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From 52teas

Premium Organic black tea with organic flavors. Each 14g teabag will make one 2-quart pitcher of DELICIOUS iced tea. Re-steep the teabag and you can get a full gallon out of each one. Steep in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. (3 minutes MAX.) Then combine with ice and water to make a 2-quart pitcher. It couldn’t be simpler – OR more delicious!

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At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

13 Tasting Notes

3245 tasting notes

Okay, so I think I found an SBT that I won’t be restocking. This is good but not as tasty but having tried the others, I know there are better options out there. This has a smooth black tea flavor with the aftertaste of key lime. It is pleasant but I am missing the cheesecake. Perhaps I will try another one of the lime offerings with my next order…hmmm…

Iced 8 min or more

I was wondering what this one would be like since I’m a huge fan of his Lime Jello Salad. Too bad about the lack of cheesecake.


I was actually thinking of grabbing the Lime Jello.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the SBT Lime Jello is very similar to this one, especially if you didn’t pick up on the cheesecake note. I loved his Lime Jello Salad green that he sold as loose leaf. The marshmallow root made it so creamy. I didn’t really get that with the SBT Lime Jello, unfortunately.


Mmmm. I love marshmallow root. I am glad you enjoyed it. And you are probably right about Lime Jello being similar to this. It is probably dumb but I feel like that would still be preferred because at least it would live up to its name. In this case I was disappointed because there was no cheesecake. Gotta love the power of suggestion.


Perhaps he will reblend the Lime Jello Salad someday. But I totally understand the expectations, and that alone can change your perspective on a tea even if it does taste good. My theory is the cheesecake note is difficult to taste with a black base. I could actually taste the cheesecake in Apricot Cheesecake Shou Mei, most likely because the base was so light. It just seems like such a subtle note.


There has been very few “cheesecake” teas that were successful in capturing the flavor. I could see how it would work on a white base although I have had successful cheesecake teas on black as well.


Which black cheesecake teas have been successful for you?


Oh. wow. I meant to write it and not be so mysterious and I guess I got distracted and forgot. This has really not been my day. I know there has been a couple, though not many, however the only one that is coming to mind right now is the Caramel Cherry Cheesecake by Darlene’s Teaport. It had a nice cheesecake tang to it. Now I am trying to remember the others…


Thanks! I’ll have to check that out.


I keep going back and forth about buying it. If I end up getting some, I am happy to send some your way so you can try it. I think I will have to have another cup of the sample I have before I decide to get more though to make sure it was actually the tea and not just my excitement that made the cup so great.

Also, taking a quick look through my spreadsheet, I think that may the only tea that nailed the cheesecake flavor for me. I thought there was more but I guess that was just wishful thinking :P

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4847 tasting notes

On The Fourth Day of Christmas, SBT sent me this tea!

Having enjoyed the other lime offerings from SBT (Lime Jello and Lime Cola) I felt confident that I’d enjoy this too. And it’s yummy. I cold-brewed the first pitcher of this tea, and then I resteeped the pouch (hot-brewed) and to tell the truth, I found the hot-brewed resteeping of the pouch to be better than the first cold-brew. It’s more flavorful, I can taste more of the lime and cheesecake in the second pitcher than I did in the first cold-brewed pitcher.

In the cold-brewed pitcher, I noticed most of the flavor in the aftertaste.

Here’s my full-length review:

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612 tasting notes

Steeping the base hot, this smelled at first very chemical-y, kinda like chlorine, but then after I topped off the jug with cold water and it settled down a bit there was a kind of tangy key lime and cream cheese (! yes) scent going on. I know not to judge much based on the scent of the initial steep as it’s hyper-concentrated.

Today completely cold, this tastes mostly like plain black iced tea to me—refreshing and iced tea-y, but not too much other flavor. There is a sweet note, very very subtly lime-y, but I’m not sure I’d even detect it as such without the power of suggestion…

Wait a sec. Well, actually there’s more key lime in the lingering aftertaste…it sits on your lips and tongue and is in fact quite accurate, just light. This makes the lips tingle and get numb slightly too, not sure what that’s about. This is one that grows on you; unlike many Zoomdweebies/52teas offerings it’s not an upfront whammy of smell and flavor that recedes to let the tea taste come in at the end of the sip; it’s the opposite, where at first you just taste tea and then the cooling lime and cream cheese (yay, it’s in there!) and crust elements wander in gradually and grow fuller and louder with time. I do like this after all.


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525 tasting notes

Soooo….I bought a bunch of these SBTs to try. What’s the weight per packet anyway? I’m wondering if it’s a better deal to buy regular looseleaf, but they wouldn’t come in all these amazing flavors.

So one of the first 52Teas I ever had was a Lemon Lime Cheesecake Honeybush. I still remember how amazingly delicious it was, but then again, it was when I was relatively new to the vast world of tea possibilities. Anyway, I figured that this would be a close approximation to that first tea I loved so I got a packet with my order.

