6770 Tasting Notes

drank Summer Kiss by ESP Emporium
6770 tasting notes

I feel bad because I drank this yesterday and forgot to log and now I can’t view it on the site. I couldn’t find it on steepster, either, so I am creating a new one, now.

This was fruity-bitter. A fairly strong base. I don’t think I will give it a rating because I didn’t write down appropriate notes for this tasting log and I usually do. It was ok but not my favorite from them.

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drank China Mist by Market Spice
6770 tasting notes

This is kind of like liquid patchouli. At least that’s the first thought I had when I smelled it and when I sipped it. For a more masculine tea this is pretty good. I’d agree in saying it’s a unique blend of Green and Oolong! Not bad!

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I had some of this earlier and it’s mixed with Teavana’s Rock Sugar already. As I don’t usually add things to my teas I might not be the best judge on this flavor so I will not rate it. Here are some of my findings, tho…

I thought the chai spices were present but also interrupted by the tropical fruits such as the pineapple. I also thought it was interrupted by the rock sugar. It was spicy but it was also very sweet. It was tropical but it was herbally. It was carob like but it was rooibos-eques as well as mate-based, AND oolong based. It just seems like there was too much jammed into this one to make it awesome. Having said that…it’s not awful, just not my fave. Too many interruptions for my tongue but I’m sure good on someone elses.

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This is pretty good for a black and green tea blend. Also blended in nicely are pretty floral notes such as jasmine as well as hints of fruit. Pretty nice combo!

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This tastes a little ‘burnt’ maybe I infused it a bit too long. It’s not bad, tho. I can’t really identify the Earl Grey in this – maybe a bit of the bergamot from it but not much. I can taste the berry more-so. I can’t really taste the vanilla, much, either. It has a bit of a soapy taste to it as it lingers. It’s so-so.

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I can smell the chocolate but can’t really taste it. There is a slight creaminess in the middle of the sip so maybe that is where it pops in to say HELLO. The spices are nicely done…not too overpowering but still present and accounted for. The more I sip on this the more I like it.


umm is this the one that’s in the recent TTB? i seem to have not written that bit down :-/


hah actually i’m just gonna answer my own question YES ! go tea box!

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Sure, this one tastes like Darjeeling but with a slightly-bitter/tart type fruity flavor…somewhat compared to a currant, perhaps? Plus it has a carob sort of hint to it. I wouldn’t say Chocolate, Cocoa, or even cacao…closer to carob to my tongue. It has a woodsy lingering flavor. It’s more of a masculine darjeeling than some I have had lately. And it lingers way more than I anticipate. This is ok but not my favorite dajeeling-type to sip.

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This is very VERY tasty. It’s more of like a Blueberry Lemonade Green Tea than an Earl Grey but it’s tasty regardless! YUM!


There you are! I was wondering where you had been – hadn’t seen a tasting note in quite a while! Welcome back!

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drank Premium Sencha by Aiya
6770 tasting notes

This has been my go-to Green tea the last month or so! It’s so incredibly clean that I can’t help but go back to it time and time again! It has natural citrus notes as well as a sweet touch of nut. This is SOLID!

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This is buttery, smooth, sweet, sugary, rooibosy, slightly vegetal-green but in a sweeter way, and pretty darn tasty. Better than I thought it would be. Yum!

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