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From 52teas

I got my recipe directly from The Three Broomsticks: Premium black teas blended with a bit of essence of rootbeer, a bit of butter vapors, some licorice root, chichory root and a touch of magic. Our Butterbeer tea is the beverage of choice for wizards of all ages, and if you have no idea what I’m referring to, please go on about your muggle life, this blend is for Harry Potter fans only. Well, okay, I guess muggles could enjoy it too. It is truly unique and delicious. A blend worthy of the 52teas brand of creative flavored teas. Enjoy!

Our Tea of the Week for the week of June 18, 2012

About 52teas View company

At 52teas.com, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

150 Tasting Notes

82 tasting notes

I have seen people giving rave reviews to 52teas.com all over Steepster, so I knew that the tea would be good, but I’ve been holding off because I have so much tea. But then Butterbeer.

I don’t think I can possibly explain how much of a Harry Potter fan I am. I started reading right before the Goblet of Fire came out and was addicted every since. I went to midnight release parties, I read every book with my two best friends and then we talked and laughed and cried over them together. I’ve written fanfiction (yes, I am admitting that). I got in on the Pottermore beta just to find out my house (Ravenclaw represent!). I don’t think I will ever outgrow these books, and I don’t even care.

So when I checked 52teas.com and found out that Butterbeer was an option, of course I had to order some.

This is how good it is. I got the package today, brewed it, took one sip and then immediately went and ordered another pouch. Now I’m sitting here sipping a second cup and munching on a pumpkin cookie (because Harry Potter!) and debating ordering a third pouch just in case I can’t live without it. Why didn’t I order two more?

Anyway, I guess I should actually get around to talking about the tea. It smells amazing, like a root beer float with some licorice aromas. And in fact, I can taste the root beery flavors when I drink it — along with very nice black tea, a hint of licorice and a smooth butteriness and that might not even be a word but it fits perfectly — and it FANTASTIC. Seriously, if every one of the teas from 52teas is even half this good, I can see why they are so popular.

I’m seriously considering never drinking any other tea ever again. No, really.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

I bought two pouches, one for my oldest daughter who started screaming, “I want Harry Potter tea!” like a five year old as soon as I sent her the link, the other for her boyfriend in Northern Ireland. Sounds like I should have purchased one for myself…


I ordered a pouch a couple of nights ago – I’ve been thinking ever since that if it is as good as I’m expecting I may have to beg Frank to blend up a pound for me. I’m really looking forward to this coming in the mail!


I am a huge Harry Potter fan too… I’ve read the books several times, and on the days of release, my husband wasn’t allowed to come home from work without the book. LOL The world basically stopped for the next day, because I did nothing except read until the book was finished. I don’t think I even paused long enough to make a pot of tea!

Southern Boy Teas

I just ordered some supplies I need for this today. It will probably be a couple of weeks before I get what I need to reblend this. My flavors guy is good, but he’s kind of slow. :( I’m so glad everyone is enjoying it.

So, LiberTEAS: Does the tea get the same treatment as the book? Have you received yours yet? (It went out Friday) I’ll be excited to read your review.


OMG, we are the exact same person! Hahaha! I had the exact same Harry Potter experience as you: started just before GOF came out, went to midnight release parties, took one sip of this tea and immediately bought another pouch, the whole shabang! Hahahaha!! I’m so glad you love this tea too. But of course you would, you’re me! ;)


ashmanra: It really is super delicious! Maybe your daughter will share with you?
mrawlins2: Yeah, I am already plotting to get a couple of tea-drinking friends hooked so that when I run out, I have people to split a wholesale order with, lol.
LiberTEAS: Yes! I think my favorite part about the books was knowing that so many other people were sitting and reading at the same time as me, and that when I finished I’d have people to talk to about it. Even though I would sit and read the entire book straight through the night I got it!
52teas: It’s amazing (or maybe magical, hehe). I can tell I’m going to be ordering a lot of other teas from you in the future!
CHAroma: Oh my gosh, we need to be friends now! :D I’m glad I’m not the only one who went straight for my wallet on first sip.


oo I’m QuillSnidget27003 on Pottermore if you want to be friends… just sayin ;)


DaisyChubb: how is the whole Pottermore thing going? I frequented the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Discussion Group for a long time, but stopped after the last movie came out. I have all the books too and have read them at least 4times each, but that was some time ago. Being part of the HP family on WB was great fun.

Hope someone lets me know when and if the tea becomes available again. Snape is good! Snape is not evil! lol


I love me some Snape, he was always one of my favourite characters.

Pottermore is fun! It keeps me busy at work on my 15 min breaks – they only have the 1st book and 4 chapters inthe second book up, but it is pretty fun to relive the stories through the little short adventures.

