Double Chocolate Decadence

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  • “I melted the last of my See’s candies Scotchmallow (marshmallow topped with butterscotch caramel (see below) and covered in dark chocolate) into this, then added a splash of almond milk to smooth...” Read full tasting note
  • “Meh… had some more of this one, and it just doesn’t work for me. There are hints of the chocolatey flavour that I love in Cashew Turtle (and Almond Happiness), but something’s a bit off. Ah well. I...” Read full tasting note
  • “Okay, enough. I haven’t really read Steepster since at some point before Christmas, having been caught up in the holidays and avid reading of something else that was deemed a little more important...” Read full tasting note
  • “52teas 12 Days of Christmas Sampler 2012 – Day 8 YAY!!! It’s the morning and I wanted a black tea, and BAM! Frank gave me a black tea!! And not only that, but it’s a chocolate tea!!! ...” Read full tasting note

From 52teas

…or la petite mort.

For LiberTEAS, who wanted something EXTRA chocolatey.

Here’s our new black tea base of Chinese black tea, Assam and a hint of Darjeeling, blended with organic cacao nibs and twice the usual amount of organic flavors. This is a very heady, sensational treat you are not going to want to miss.

Our Tea of the Week for the week of June 4, 2012

About 52teas View company

At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

63 Tasting Notes

773 tasting notes

(i’m forcing myself to drink the 52teas tea that i have left. please tell me if it’s my immature newbie palate that is making me dislike these teas. i’m grumpy today so i’m thinking things like ‘i can’t wait until i drink all of these teas and then don’t buy them again’. i’ve steeped them short, i’ve steeped them non-boiling, i’ve steeped them in small quantities, i’ve steeped them in bigger quantities. i just don’t get it.)


I think some people just don’t dig 52Teas. Maybe just you and me, but at least we agree. There are a couple I really enjoy, but most of the ones I tried (2 dozen or so?) were really finicky and hard to get right. I’ve grown to accept it.


ya, glad i at least have you to validate me! hah
i guess the perfect brew on these teas is a really small window or something, and though i’ve tried to be strict and i’ve tried multiple approaches, i must just always miss it.
thing is, i know i have a lot to learn from the tea world so i do like to question myself.
sometimes peoples responses is that the tea is best with some milk or sugar, but i have this weird rigid stance that a tea should be good plain first and foremost (then adding cream or whatnot is a variation on a theme! a bonus!). maybe that belief will be my ultimate vulnerability and pitfall.
happy sipping!


If you really dislike them, maybe consider putting some up for exchange in the swap thread? As others have said, life is too short for bad tea. Maybe you’ll get something you like instead?

Too bad about the 52 teas. I was putting off them bc of their varied inventory. (what if I love it and they never make more???) but I ended up placing my first order yesterday.

I’m with you that tea should taste good on its own. #TeaSnobSolidarityFistbump :)



(i don’t swap tea on the message boards for some really lame reasons. but basically i don’t have a car cuz i’m a mega city life type and it seems that post offices are getting harder and harder to come by these days, so basically i find the whole project of getting a package to the post office during open hours really annoying. i just know that if i did join a swap it would take me FOREVER to get it into the post. but i can give my sister all my teajects instead. i mean, she got me into tea in the first place! and she loves to try them all.)

i hope you love the 52teas as much as many MANY other tea lovers here do!


I totally agree with you about 52teas. I’ve only found a couple that I liked. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking crazy pills when I read different people’s ratings on the teas.


crazy pills!
gimme some! hah


There are three of us! I definitely don’t mean to hate on 52Teas- I WANT to love them, it just doesn’t quite work out. I actually have that with Red Leaf Matcha too. It’s nice to know that one or two others have similar tastes.

PS – #TeaSnobSolidarityFistbump!!! I WILL occasionally use milk or sugar if I have to, but that’s a bad sign. I also keep drinking bad tea as I can’t stand to toss it and I can’t afford to swap it. Someone once suggested that I shouldn’t rate them if I know I don’t tend to like the company, but my thought is that my opinion is valid even if it’s negative. Especially if I paid for the tea! :D


An afterthought for Cavocorax – I’m pretty confident you’ll like 52Teas – almost all people do. Enjoy it!


you guys are all super cute :)


I tried to like 52 tea’s but don’t. Something always tastes off to me. Ordered 3 times and always the same.


I found a few blends from the 52teas 12 days that I enjoyed, or at least found entertaining, although a good portion of them were definitely not my thing. This particular one was OK for a novelty cup but I dread finishing my tiny package of it.

Ditto that tea should taste good on its own. A lot of these needed soy or dairy, and that rubbed me wrong. For my tastes I find I have to steep them gentle and under the amount or else they rip my tongue off- finicky and an acquired taste. Still good to try a few at least once.

Also, Ciel?


Ciel Phantomhive!


I approve of the picture change.


Don’t worry, I agree too. I’ve found a couple that I absolutely love, but most are ultimately meh despite tinkering around with the parameters like mad. But hey, more for the ultimate fans!


yes more for the ultimate fans :)
i guess i did like the Weeping Angel tea they made. and i really don’t think it was fandom influenced either. it was easy to steep, and kinda reminded me of Buttered Rum by DavidsTea. so maybe i’ll order that one again some day. but like you said Incendiare, a couple you love from the catalog can be good enough.

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739 tasting notes

The last of this delicious lava cake filling flavoured tea :D and let me just say YUM!! :D

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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212 tasting notes

I was particularly interested in this because I’m a total chocolate hound. I’m quite picky about my chocolate and generally only like dark chocolate. Frank does chocolate that suits me well.

