Buttered Cranberry Orange Scone Honeybush

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Herbal Honeybush Blend
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Boiling 6 min, 30 sec 8 oz / 236 ml

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From 52teas

I don’t know why I never thought to combine cranberry and honeybush before, but this blend is (imagine Charlie Sheen here) WINNING! Had a glass of this iced last night, and it was like something you wanted to let slowly melt in your mouth. slightly buttery-, bakey- goodness sweetened with hints of juicy orange and ripe cranberries. This was absolutely like drinking a cranberry orange scone with creamy butter on it. This is a caffeine-free, guilt-free, 100% vegan-friendly blend of African honeybush, orange peel, freeze-dried cranberries, freeze-dried orange sections and natural flavors.

Don’t miss your chance to scoop this one up. I think it might end up being another Cinnamon Roll Honeybush (If you don’t know, that one was (and is) incredibly popular).

Our Tea of the Week for the Week of March 5th, 2012

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At 52teas.com, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

24 Tasting Notes

3134 tasting notes

Thanks to Azzrian for the generous sample of this tea!

I’m getting a lot of rooibos from the smell of this tea. Not my favourite.

Hmm. I really can’t say that ‘Cranberry Orange Scone’ is coming to mind at all regarding the flavour of the tea. I can taste citrus, which is muted enough for me to enjoy it, but definitely not getting any cranberry. Perhaps there are some baked goods-y flavours as well. Ok, sipping and tasting more I can maaaaybe eke out a little bit of cranberry flavour. But I certainly wouldn’t have picked it out on my own. Ok, definitely getting buttery flavours in the aftertaste. I’m actually liking this more as I drink more of it, although that’s going to stop in about 10 seconds as I’m finished the cup. I have to say that in spite of the rooibos smell, the taste is not overpowering. Whew :)

I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting to like this tea. I just wanted to try it because Azzrian had it available. But it’s actually better than I was thinking it would be. By the end of the cup, I may not exactly be tasting Buttered Cranberry Orange Scone, but I am tasting enough of the individual elements to make it an interesting and enjoyable cup. I’m glad I have enough of this one for a few more cups, but it won’t be a keeper :)

ETA: Second infusion is…. woah, rather sweet! Wasn’t expecting that! Was this made with honeybush?? I can taste a hint of citrus, and some lovely other flavours. Huh. This surprised me. I have to say that it’s much more sconey now. Still no real cranberry though, but I could be convinced a bit more that it’s flavoured like a baked good. (Ugh, too bad, I totally just choked on a big sip and had to spit it out, so that’s all I’m going to get to talking about, haha.)

Boiling 8 min or more

I am glad I sent enough for you to try a few times. With some of the 52 teas I really need several goes to decide how much I like one – or not.


Yes, completely agree. You even sent me enough Strawberry Zabaglione to try twice!! Which I probably will soon. I know my samples sent to you are smaller-sized, but I usually measure out a generous 2 cups’ worth based on either personal experience or given instructions :)


You usually send me enough for two cups! :)


Well let me know if you ever need/want more (like with Mulberry Magic!)

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1163 tasting notes

I got this in my grab bag way back in July. But, I have swapped and received so many samples in my swaps that I am getting so far behind!

As the name says, it is buttery, with sweet orange, and hints of cranberry. I like it with the honeybush base because it is nice and mellow. And it isn’t too tart.

It almost feels like I am having a baked good for a bedtime snack.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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3245 tasting notes

Thank you Scheherazade once again for this tea. I finished up the last of this by steeping it for at least 20 minutes while I cooked dinner and yet the flavors are still not there. There is a hint of orange but mostly it is just generic and non-distinctive. I am glad I tried it but I am not too sad to see it finished.

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML
Roswell Strange

Oooh, first thing I’ve seen with that big scary looking “Not Recommended” branding ;) Still want to try this regardless, though. If only to verify that you’re right.


Oh god. Now I feel bad. Did not even notice that.


I would have sent you the last tsp had I known you wanted to try it btw.

Roswell Strange

Nah, that’s ok ;)

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807 tasting notes

Still yummy. I wanted something a bit more decadent tonight though so I added Italian Sweet Cream non dairy creamer and OH YES this is it! Compliments this tea so very well!

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185 tasting notes

Long story short, effective yesterday, I began referring to Honeybush as ‘wallaby’ at work. I’m not normally a wallaby fan, but something about this combination of flavors really, really made me want to take the plunge on my first order at 52teas. Plus, there was an offer of a free spoon. Mine is yellow, and awesome in its yellowness. They totally look like you’d buy them in a lot of 500 from Oriental Trading Company or something like that.

Interestingly enough, both the aroma from the bag, and the brewed tisane invoke the exact same flavor to me. It totally tastes like bubblegum. I was a little surprised when the taste first came over my tongue, and it took me a second to sort of… separate the wallaby from the other flavor. Then my mind sort of ‘clicked’ on bubblegum… bubblegum with a slightly buttery after flavor, followed by the lingering taste of the wallaby itself.

As the tea cools, the orange flavor seems to come out a little more for me… and it starts tasting like… well, orange bubblegum. I really have no answer for this one. I actually like the flavor, it is definitely interesting. Of all the wallaby I’ve drank, this would be the one that comes the closest to deserving a permanent spot in my cupboard (well above the vanilla wallaby that the womenfolk of the house are fond of). But something about the lingering taste that it leaves in my mouth (not this one in particular, the wallaby genre as a whole) just doesn’t appeal to me.