My favourite part, though, is the extra stuff by J.K. Rowling! She writes tidbits that aren’t in the books and extra details, and they are so rich!


@DaisyChubb, I just joined Pottermore myself and tried to add you as a friend! I’m IceQuill30499. :)


Oh, sorry! I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks and haven’t logged in. I’m RookQueen211 on Pottermore. :) I’ve added you both as friends, if that’s OK.


And I really love the extra info about the characters and their histories and the lore and world. It’s really great.

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743 tasting notes

0.8 tablespoons for 375 ml of water.

Sweetness throughout. Mild, pleasing astringency from the black tea. Smooth and buttery. Light overall taste.

Rating: 83

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 15 sec

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107 tasting notes

Other people have said that this one is better than DT’s Root Beer Float. And it is. Root Beer Float is damn good, in my opinion, but this one tops it just that little bit in basically every way.

The dry smell is amazing – like root beer, but with something else almost spicy underneath, and the wet smell has the same promise of deliciousness. The tea itself has a strong flavour which is predominantly root beer with something deeper and richer underneath…possibly that’s the chicory? I really wouldn’t know. It’s very smooth, and basically just has a richness and complexity that DT’s Root Beer Float lacks.

Which means I’d like to order more now that it’s available. Which brings me to the fact that I have a little problem.

Well, actually, it’s rather a large problem, which is this – I am a hoarder. Ever seen TLC’s mental illness porn, Buried Alive? (As opposed to, you know, their obesity porn like I Eat 33, 000 Calories A Day, or their child abuse porn like Toddlers & Tiaras, or… TLC is the king of exploitation programming, people.)

Well, it’s basically like that. Although not as bad. (This is an ugly thing to tell people, usually because they picture people who hoard jars of their own urine and sleep in piles of roach-infested baby blankets they won’t use because they don’t have an infant.) Possibly because I have the advantage of complete self-awareness that I have the disorder (at least for the past 5 years or so), I actually try to clean a bit at least weekly.

I was actually pleased when most of my hoarding tendencies got fixated on tea about a year ago. I may have trouble getting rid of stuff, but what can you really do with tea except get rid of it by drinking it? I was absolutely thrilled that I’d found something to hoard which was consumable and thus wouldn’t permanently take up space. Way better than years ago when I was hoarding newspapers and magazines, and they formed dangerous, chest-high teetering piles of solid, yellowing objects that just sat and grew.

But I know I’ve hit the point where I truly need to admit I have a lot of tea. I stood in my room today and just held my head looking – really looking – at the tea. I ran out of the shelf room that I had in front of some of my books, so now I just have bags lined up on the floor. Ack, stop! At least nearly all the newer stuff is 10g samples. I can drink that up in no time. (See? So good at the excuses.) I need to consider: I’m getting to the point where drinking my tea up will become a chore. I don’t want that, right? I want to enjoy it.

So I went downstairs and nixed most of the order I was composing from 52teas. Cherry Almond Gunpowder? What was I thinking? I hate gunpowder green. Gone. Anything from the permanent collection? Maybe another day, but not until I’ve drank a lot. Gone. Cotton Candy SBT? I have a half-pound of the bags of Cotton Candy, I don’t need another cotton candy tea. Gone.

I’m down to another bag of this one, Earl Grey Cheesecake (pass up cheesecake? inconceivable!) and a couple of SBT bags. Should I take this one off, too…?

WHAT TO DO, GUYS. Advice is welcome.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

I can’t help you I’m sorry I want to get all of that too lol

Daniel Scott

LOL, soooo…yes, get it? You know this is truthfully the “advice” I’m looking for, right? :P


Indeed HAHA you want “permission” to go for it!


I’ve been trying not to just buy tea left and right, but the only time I’ve actually been able to feel like I am really controlling it is I think about it like a trade balance, aiming for a “deficit” (drinking more than you’re adding). I too could not pass up cheesecake, and so I ordered some of the SBT bags again, and I immediately went and brewed one up. In a perfect world, I would drink enough tea before the new one comes so that I didn’t effectively add more. At least having tasting notes kind of makes it easier to figure out how many cups you’re making a week.

Good luck! I’d at least keep the cheesecake and this one is so good that I’d consider another bag now, but my feeling is it might be back again and again if you are okay with risking it and buying less tea.

Daniel Scott

Oh, like you think Frank might be badgered into re-blending this one again in the future? That’s a thought.


Yeah, or even the possibility of it becoming permanent. And I’d think also it’d appear in the Christmas box given its popularity, and usually he also reblends a good number of pouches when the days start counting down on that one. I figure there has to be another chance to get this one and it’s keeping me from ordering again.
Except damn cheesecake, that one sends me into a primal need to have it because everyone else is clearly buying it all up first.


I had no idea that there were only 2 pouches left! That instinct was right!