I really like the new base. It feels smoother and bit more refined, maybe silky is a better descriptor. I love, love, love the level of chocolate in here. It’s not fake like say tootsie roll chocolate either. This is one awesome tea, now if it could only make it to the permanent collection. ;)

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Oh this sounds lovely!


Argh, I’m still frustrated that this one disappeared so quickly yet nobody really said a peep about it :( I wanted to try some! Hoping he re-blends it.


I’ll send you two each a sample so you can have a go at it.


Awww Missy, you are the best!

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1220 tasting notes

Following the preparation done by others, I am not getting chocolate at all.

I did enjoy this with a salted caramel chocolate biscotti, and I would have thought even that could have helped with chocolate but not really. I can get it a bit in the aftertaste.

On the plus side, it’s the new black tea base so it’s pretty good even if I’m not getting chocolate.

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882 tasting notes

I don’t think I’ve ever done a note for this one… Well it smells like dark chocolate. The flavor is smooth and surprisingly delicate. I’m getting the lovely black base and then dark chocolate notes that kind of linger. It’s one of the better chocolate teas I’ve tried. I wouldn’t call it double chocolate though… It kind of reminds me of a dark chocolate syrup you’d put on once cream. I think it’d be nice to add some chocolate chips to push it over to the double chocolate side.

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1355 tasting notes

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a mug full of … double chocolate decadence tea.

Unfortunately yesterday was a difficult time for me for reasons I won’t go into so instead of a cup of tea I went out and drank wine instead. Therefore I am having to drink this tea today instead of yesterday which just means I have two to pick from today.

I opened the tea this morning and a wave of cocoa powder struck me quite strongly. It’s not chocolate as such, more cocoa nib.

Trying this one first without sugar or milk.

This tastes exactly like a chocolate cigar I once tried, it’s a little bitter and the flavour is strong but just not quite right. It’s not sweet or creamy, I think next time I should add the extra’s and see what I get.

I’m not a fan of cocoa nib at the best of times but today it just tastes rather inedible. Just not to my taste.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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1904 tasting notes

Maybe I need to steep the tea longer but I’m not getting very much chocolate flavour – certainly not enough for something labeled “Double Chocolate”. The base itself is nice though, robust and malty with a slight hint of smokiness.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I didn’t much chocolate from it either.

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219 tasting notes

On the 8th Day of Christmas…

I steeped this tea for 3 minutes and it is about as bitter as if I’d steeped it for 10. It has a lot of good reviews, so maybe I did something wrong, but I followed the time/water temp of many of the people who really enjoyed it. Strange.

After putting milk and sugar in, it is enjoyable. There is no way I could ever consider drinking it any other way. Sad :(

On a happier note, today is the first day of my VACATION!!!


yay vacation!!!! Treat Yo Self!
tomorrow is the first day of my vacation. i work for a university and i get paid for the whole next week but get to lay around and watch MI-5 in my jammies drinking tea instead of coming to the office.

i have had a hard time adapting to the 52teas steepings.
basically i now steep all of their teas for 2 min or less, and never boiling water. i always let the water sit for longer than i normally would before i pour.
it seems to be fixing my issues.
i never add milk or sweetener to my tea if i can help it.


Ha! Now I wish I watched Parks and Recreation. Sounds like you’re going to have a great week :)

Thank you for the advice on the tea. I’ll try that with the rest of the 12 days :)

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137 tasting notes

Oh dear, I’ve gotten behind in my 12 teas of Christmas notes once again. How did that happen? Oh well, it’s too far gone now. I’ll just review them as I please :D

I’ve been really enjoying trying a new tea every day though. I’ll be a loyal 12 teas of Christmas enthusiast as long as Frank keeps making them every year! I love a new tradition. Although after seeing everyone’s notes about the 12 days swap, I’m a little sad I didn’t participate. Looks like tons of fun!

This tea smells like delicious malty chocolate cake batter. I like that the tea smell isn’t overpowered by the chocolate, even in the dry leaf.

I tried it with no additions after about a 4 min steep and it was quite bitter. Added a bit of sugar, but still bitter. Time for some milk, and with both the milk and sugar it’s quite nice. Most of the bitterness has been covered up and the tasty dark chocolate and bold black tea notes come out. I enjoyed my cup, but I don’t think I could drink this often. It’s really heavy, without anything to brighten it up. But overall it’s a decent, chocolatey tea.


Haven’t tried a lot of my 52 teas yet, even though I’ve opened them all – LOL.

And the 12 day swap was lots of fun, but it can be a little stressful at time trying to coordinate sending out 12 packages. When I had purchased my tea, I found out one of the participants was allergic to tea, so I had to get them a whole new tea. LOL.


52 teas…try a 2.5 min steep time.


Yeah, I can see how it would be stressful trying to put together and ship 12 packages, I’d probably be pulling my hair out by the end of that! But most definitely sounds like a fun way to bond with other tea-folk :D

And Sil..I’ve tried a 2.5 steep with 52teas but I find it a little weak/watery. I love my black tea strong and bold and I find the flavours just don’t come out enough at 2.5. I’m going to try that for the last of my sample of this one though, cause 4 min was bitttter


it sometimes ends up being weak vs being bitter/stringent. heh


Oh it was definitely a fun experience. Everyone put together such awesome packages. I was really impressed.

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80 tasting notes


Yummy but a little on the flat side. I rarely drink anything other than my pg tips with milk and/or suger but I think this would be improved by it so I’ll hold back my rating till I’ve tried it that way. I’ll probably end up finishing the package but it won’t be a pouch order for me.

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