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From 52teas

Creamy white chocolate chips blended with real cashew pieces, our premium Indian black teas and all natural flavors. Another suggestion from one of our customers fulfilled. Enjoy!

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At 52teas.com, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

39 Tasting Notes

1112 tasting notes

This one courtesy of Doulton!


I fixed this one with a little half and half and sugar, and a mere pinch of salt like LiberTEAS! Delicious, buttery, nutty treat! I’m a cashew fanatic, and my husband is a cashew AND white chocolate fanatic, and we are both really enjoying this. The tea flavor is a little weak, but I think it is actually working in the blend’s favor, as this could get sickening if too strong. Good job! I need to pick some of this up because my husband is drinking this down like there is no tomorrow!

EDIT: Woe! It looks like it is sold out! I better jump on the other 52 teas I’ve been coveting!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec
Southern Boy Teas

I’m a little surprised it is sold out on the website. I think we still have at least a pouch or two in the shop. I try not to put ALL of the inventory on the website in case we have a run on it in our brick and mortar shop. I don’t want to have to tell someone I oversold a blend (so far, I haven’t (knock-on-wood)).

Anyway, I have to get a good physical count on a few things and get my in-stock page updated (I’m really behind—the inventory is becoming a nightmare lately). I’ve got several things on my plate tomorrow, but I will try to get it straightened out then. If not then, I’m going to really push for Friday.

I think I even have a few of the coveted Mandarin Matcha pouches yet. Maybe I should put those on Ebay and let the highest bidder prevail. :)

Anyway, I’m really glad you are enjoying the White Chocolate Cashew. It has been very popular as a teashake in our shop.


I’ll check the in stock page over the weekend and place my order then. :) I have the teeniest bit of the Black Currant white tea left and a whole summer stretching before me that needs iced tea – not a good situation!! :)


I swear there were still a few pouches when I checked last night! Like a whole lot of pouches! There ya go, only one vanished !



Oooooh I was looking on the “in stock” page:


Goodie!!! I can order today!!! THANK YOU!!!!


Yeah, not sure why it’s not on the front page.


YAY! I just placed my order along w my beloved Black Currant Bai Mu Dan and 3 others I’ve been wanting to try.

Southern Boy Teas

And that’s what I’m talking about. I really need to fix that in-stock page. I have to manually adjust it for every tea that we add or remove from stock and I’m a few weeks behind on fixing it up. Sorry. Thanks for your orders!


My pleasure!!! Thanks for creating such one of a kind teas :)


Is there a way to just list all the posts? I mean that way we can get an overview of the teas.


Err… I meant just a text list of links / teas / dates.

Meghann M

This is one I’ve been sitting on the fence on. 52teas blends some amazing teas, and I think this may be one I have to purchase this one and the Strawberry Matcha if it’s still available! Yum. Oh, and the Vanilla Mint tea tin!

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237 tasting notes

Another one gotten in a swap with Meghann – thanks a bunch! – and also my first taste of a 52teas blend. The dry leaf smells wonderful: nutty, chocolatey goodness. And it’s easy to notice the big chunks of cashew and white chocolate among the large dark leaves.

I gave it five minutes of steeping time and ended up with a medium-dark brown liquor, somewhat cloudy (assuming this is from the white chocolate chip I saw in there melting away into the liquid). The aroma of the tea was milder than I expected, as was the first steep. I got a sweet, nutty smell and taste but little from the black tea. This seems like the kind of tea that really needs cream and sugar, so I put some in and tasted again. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Much more delicious and the flavors are really coming to the fore now. This is a wonderful dessert tea and would be great with cookies for a double dose of decadence.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

I actually put a bit of salt in it…really brought out the cashew flavor!


Good idea – I’ll have to try that next time.

Southern Boy Teas

Jaime beat me to it, but yes, I’ve heard reports from several people that a pinch of salt works nicely with this blend. Glad you are enjoying it!


Salt! That’s just what I was going to say. LiberTEAs gave me the idea and it is really good that way.

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4847 tasting notes

I need some caffeine – black tea style! This is not what I consider to be the stoutest tea out there, but it is black… and it is yummy! So this is what I grabbed from my stash.

