this hot isn’t bad either!

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Thanks LiberTEAs!!!

Just when I think I have ‘gotten’ what pu-erh is all about there is that ONE that surprises me – like this one! This, to me, really doesn’t taste like your run-of-the-mill Pu-erh! That’s fine by me! This is sweet and almost fruity! I really like it! It’s a nice surprise! Very Nice…

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I really think that Fusion Tea Room has the BEST flavored Yerba Mates! This one pads my side of the debate!

When I first opened the package the aroma was first and foremost Pistachio and then lime. Once infused it was more lime then Pistachio! Regardless – this is highly aromatic and tasting! The taste is a lovely lime partnered with Pistachio! It’s RIGHT ON!!!! I also appreciate the Yerba Mate being paired with not only regular rooibos but green rooibos! GENIUS! I really like this one! YUM!!!!!!


DavidsTea Honeybee has opened my eyes to the world of mate…do you know if Fusion will ship internationally?


I’m not sure but their email is [email protected] and they are REALLY nice :)


I went with six ounces of this when I ordered from them and I’m so glad I did…this tea is addictive! I’m brewing a cup right now :)

Fusion Teas

We are now set up to ship worldwide :)


YAY! FTR!!! YAY!!! :)

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drank Mango Dream by Souvia
6770 tasting notes

This is a brand new one from Souvia and I am very excited to try it! It’s my first cuppa the day! It has a nice medium black tea taste. I am LOVING the REAL chunks of mango in here! YUM! Now this is how mango tea SHOULD be! I was skeptical when I read this was supposed to be “smooth” but you know what it DOES live up to the name and description in every way! It’s almost smoothie-like…a pure delight!!!!


Real chunks of mango?! Divine! :)


Great review ooh I love mangos this tea sounds so good.

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This is…STINKY
Let me TRY to explain…
It DOES smell like Black Currants, I suppose, but I always thought that Black Currants kind of smelled STINKY for lack of better term…it’s like these lil berries can’t make up their mind if they want to be juicy, bitter, tart, sweet, or sour! BUT…that’s just the berry, I suppose.

As far as flavor is concerned – this bagged tea is highly flavored and it shows itself off in both aroma and taste.

It’s purplish in color between the black currant and the hibiscus. The hibiscus isn’t overdone but noticeable.

I can’t taste the licorice and I’m fine with that.

For accuracy-sake this is ‘right on’ flavor-wise. As far as my personal tastes go – eventho I’m not usually a blackcurrant connoisseur – this is pretty good but not something I would dash out and buy in large quantities.

I’m drinking it hot but thinking it would be better iced.


I know exactly what you mean! I tried this and never reviewed it, but I thought there was something smelly about it. Something that smelled dirty.

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