This was my first order from 52teas (though Azzrian beat them to the punch with my Mayan Chocolate Chai sample). I have to say, I’m impressed with the quality of both of the items I ordered, as well as the previous sample. I can’t say I’ll order this particular blend again, but I’m definitely liking what I get as a customer.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec

He also refers to rooibos as kangaroo tea….


Is it so as to avoid actually saying honeybush?

Dylan Oxford

Haha, no, it originates from my grand-boss and I having a discussion about rooibos, which none of us have it in our heart to pronounce correctly (I still say rue-bose). So, Sandy calls it kangaroo, and it kind of rubbed off.

Friday, I gave her the berry honeybush to try, and she called it berry kangaroo. I said it wasn’t really a kangaroo, more like… a wallaby :)


That makes so much more sense :P


Hahaha! Honeybush I think I just got that!

Dylan Oxford

Hahaha, yeah, I can be a bit random at times…


As I can be a little dense :)

Dylan Oxford

Nah, you’re fine :)


:) thanks Dylan I need to hear that now and then lol

Sandy Stith

I stick by the wallaby, kangaroo naming!!

Dylan Oxford

Hrmmm… what kind of flavors could you consider to be Australian, I wonder


salt water croc kangeroo?

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1220 tasting notes

Now it tastes more like I expected! So buttery and fruity. It really does feel like I just bit into something covered in butter after I take a sip. This is the perfect tea for a honeybush base.

I can taste both the cranberry and orange, I only wish I had a real scone to go with this, except that I’m drinking it in hopes I go to bed early given my “duty” for tomorrow. On the plus side I realized a) I get paid and b) I got lucky because food trucks are downtown tomorrow. Now I just hope I can bring in my tumbler of tea and I’ll be set.

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4846 tasting notes

Yum Yum Yum! The buttery goodness is there, the nutty, honey-sweet taste of the honeybush works so well to provide a baked scone-like taste, and the orange is sweet, while the cranberry is tart. Delicious contrasts, sweet, tart, buttery, rich and decadent.

Loving this!

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212 tasting notes

Another yummy tea. I’m pretty impressed with 52teas. Looking at the name, I expect a complex tea. I also have to wonder how you get those flavors in there. How do you get scone flavoring?! I wonder if he could do a chocolate scone tea. Any ways on to the tea.

I really enjoy honeybush, so I am glad to see it showing up in this flavor profile. I can taste the cranberry and orange. They compliment each other well. The butter is very smooth and creamy. The tea feels smooth and creamy but that may just be the buttery taste. I’m getting a different flavor instead of the baked good here. Let me just say I may be totally insane first. I taste bubble gum. So I have cranberry-orange-butter-honeybush-bubblegum tea. It tastes like I just started chewing on some bubblegum as I take a sip of tea.

Despite my taste bud mutiny, I really like this tea. I think I’ll let it set for a week and try it again. Perhaps I’ll have hanged the problem taste bud.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec

Poor innocent little bud!! Maybe he’s just a little confused. :P



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470 tasting notes

I like cranberry, orange, scones and butter, but for some reason I’ve been eying this sample from LiberTEAS with trepidation. Probably because of the honeybush, which I’m not sure if I like yet. I know I definitely do NOT like rooibos (it makes me nauseous, unfortunately), but honeybush is missing a lot of that medicinal quality. Still, I don’t have enough experience with it to say “I like this” or “I don’t like this.”

Well, I decided to be brave last night and give it a go! The first steep I did for 6 minutes, since it says 6-10 but I was nervous about leaving it in for so long. It smells like toast with marmalade, so this tea and I were off to a good start! The flavor, however, was a little lacking. Just a hint of orange, no “scone” or cranberry whatsoever. There was a lot of buttery goodness that had kind of a heavy mouthfeel, but in a pleasant way. The honeybush was innocuous, and this tasted like a generic orange herbal with some butter thrown in. The second steep I did for 10, and the flavors came out much stronger: the orange was bright, and the honeybush more prominent which lead to a kind of scone-y texture. Still no cranberry though—there were 2 dried ones, but apparently none of the flavor leeched out. The butter is definitely my favorite part of this tea, and while it was an enjoyable cup I am still on the fence about honeybush (though I am leaning towards “it’s okay, but not something I would reach for often”). I do, however, want to immediately pick up the Pancake Breakfast… seriously, the butter part of this was sooo good!


with honeybush, you should steep a little longer than the minimum, I think, because the flavors intensify. Honeybush doesn’t have tannins so it won’t get bitter on you the way that tea leaves would.

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1355 tasting notes

I think that 52 Teas make my favourite Honeybush blends of all time. Frank seems to have a gift when it comes to blending Honeybush. I’m hoping that this one will be no exception.

It smells like sweet orange with a sour undercurrent that I’m guessing could be the cranberry. I’ve never had a cranberry orange scone before so have no basis for comparison. They do sound yummy though!

A nice long 8 minute steep should bring out all the flavour. Such a long time to wait though :(

Once finally steeped the tea is red brown in colour with a sweet, orange and very edible. I can just imagine taking a huge bite out of a scone and trying my best to ignore the calories.

I can taste creamy and sweet orange with a hint or sour cranberries and a thick after taste of Honeybush. Not as strong as I would like in terms of the fruit but it’s a charming blend non the less. Rather mellow in strength considering it has such a strong scent.

It may not be one of my favourites per say but I still maintain that Frank has a magic touch with his Honeybush blends.

Boiling 8 min or more

I feel like many 52Teas blends are best at very short steep times – like 35-45 seconds. If you have enough, you can always experiment!

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