As I’ve done before with this tea, I’ve added just the tiniest pinch of salt to it to enhance the cashew flavor. If I hadn’t done this – this time – I don’t know that I would have detected it. (Again, not the tea’s fault, but my taste buds) With it though, I can taste the sweet, nutty flavor of the cashews as well as the smooth creamy flavor of the white chocolate.

The tea is pleasantly brisk and provides a nice base for the flavors here, although I think that the white chocolate cashew flavor might be quite interesting with a green tea base as well. Overall, a very nice offering from 52Teas. Deliciously different for a morning tea.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Oooh, very interesting to add salt! I love that you thought of that.


never thought of putting salt in my tea. should try it sometimes maybe…


For some reason this one has been eyeballing me, too!!!! OH! The temptation!!!!

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314 tasting notes

I drank this all day yesterday (one teaspoon in 12 oz. lasted me up to three infusions each). Its sweetness really help curb my trips to the office candy jar at work. But, in a moment of weakness, I actually fished out all the white chocolate chips out of the packet and ate them! :P

I’m happy to say that the the lack of chips does not affect the flavor at all. They’re there just for looks, really.


If the chips are just for looks where does the white chocolate flavor come from?

I’m quite impressed 1tsp in 12oz wasn’t really weak:)


Your moment of weakness reminds me of how when I was little, on the rare occasion that my mother would buy Lucky Charms, I would go through the box and pick out all the marshmallows!


@Erin, I did that too! I loved Lucky Charms marshmallows!


I believe the flavor actually comes from the flavoring oils. Any other additions are added for aesthetic reasons only. Ask Libertea, she can confirm this. :)


Or better yet Frank, he normally notices frequent commentations on his teas’ tasting notes:)


It’s true… the additions such as chocolate chips, fruit bits, and other things do very little to the flavor. Really, the chocolate chips add slightly more flavor than say fruit bits or other things… but, even then it is a very slight addition of flavor to the overall cup. One thing that chocolate bits DO add… is a slight murky consistency to the cup (in other words, the tea is less clear than in a tea without the chocolate bits). The main flavor from the flavored teas comes from tea flavoring oil. The tea leaves are extraordinarily absorbent and absorb the flavor of the oil rapidly… and this is how a flavored tea is achieved. That’s why you can taste flavor in a tea that may not look flavored (that is, without any “bits” in it)


There is one significant exception, and that would be spices (or herbs)… they add a considerable flavor to a tea…


@Liberteas: Because of your comment (on another note), about flavoring teas, I was confident that my eating all the chips in advance wouldn’t change the flavor. And you were right! The flavor was just as strong (only without the melted chip murkiness).


Stephanie – having a smiling moment picturing (a non-specific) you picking out the chocolate bits! It’s been a while but long time ago, I read a book by Susan Elizabeth Philips that had the heroine mad at the book’s hero and her way of getting back at him was to take his favorite Lucky Charms cereal, take out all the marshmallows & reseal the cereal bag/box so it didn’t look tampered with. He was soooo mad when he couldn’t find the marshmallows, hehehe! I think I got the details right on the book…. so funny!


lol! I have to look up that book!


Note to self: don’t order this tea, or your weightwatchers points will be history!

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1887 tasting notes

It was ridiculously tempting not to eat the white chocolate chips right out of the bag – but I was strong and kept them in the tea. :D

I stirred the tea up with a spoon while it was steeping to help dissolve the chocolate, and when the tea was done it was actuallyquite cloudy from it – like I had added milk to it even though I was just drinking it straight. It smelled delicious too, like some sort of dessert or chocolate confectionery only in liquid form.

I though the tea would taste sweeter than it did, instead the white chocolate was more of a background flavour and the cashew was light and nutty. Never the less they lent this tea a smooth, slightly butter taste with not bitterness whatsoever, which was quite nice.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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902 tasting notes

The last of my sample from Meghann. Very sad to see this tea go. Having it neat this morning, and it’s just perfect. Will probably have a second steep of these leaves later today or tomorrow, just to make it last a bit longer.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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154 tasting notes

I’m pretty excited about this one because I love everything that is in the name! it’s like it was blended for me…. but it wasn’t!