I cold brewed this in a 2 quart pitcher so I followed directions halfway. :) This morning I had a glass and it was delicious. The tea is provides a solid background for the flavors to shine. The key lime is smooth and limey. There’s a light creamy tang that I believe is the cheesecake. It is missing that bit of sour from actual lime, but a drop of lime juice should fix that. Fortunately I happen to have some.
The tea is actually a bit strong for me, but Frank does claim that it has the resteeping power to make a whole gallon. I’ll be diluting the tea as I go until it tastes right.
I’m really enjoying this. I hope the other flavors I bought are as good. I’m especially looking forward to the almond milk one. I should stop by the liquor store for some dark rum. :D Too bad it’s closed on Sundays. :(


I always resteep my SBT and make a gallon right off the bat. I think it is great, not weak at all! It tastes so good, it means everyone drinks it twice as fast, so I don’t know if that cancels the savings…

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1731 tasting notes

Pretty much every time I try an SBT, I think it can’t possibly get any better. Then I’ll try a new one, and somehow it will be. This one is definitely one of the best I’ve tried so far! Even when removing the bag from the pouch, I was hit with the wonderful biscuitty, zesty scent of lime cheesecake :) This one got the usual SBT treatment.

Brewed, it’s A-MA-ZING. The initial flavour is zesty lime, but it’s lime zest laced through cream cheese, and so is not too strong or sour. There’s also a slightly gingery, buttery biscuit flavour that’s absolutely dead-on cheesecake base. I’m not quite sure how a drink can taste so much like cheesecake, but this one manages it. It’s the most accurate rendition of cheesecake I’ve ever tasted in a tea (and that’s particularly true of 52 Teas blends…) It’s one I’d definitely pick up again once I use up my current SBT stash.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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2247 tasting notes

Got this one as an extra from the 52Teas sale that Marzipan organized. SHHH I don’t actually brew these cold, as I wish I had some mason jars I could actually clean or a pitcher to put a whole ton of iced tea in. I couldn’t really drink that much iced tea that is in one teabag at once anyway. SO I open up the tea bag that has about five teaspoons and take out one teaspoon to brew up like your typical hot tea in my infuser. Even without the CTC black tea base, I usually steep the first cup of any 52Teas for 45 seconds to let the flavors shine without letting the black tea take over the cup. At 45 seconds, the CTC wasn’t astringent like a typical CTC. I think it sure is premium for a CTC! But these are iced teas that supposed to be in large amounts of water anyway, so I can see wanted as much black tea flavor as possible. The lime is delightful, especially in a summer tea. The lime is very flavorful, but I wouldn’t say I noticed cheesecake (the rating will be missing a few points for that.) The second steep still has some lime!

I also recently sipped down 52Teas – Almond Happiness and another one from 52Teas. It’s one of my most precious last teaspoons of tea, so once that one became a sipdown I think there will be an avalanche of sipdowns. Maybe I finished that one for that reason!
Steep #1 // 1 tsp // 5 min after boiling // 45 seconds
Steep #2 // just boiled // 1 min steep


Don’t know where you are or if Dollar General stores are in your vicinity, but this time of year into early fall, flats of a dozen mason jars start going on sale cheap.

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871 tasting notes

Made this as per package directions. I did add some white sugar. I only intended to ad a tsp or two but I thought I could just sprinkle some in from the bag instead of trying to scoop it out. So Instead of a sprinkle, I got an avalanche. As a result it was quite a but more sweet than I would have liked. I am definitely getting key lime, but I don’t really get any cheesecake. I found this one to be quite astringent at the end of the sip. I think it would have been better to have been brewed for 2 minutes instead of 3.


The avalanche has happened to me enough times that I should invest in sugar cubes! :)


you put the lime in the cheesecake…

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80 tasting notes

Ah my baptism of the Takeya Flash Chill Tea Maker. But I didn’t even flash chill it. I was a wimp and cold brewed because that’s how I always make my ice teas. Now reading the reviews I see I should have saved the bag and done a second hot brew and tried out the flash chill method.

Well there’s plenty more SBT where that came from!

I like this flavor because it reminds me of the lemon lime cheesecake honeybush blend that was my all time favorite 52teas cheesecake blend.

I cold brewed for about 14ish hours, maybe even 16. I was worried I overdid it but it tastes amazing. All citrus tanginess. More of a lemon lime than a key lime but still super refreshing and highly recommended.


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237 tasting notes

Reading all the other reviews, I feel like I am missing something. The lime flavouring is very intense and although I can kind of sort of half taste a hint of cheesecake in there, the lime is very POW and tastes like chemicals so it is hard for me to say…Will drink more and review properly then. Maybe it is just me.

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1231 tasting notes

I got this tea as part of SBT last kickstarter. i finished a pitcher of this iced tea today. So far, this one is my favorite – the lime goes great in southern style iced tea. Not that cheesecakey, but still very delicious.
I might need to snag more for the new SBT kickstarter!


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