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Backlogging…Creamy…Minty…see my other notes…

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drank Kenya by Empire Tea Services
6770 tasting notes

I was unable to locate this one their website yesterday – I’m backlogging – but wanted to say this is a remarkable black tea! Really lovely! It’s strong but not astringent and there is a smooth finish on it but it never strays from being a great black tea…no fuss! YUM!

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Backlogging from yesterday as I was having steepster issues (seemed it was much slower than usual and I was having problems with my dashboard). Anyhow…this was really wonderful! It’s everything in a Golden Yunnan – Black that I was looking for – the semi-chewy flavor and the leaf style with the ‘needles’ and color was really neat! The aftertaste was almost reminiscent of sweet potato.

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This one really made me think before typing a review here. It’s REALLY good but what I like best is the lavender (and I am not usually ‘all about’ lavender). It’s a creamier lavender and not that overly floral/fragrant astringency that intensely floral teas sometimes give you…you know what I mean?The EG flavoring is nice but not the highlight of this tea…the creamy lavender is! It’s really great tasting! YUM!

Thanks LinerTEAs!

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I like this better iced! There are bitter fruits, sweet fruits, and tarty fruit flavors all mixed in here and I really like it! It’s better iced, but also good HOT!

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drank Earl Grey by Rishi Tea
6770 tasting notes

This is ok! Strong aroma…creamier taste among the other EG’s I have had. Not bad at all! Sending the rest to my SororiTEA Sister LiberTEAs!


This is my favorite Earl Grey tea and I just ran out. Unfortunately our local store discontinued this item. Amazon offers a three-pack of this tea at a very reasonable price: http://www.amazon.com/Rishi-Tea-Organic-Black-3-3-Ounce/dp/B001E5E20O/ref=wl_it_dp_o_npd?ie=UTF8&coliid=I2AY05HWRGEBWQ&colid=268L0O357N86S

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Backlogging from earlier…it was nice! Take a look at my previous notes…

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Hot water wasn’t HOT when I infused this! Oops! Go figure for a Monday Morning…anyhow…still went with the infusion for about 10 minutes in cold water and it was much lighter in color and flavor but still quite nice and yummy cold! A good mistake on my part, I suppose! :) All ended well

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I have majorly missed this one in my stash and thanks to LiberTEAs I have a bit more to enjoy! YAY! thanks so much girl!


Nice review this tea sounds really yummy.


It took me a while to find the sweet spot on this one … light on the leaf has produced the best results for me.

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Thanks LiberTEAs! This one is ‘ok’. Out of all of the ingredients in this one I would say the black pepper is probably the strongest thing I am tasting but none of the ingredients are overly heavy. There is a slight cocoa-likeness to it, but, again, not overly-so. It’s ‘alright’.

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