Daniel Scott

WHEW, there was, like, 10 this morning! Glad you said something, I finished that order up quick-like. Left it as is. shrug If I shouldn’t have gotten that Butterbeer, I’m sure the universe will pay me back for the greed. :P


I think it has already sold out two or three times! He has graciously reblended, and I didn’t see it this time around. Maybe there will be more coming soon…


I’ve seen other people do little contests and such and given some of their tea away as a prize. Doesn’t have to be particularly complicated. Some little quiz or just sign-up-and-I’ll-draw-lots. That sort of thing. I’m sure there are people who would be more than willing to help take some of the excess off your hands. (I did that once, over on LJ. I put up a list and had interested adopters sign up and then cut it off at, I think, around 20 people. They got maybe 25g or two or three teas each and it really cleaned up some of my excess, plus giving me lots of good vibes. :) I would advice though, that if you do something like, ask that your recipients cover the shipping themselves. It became rather more expensive for me than I had thought, so you need to consider that.

Another thing. If you prefer to drink it up yourself, I find it useful to go about it in a way so that it becomes a sport. Before my wedding I had put myself on a shopping embargo for several months, and it really became a challenge for me to see how far I could drink the collection down. I got from I think 80-90 teas to 27 by using up samples and drinking out almost empty tins. Admittedly though, some of it were also things discarded or set aside for swapping purposes because I knew I just didn’t like it.
Sometimes I’ve also set little goals for myself, like I’m allowed to place an order with two different shops when I’ve emptied X tins and Y samples. Then I keep a note on the table at Tea Corner to keep track of my progress.

Keeping track of how much you go through is definitely important, I think. It might be difficult for you to do it, but there’s something really motivating about it as well, because I start thinking of the goal as an achievement.

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1015 tasting notes

I was a bit apprehensive about this tea due to the addition of licorice root, but being a big fan of Harry Potter I had to order a pouch. Besides, if anyone could make a somewhat strange flavor combo work, it is going to be Frank! This tea is really, really good. I drank some last night while watching a Harry Potter movie and it was a cool experience. I woke up wanting this tea again! I think this pouch is going to go fast. I appreciate that this tea is good for at least 2 infusions also. There is a root beer flavor that is backed up with a buttery taste and texture. I don’t really notice the licorice root or chicory – I think they just add to the general texture and smooth flavor profile. I am loving this!

4 min, 0 sec

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166 tasting notes

I was very excited to get my box from Azzrian, and I’m pretty adventurous, so I’ll try any kind of loose tea. However I confess I was skeptical on this one-that is, I prepared myself not to like it. I like rootbeer, but licorice and chicory? Not too sure about that. Even the name butterbeer (and I know it’s from Harry Potter and all that), but butterbeer doesn’t sound appetizing to me. So with my sights set pretty low, I brewed this up (steeped 3 minutes), took a sip, and then as always, added some sweetener-wow, how about that! Pretty good stuff. Then a little milk, since others suggested that. Well, I like it both ways, and once it got to room temp I saw it’s potential as a cold tea too. It was fine unsweetened, but you don’t get the full rootbeer effect without sweetening it. I could see ordering it if it were available again, because it’s quite a novelty. It tastes just like rootbeer to me, and I think the college kids in my family and their friends would get a kick out of it too. As long as you like rootbeer, I think you’ll like this. Oh, and I got 2 steepings. So once again, thanks to Azzrian. Without that box she sent, I would never have tried this, and I have some more left to share with my kids when they are home.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

:) it isn’t all that bad is it? I was not expecting to like it either. I won’t say I LOVE it but its pretty tasty.

Donna A

Azzrian, that’s how I feel too. I just love the taste of actual tea so much, that it tends to win out over a lot of the flavored ones, unless the underlying tea flavor is still prevalent. With Butterbeer, I really couldn’t taste the tea, but I’m not sure I have the most discerning taste buds! I’m glad I tried it and I think my kids will find it to be a fun one to try.


The chicory is what ultimately scared me away from this one.

Donna A

Incendiare, I have no experience with chicory by itself, but I couldn’t taste anything in this but rootbeer. It wasn’t bitter like I think chicory would be.

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2392 tasting notes

I was kind of surprised to see this one in the bestseller sampler. It seems kind of plain and easy for a 52Teas blend.. but what do I know, I’m not a Harry Potter fan. I wanted a tea with licorice in it, since my throat seems a bit sore. I steeped for two-three minutes… 52Teas are always questionable on steep times. Sometimes they work at 45 seconds. I may have let the water cool too long ( a few minutes – I was deciding what I want), since this seems like just a black tea to me. The flavor is too mild to make it special for me. It seemed like the fragrance of the dry leaves was stronger than the flavor. A bit of a root beer, not a noticeable licorice difference on my throat. This reminds me of candy corn which I love more. To be honest, the second cup kind of tasted like wet cupboard (I would imagine anyway… and I’m sure Rowling imagined Butterbeer differently as well!) I wish a different tea was included in the sampler!

