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Shang Tea is my favorite tea store in Kansas City. Shang owns his own tea farm in the Fujian Province, located high in the Tai Mu Mountains at an elevation of 2700 feet. He specializes in white tea and has won the gold prize in the Fujian province for his Silver Needle, White Peony, and Golden Needle Teas. Shang focuses on using traditional Chinese methods to produce the tea that he sells in his shop, which means that, for example, you will find that all his jasmine teas were scented with real jasmine flowers 6 times during the tea production process. You will also find that his smaller production cycle allows him to focus on traditional, organic farming and production methods that separate his product from those that rely on mass distribution and sales.

At his store you will find 16 different teas that he bring over from his farms including pure white teas, jasmine white teas, herbal white teas, green teas, oolong teas, and black/red teas. While his white tea is top notch and unmatched in terms of quality, his oolong and black teas are also very unique because he uses white teas leaves to produce these teas resulting in a smooth, pure, and clean taste (It is important to note here that the true white tea is only grown in the Fujian province and comes from the specific tea bush, the Bai Hao subvariety. It does not have anything to do with early pluckings contrary to popular belief).

The best part of the Shang experience is that he wants to make sure that you find the tea that is right for you. He is always brewing tea and giving customers the chance to try any tea that they want before they purchase it, and explaining the proper way to brew his tea.

If you enjoy drinking the highest quality, Chinese teas, then there is no better place to go in Kansas City than Shang Tea. If you don’t live in Kansas City, then you can purchase his tea online at



I began my tea adventure when a counselor at Spanish camp introduced me to yerba mate. From there I soon started to embrace all different kinds of tea.

Currently my favorite tea is dragonwell, with silver needles being a close second. I really enjoy trying new teas and experimenting with different steep times and temperatures,


Kansas City, MO

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