6770 Tasting Notes


This one gets better each time I have it! I like to use two bags per cup better tho! :P

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CRAZY Dark Purple Color! BUT…it DOES smell like Blueberry Muffins!!! Awesome fruity and bakey goodness! Taste-wise this is VERY tart but it’s blueberry-tart! Mostly Blueberry and Apple in primary flavors, not really muffin-esque but still creative and juicy and tasty!

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This is so interesting! This may just be one of the most interesting and curious tasting ones I have had so far! And by curious I mean that in the nicest way! Certainly NOT a bad way!

Just when I thought this would be too hibiscusy – I was WAY wrong!

I mean, YES, it has Hibiscus IN it but the other ingredients off-set it very well! And there are other things that threw me for a loop and I LOVE THAT about this offering!

I can taste the berries and they are plump and juicy but delish! There is crystallized ginger in here too! So the peppery ginger is offset by the sugar which is genius!!!! I really like that! I even sneaked a piece to nibble on while infusing! I think the ginger and the sugar interrupted the stereotypical hibiscus flavor and for that I am very thankful! As for the Pear and Pom – they work very well together to create it’s own flavor yet I can pick out both individually if I think about it. There are apple pieces that are juicy-sour but in a good way, too! Nice touch! The berries – elderberry and currants – are surprising and almost like a fruit leather type taste. There is so much going on here – so many things to contradict eachother – that everything works awesomely together! I really REALLY like this flavor! Both hot and cold! It’s one of those tea/tisane wonders of the world! A pure delight!

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YUM YUM YUM! This is the first ‘yogurt’ tea I have actually SEEN the Yogurt IN…it’s FUN! It’s blueberry and creamy and very much like what you would expect from a Blueberry Yogurt tisane. It’s sweet and fruity and creamy! Very tasty!


Blueberry yogurt.. Mmm! This one sounds worth a try!

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drank Bao Zhong by Rishi Tea
6770 tasting notes

Smells and tastes like a combo of lilacs, vanilla, green veggies, and butter. Very interesting! Very clean! Quite good, indeed!

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This has a slight hint of cocoa powder smell…ahhhh!
This is a mellower tea and quite creamy! VERY soothing! Thumbs up!

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I just received a HUGE box from Mark T Wendell from UPS and I’m jumping right in!!!!

This is surely Vanilla flavored black, indeed! The aroma is intense and the black tea and vanilla flavoring (to taste) is about medium strength in each area.

Overall this is an enjoying cuppa! I’m not a vanilla freak so maybe if you are you will find this to be just what you are looking for! As for an outsider looking in – I did want to try it to compare notes! This is very nice! And that’s coming from someone ‘middle of the road’ in the liking-vanilla world, so to speak! :)


Two packages in one day, eh? : )


Actually…3 :)



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Once I opened the bag of this I could smell Caramel and Chocolate…more Caramel than Chocolate but the aroma was terrifically-awesome!

Once infused I could smell the chocolate more and the caramel a little less.

This is very sweet and I can taste both the caramel and the chocolate. This is a medium-flavored honeybush and very pleasing and very much a comfort tisane! YUM!

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This is DARK…I mean DARK dark…like coffee!

The taste is smooth with sweet undertones but also spicy but a smooth-spicy! This is interesting and tasty!

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I received an awesome package from Fusion Tea today and this is the first one I am going to try. I’m just about finished with the infusion…

The post infusion liquid is much like a black tea…dark brown!

The aroma pre-infusion is wonderful! It was a combo of chocolate, raspberry, nuts, herbs, and a hint of floral. After infusing it smells like a Raspberry Chocolate Danish type aroma.

The taste is amazing! This may be my FAVORITE Yerba Mate YET!!!!

It’s creamy with sweet notes, chocolate notes, chewy additions, and delightful raspberry flavors (yet the raspberry isn’t overwhelming), as well as an interesting but pleasant aftertaste!

This is really wonderful!!! WOW!


Sounds like a good package! : )

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