6770 Tasting Notes


This is a gentle English Breakfast with a bit of a fruity flavor. Not much to really say about it. It doesn’t make me want to do an Irish jog but it’s not too shabby either.

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Annnnnnnd…moving along…from that horrid last tea experience…

This smells like black tea with specs of holiday spices in potpourri format.

The taste on the tongue is quite nice. It’s mostly even-steven spices with a bit of citrus. Sort of like “Tang” – remember “tang” the juice drink?

It’s pretty good hot but I think this could be good cold, too.

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And this one goes down the drain

after one sip

sorry…but this is NOT GOOD on my tongue.

It’s like Market Spice’s signature blend with stale coffee and fake cinnamon. gross


I hate it when that happens. Have a good cup of tea to wash out the experience.


well it did tell you that it was dirty ;)


This has to be the worst from Della Terra! I didn’t mind it, but yeah, it was the worst. :D

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drank Cacao Mint Black by Teavana
6770 tasting notes

Hazelnut, cacao, mint, something strange, black tea, meh. Not digging this one. Not really mint. Not Cacao but not chocolate but not cocoa. Hazelnut moreso. Not real decadent. Not really a treat. I know I have had this before but apparently didn’t log it. Not memorable. Perhaps that is why.

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It seems I am out of chai for the most part – I might have one or two handy – but even those are low. I’m not going to keep this one from the TT but I just wanted to sample it – before passing one.

As you can tell I am in SUPER SIP Mode today! Right now…I think I could probably run a marathon. And I haven’t even started in with the Matcha-Marathon, yet.

As for this Vanilla Chai…it’s alright. The chai flavors are not over the top nor is the vanilla. It’s a weaker flavor all around but still pleasing.

The aftertaste is a little more roasted than the rest of the cuppa but still a nice effort.


As this cools are Room Temp for a few the spices are coming out to play – more!

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Many of you know I HATE BANANAS! But I have been try to TRY and at least consume them in some way lately. I thought I would finally try this one. I will say this – I HATE THE AROMA…but…that is ONLY because I HATE Bananas!

The black tea base is on the lighter note. The Banana flavors are present but also the pudding aspect is there. Because of the pudding likeness the banana seems more tolerable. I’m not saying I LOVE it but it’s certainly better than eating a banana straight-up so for that reason only I give it props!

Not too shabby – and that’s coming from someone who hate ’nanners


i agree with these thoughts on banana flavored things. though i do like actual bananas. but i still always try banana flavored things just in case.


I hate the texture of a banana. Blech. but it’s ok in a smoothie!!


Banana flavored Runts are AWESOME!


I’m the opposite… I love real banana but dislike fake banana flavor like circus peanuts, runts and laffy taffy.

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

wait!! circus peanuts are supposed to taste like banana!!

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

and apparently using double questions marks makes posts italic as well as the usual way =p

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Another one from the TT. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Rooibos. I liked the description of this one, tho! WICKED GOOD! Let’s see if it IS…

It smells like rooibos and that’s about it.

The taste is…not bad. Not Wicked Good, but not bad.

I can taste something sweet…like sugary-sweet, maybe chocolate – but not sure. I’m not getting much cream – or any cream – and I am not ‘finding’ that Pie-Like comparison. It’s not highly flavored. I’m left wanting more of that Boston Cream Pie for it to live up to its name. Again, not bad tasting, just not memorable or true to its name.

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My bladder is going to hate me today! LOL

I’ve had a ‘royal wedding’ type from another company or two and have liked them. This one looks and smells different. I like that.

This ‘brews’ up pretty dark for a white – probably because it’s a Fruit/Herbal/White Combo, eh!? This smells warm and herbally with a small spec of fruit.

The flavor is that of vanilla, floral, herbs, and white tea. It’s pretty. a neat sort of comfort-tea. It’s pretty good!

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drank Keemun Encore by Adagio Teas
6770 tasting notes

It’s been forever since I’ve placed an order with Adagio. The last several have only been for blends, tho. When I first started buying online I started with them. I think many of us did. Then we move on to others. It was some time after that – that Adagio came out with this one in their regular line. For that reason – is why I haven’t had it until now, I guess.

This is a weaker strength black but has potential. It has cocoa-type hints and is a little malty. I, personally, would like this flavor magnified, but it’s not bad in its own right.

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I’m trying to sip these up as quick as I can to try and move the Traveling Tea Box off ASAP…there are a LOT of teas in this box, folks!! Seriously!

This one smells nice and minty but there are a bunch of other things going on in there as well!

Herbally, Minty, Bean-Like…near Lima Bean…almost a Yerba Mate type flavor at times, too! I do like that the Mint shines, here, tho!

The more I sip this the more I like it. Would be perfect after a heavy meal!


This one is really good iced/cold brewed as well, IMO.

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