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Yet another surprise! Just when I think I can predict a flavor of a tea – I am dead wrong – but in cases like this – I LIKE THIS! I LIKE being WRONG! :)

This has a very masculine black tea aroma and taste. It’s very rich and bold. It has hints of pepper and earthiness to it. An even smaller hint of smoke, too.

I really like this because of how different it ended up being! YUM!

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WOW! Now THIS is how PEACH is supposed to smell in a tea! This is awesome! (If you like peach that is and lucky for me I do!)

I will mention this is a bagged tea. I’m very impressed with the aroma seeing as that it’s a bagged tea! Lovely!

The color is a medium brown which surprised me because it’s a green tea – although it does have a little chicory AND hibiscus so maybe that contributed to the color.

I can taste lots of peach – which is great! I can also pick out a little apple and hibiscus. This hibiscus seems to work nicely here and I am so grateful they didn’t over do it with that ingredient. I can’t really taste the chicory which is completely fine with me. As for the licorice I can’t really taste it as I sip it but can taste a hint of it lingering in the aftertaste.

This have a very intense flavor for a bagged tea! A nice surprise!

VERY tasty but you really have to like peach – just a heads-up!

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What a creative blend of flavors! The aroma and taste are what you would expect for a Carrot Cake Flavored ANYTHING :)

The Maple Brittle seems to enhance all of the other flavors. This is very sweet and I really don’t think any additional sweetener is required.

The Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves aren’t prominent flavors but certainly contribute to the overall taste. The Walnut, Carrots, Raisins, Coconut, and Maple Brittle flavors are more in the fore-front. The Rooibos and Honeybush are well covered from their stereotypical taste for those who tend to shy away from it – they may want to give this one a whirl.

This is very aromatic and very flavorful! Very well done.

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This tastes like fresh, raw green beans with fresh mint! Pretty Yummy!

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This is a bold brew! Slightly Malty but rich black tea. Mighty fine for those morning or even mid-afternoon lulls!

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Not too sure about this one…I mean it’s alright and it ends find but I think there is a little too much Chicory in this for my tastes. I love the idea of it. The caramel is nice and I like the mate and rooibos mix. It smells like Caramel coffee. I think the only thing interrupting this one for me is the amount of chicory flavoring…

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YUMMY! A darn good green! Check out my previous review…

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I had a cup of this Monday and forgot to log. Had another one this morning! It’s really special! The apple and pear are both noticeable but blend well together at the same time. This is a wonderful flavor combo for tulsi! LOVE that about it! The color is a little murky brown but the aroma and taste are really yummy! I would drink this one fairly often!

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