Anyways opened up the pouch and was hit with a very yummy baking cookies kinda smell… which only got me more excited. I made 2 32oz pots with different sets of leaves to check to see how much different rations of bits affect the flavor. AKA… where is the majority of the flavor? In the leaves or in the decoration bits. I’m a curious cat today! And I didn’t put anything in these two pots… so now… drum roll

Pot that happened to get more decoration bits in my 3 and 1/2 random scoops:
Since this had a lot of white chocolate chips I expected it not to need sugar but I think it does. Since I was expected smooth nutty and sweet… and those flavor aren’t as present as I would like… I’m picking up more astringency than I normally do from franks blends. That might just be my taste buds on over drive looking for more sweet and nut flavors…
So yea… plain pot with lots of chips and things… disappointing. I’ll be trying it with milk and sugar later but I really like teas that I don’t have to put anything in.

Pot with no decoration bits!:
Yep… the bits make a difference. The black tea taste is much stronger in this pot. There’s some nuttiness but its missing the buttery smoothness that must have been coming from the chips.

Experiment completed… I’m having this with milk and sugar next.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

This is a really weird tea. It’s definitely stronger than his other black tea blends. Some days it’s really good, other days it’s kind of weird. I think it tasted a bit better when it cooled down a bit.

Madison Bartholemew

I think I remember liking it hotter… because of that buttery taste. I’m happy someone else is noticing the differences between the flavors you get from the scoops. I’m almost wondering if you can’t really form an opinion of the teas with bits until you get through an ounce or two. I think i find that very annoying but they all look really yummy.

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1183 tasting notes

Second tea of the a.m. after the LeafSpa English Breakfast (which was pretty much the same as yesterday, so no new note).

I shook the packet this time. I’m getting much the same as I did the last time, but on looking back at my original note, I think there wasn’t all that much difference between my original tasting experience and my current ones. I still have the Cabury Fruit and Nut association, and I still get the cashew. I have to keep reminding myself that white chocolate is really butter and not chocolate, but once I do, I get the white chocolate, too.

In my original note, I seem to have been pleased with the subtle interplay of flavors and now I’m feeling like I’d rather be hit over the head with them a bit more. I don’t think the flavor has faded significantly from the original tasting, I just think that my expectations have changed given the much more potent flavoring in other 52teas blends.


I hear you. When I want my tea flavoured, I want it flavoured.


It’s funny, sometimes I really dig the subtly-flavored flavored teas as in those mysterious French blends. But 52teas blends are usually SO flavored that if one comes out subtle I wonder about it. LOL.

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6770 tasting notes

LiberTEAs knew I wanted to try this and she sent me some…how nice!!!! Thanks girl!

This smells nutty with sugar and the look of the post infused tea is a muddy texture-E brown. Not too unusual for something with chocolate in it, I guess.

Yes, Certainly more CASHEW taste than black tea or white chocolate. I guess I like this one just fine but I can’t say it’s my favorite from 52 Teas. There are others I like better.

Actually…as it cools for about 2 to 3 minutes the flavors seem to even out more. Maybe not ‘even’ out but work a little better for the end result. My it’s the chocolate kicking in a little bit more…not sure. But I AM still getting an intense Cashew taste. I would say that is the center and focus of the tea tastes for this.


Might have to break this one out today. I’m in the mood for cashew now.

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1965 tasting notes

Weather cooperated for one pickup truck load from the farm (it’s been raining on Saturdays like clockwork), so I am now in possession of the microwave stand that is no a longer a microwave stand, but my Mobile Tea Storage Unit!

Because of that, I spent a pleasant hour or so mumbling to myself (my preciouss……oh, look, my other preciousssss……) and sorting shelves by category, and I was unable to unbox some wonderful post-storm gift teas I hadn’t been able to get to yet, including this one.

No mini-chips in this one, my white chocolate piece in this morning’s cup was full size. Appearance is a little milky because of the melted chocolate. Flavor is spot on. Texture—nice and silky. Tasty and well done!

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