6770 Tasting Notes

drank (Deep Steam) Sencha by Aiya
6770 tasting notes

Deep Steam Sencha! Yay! I appreciate the fact they took the time to steam this longer than your usual sencha. It comes thru in the flavor, aroma, and to the naked eye! It’s vegetal, but sweet. It’s fairly creamy and quite clean tasting. Pretty brothy. Slightly Peppery. I like it!

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The flavor of this reminds me of sweeter, smoother green beans. It’s delicious! It’s creamier the more you sip it. It’s savory. It’s semi brothy. It’s sweet and mouth-watering. YUMMY!


I will have to try this one some day, since I have loved all the Laoshan teas so far! :)


Sounds delicious! Going to have to try too.


Sorry I missed this one.

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Recently I received a sample of this Single Estate Black Tea from Whittard of Chelsea. As many of you know I start each day with at least 1 Black Tea and then move on to other tea bases throughout the day.

See full review here:

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drank Enchanted Forest by Yumchaa
6770 tasting notes

I haven’t had much from Yumchaa but I have been wanting to sip on more and after this one I want to sip even more! This is a nicely flavored green with rhubarb and berry notes without being tarty. It has a great sweetness but also an even-smooth to round it out! The product descriptions says to Drink When: Wearing Thick Socks – well, I’m in luck! That’s just about every day! LOL

If anyone has some Yumchaa assorted teas laying around and would be interested in swapping – let me know via PM :)



i believe both halieod and Scheherazade and cteresa all have a various assortment of yumchaa…if i’m remembering correctly..


I don’t have all that many left now. I’ve got some Adventure, some Om, and some Red Christmas I think. It might be time for another order with them soon!

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drank Premium Sencha by Aiya
6770 tasting notes

Go-to Sencha? Perhaps! Backlogging…see other notes!

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Backlogging…see other notes…

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oh yes! Musky! Muscatel! Interesting! Slightly nutty. Less of your stereotypical darjeeling and more creative and masculine. A nice surprise! A little peppery. Great offering!

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drank Spiced Plum by Harney & Sons
6770 tasting notes

This SMELLS wonderful! Plum and spice for sure!
It ‘brews up’ extremely dark! Purple.

Good LORD!

This is puckery!

Mostly sour plum and very little spice.

Not sure if I can handle it.


Sounds like one of those blends that desperately needs sugar.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Yikes, another strike out.

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I couldn’t resist…I snatched this one from the TT. Sorry guys! Of course I will replace it with something else :)

I smells like a mixed drink – faintly.

It has a nice medium black tea base and there is that flavor pointing to rum-like tastes, indeed! It has a sweeter end sip. The aftertaste is somewhat woodsy. It has a slipperiness to it on the tongue. This is pretty good. Different. But in a good way!

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I really thought I sampled and logged this already but I’m thinking it was a straight-black base with flavoring instead of a black/herbal blend. I remember really enjoying that other one. This one is pretty good, too, but not as drawing for me…I think it was because of the minty notes being more intense in the other one. This one is not as flavored. It taste more herbally. The black tea base isn’t as pronounced. Perhaps this one is a more laid-back version. I can understand why – I know some people don’t care for mint and most people don’t like mint as much as I do so I totally understand this flavoring. It lingers nicely. Just a hint of freshness. This is pretty good!

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