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137 tasting notes

I came home from yoga this morning to find my very first 52teas order in my mailbox! I just about squee’d right in the lobby of my building. I was expecting a longer wait to ship to Canada, but I think it was only about a week ago that I ordered. Tea surprises are the best surprises!

Of course this was the first one I wanted to get my hands on. Ever since I first read the Harry Potter series (and every time I’ve read it since then!) I’ve been dyyying to try some butterbeer. Anyone who has read the books knows how incredible the characters all make the drink sound. Found a few recipes online to make my own, but they all called for butterscotch of some sort. Blech!! I hate butterscotch and I don’t think it has any place in butterbeer, thankyouverymuch. So when I saw that Frank had come up with his own flavour concoction to try to imitate the legendary beverage, and had combined it with TEA no less, I knew I had to try some. And from what I’d read in reviews, it didn’t sound like this one would scream butterscotch.

When I first opened the packet my heart sunk a little. It smelled just like root beer. I love root beer, but I wanted it to be a note in the blend, rather than the dominant flavour. I had no reason to worry though, because once it’s steeped up, it is so perfect! I get the root beerish taste, but also the lovely creamy butteriness that everyone has been raving about. It’s so warming and complex and just delicious that I imagine this is the closest I’ll come to butterbeer heaven.

In conclusion, I’m SO glad this lived up to the hype, or else I’m pretty sure I would’ve been heartbroken :P I can’t wait to sip on this in the fall (my favourite season!) with a cozy scarf and a good book. It’s just that kind of tea!

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299 tasting notes

I just made up the last of my Butterbeer and then sent K off to get me coffee… /o\ I can’t help it, I am a coffee ADDICT. Still drinking this tea, though.


I wish I could handle coffee; I love the smell of ungrounded coffee beans. :/


That smelllll, yes! I had 2 coffees today with creamy caramel shots. /o\ SO GOOD.


I’ve cut back A LOT of my coffee drinking but if I have the chance to get Tim Hortons or Starbucks, I’ll do it. Also, I’ll make it at home if my tea doesn’t wake me up enough. (It doesn’t, always).

Mmm.. caramel is nice. I love the caramel machiatto – it’s the prettiest.


Had to google machiatto but uhmmmmm YEAH, I am going to have to try that, with lactose-free milk, hopefully >__>

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2978 tasting notes

Phonecalls that begin, “Don’t panic, but..” tend to make me panicky. This is helping ever so slightly.

So thankful this is only a 3-day workweek. I hope my holiday and weekend go as planned, and that neither weather or life get in the way of fun, happiness, and quality time with family and friends (plus a bit of time to myself).


’don’t panic’ should only ever happen at the start of ‘the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’.


@JustJames – exactly! ;-)


Only made worse by you better sit down…


^ now that would’ve seriously made me panicky! Nope, no sitting down required. phew

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247 tasting notes

Frank had me at Butterbeer. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and have been curious about what it might taste like. There are a multitude of different recipes for Butterbeer, but add in the tea and I’m there. I didn’t even flinch when I saw licorice (well, maybe just a nanosecond), and the ingredients quite possibly could have included dirt and I think I still would have tried it. In the end, it’s here, it’s ready and I’m drinking it.

The dry scent is interesting. It has a sharp feel to it that is rounded out by the sweetness of the root beer scent. It reminds me of a spicy rootbeer, with something… foresty.

I went a bit light on the steep time and I can taste it. Next time, I’ll make it stronger. It has an interesting flavor. Hearty, but something else, too. It’s almost slightly acidic, but not tart. I definitely taste the chicory, which I love and think is perfect for this hearty cup. Licorice is there, too, but it’s not offensive. More like anise-laced and very light. It’s not sweet at all, which I thought it would be with all of the root beer scent in the packet.

A bit of the way through my cup, I added German rock sugar to it. Now, it’s sweet. And buttery. I can smell the butter just before I sip it. It’s also cooling and I can taste the chicory a bit less. This tea is quite complex and, dare I say, magical? Yes, magical. It’s hard to pinpoint the different flavors as they blend so well together. All in all, it’s a very different cup of tea.

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

Hey Lady! We’ve been missing you! I hope you have a glorious Summer!


I bought one for my oldest daughter and one for her BF in Ireland. When I called and told her about the new blend, she screamed, “I want Harry Potter tea!” like a four year old. Lol!


Hi! I’ve been missing you all, too. I’ve had a rough year, but it looks like things are on the upswing, hopefully.

I can completely understand the crazed Harry Potter reaction! :)


Awww yay QuiltGuppy!! glad to see you around. Hope things get better <3

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