Coconut Cream Pie

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Black Tea
Calendula Petals, Coconut, Organic Flavours, Organic Vanilla Beans, Premium Black Teas
Cocoa, Coconut, Cream, Creamy, Fruity, Marshmallow, Milk, Sweet, Tannin, Vanilla
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Loose Leaf
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Organic, Vegan
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205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 45 sec 10 oz / 303 ml

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  • “Yay Saturday! But not just ANY Saturday – an August Saturday with a noon temperature of 64 DEGREES that I am NOT working! The world has lost its mind! I am celebrating this day off by drinking a...” Read full tasting note
  • “YES. I have DONE it! MWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The perfect balance of strength of tea flavor, milk, and sweetness is MINE, ALL MINE! And now I will never be able to do it again. Actually now I...” Read full tasting note
  • “This is what’s for dessert today. Lovely. Really, it is. It’s just… I’m really craving the infamous raspberry oolong tonight and I’m coming to the conclusion that I have precious few fruity teas in...” Read full tasting note
  • “Cold brew because that’s the way I like it. Still the best coconut black I’ve had to date, but overall, I’d say I prefer coconut oolongs. No additives and I find the coconut still really pops. Kind...” Read full tasting note

From 52teas

I was pretty excited when people asked that this tea be included in the vote for the 2016 12 Teas of Christmas, and even happier when this tea turned out to be one of the top vote getters. This has been one of the more memorable 52Teas blends for me – I love coconut! – so I was really happy to have the opportunity to reblend it.

The original description of this tea said:

Our Coconut Cream Pie flavored black tea has been one of our bestsellers here at Zoomdweebie’s since we opened. In addition to the pouches of this tea that we’ve sold, we sell a LOT of beverages made from this tea, in particular, this is probably our all time bestselling iced tea latte, one sip of which has led people to exclaim, “That’s like coconut cream pie in a glass!” I’ve also been frequently challenged on our assertion that our tea lattes are all fat-free, particularly with this tea.

It is simply so decadent, so wonderfully sweet and satisfying, that people cannot believe that we didn’t just liquefy a slice of coconut cream pie and serve it to them in a glass.

For the 52teas version of this tea, we are adding some honking-big flakes of unsweetened coconut to our premium black tea blend along with coconut and vanilla flavors.

So, obviously, I needed to change up the recipe somewhat because the black tea that I use is different from the ones utilized by Frank. I started with my black tea base of organic Indian and Chinese teas. I did use some “honking-big flakes of unsweetened coconut” as well as some vanilla beans and calendula petals.

This is very coconut-y, very creamy and oh-so-yummy! It’s been a while since I’ve had some of Frank’s version of this tea, but I’d say that I did pretty well with this blend! If my review of this tea is any indication – I think my black tea might be a bit stronger than the original version – but the other flavors are on point!

organic ingredients: black teas, coconut, calendula petals, vanilla beans and natural flavors.

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At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

226 Tasting Notes

559 tasting notes

I forgot I still had this sample laying around! I got it in a trade about a year ago.

Made the whole baggie in a pot, but unfortunately this leaves weren’t stored in a tin. The tea that resulted was a little weak, but still tasted deliciously like coconut. I miss this tea… one day I’ll make an order at 52 Teas. They’ve always been intriguing to me and spot-on when it comes to flavored teas.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

do you normally transfer all of your bagged teas into tins? I wonder if I should start doing that…


I do if I have any empty ones lying around. It really does keep them fresher than plastic bags. I dunno about the foil ones, though. They could be better.


if I have a heavy ziploc bag (not clear), say the one the tea came in, I normally do not transfer to a tin. I find that sometimes the tin changes the flavor (due to the alloy maybe). If I don’t consume the tea quickly, I may tranfer to a tin if the tea is almost gone. I generally don’t use tins as much any more.


I did read somewhere that the tins were supposed to be better than bags I have transferred my expensive teas but I am leaving the other ones where they are now for the time being. Still, it would be sad to see so much tea go stale!


As long as it’s a heavy foil-lined resealable bag (which many tea retailers seem to use) I don’t worry about transferring it… those pouches are probably more airtight than most tins!


STALE TEA! WHAT A TRADEGY!! I agree Dinosara, you can push the air out of the bags, then seal them tighter by rolling and rubber banding the bag.

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227 tasting notes

We just returned from a five hour trek through a frozen swamp. It was exhilarating crossing logs, creating our own shaky log bridges across treacherously deep swamp waters and then walking (him) or crawling (me) over them.

It was terrifying when we fell through the ice and ended up in deep water and even more frightening when we realized we were lost, soaked, the temperature was dropping down to 12 degrees and we might not get out of there. Our bones might decorate the swamp just as the skull of the small creatures we saw going in decorated it.

Thankfully we’d packed Clif bars as emergency rations and we ate them to get enough calories to encourage our bodies to make heat to dry our jeans and clear our minds. Not that it worked all that well as a heating trick. Our jeans froze hard as boards when subjected to temps in the teens and a brisk wind. But it did clear our minds sufficiently to find a way out again.

Once we arrived home the obvious question for me (that I’d been contemplating since our fourth hour slogging through the swamp) was what tea was suitable to serve as a warming celebration beverage after such an adventure? I picked this one and added a bit of honey. Mmmm. It tastes like victory. Swampy victory.

It really is a yummy coconut tea and the addition of the honey and Silk creamer makes it even yummier!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

you should be a writer ; )


I’d definitely freak out. Glad you’re both okay! And glad that you found an appropriately celebratory tea.


This is terrifying! I am not an outdoors person at all… I would have been curled up in the fetal position in the swampy snow, crying my eyes out. Happy you guys had such an exhilarating adventure!


@takgoti We actually freak out at different things so it works out. I freak at dead animals and dead animal parts so when I saw the skull (and the dead turtle which i didn’t mention) I freaked. He freaks out at being in water or being wet. Falling through the ice was frightening for both of us, of course, but he was totally freaked for a half hour afterwards because he was wet, while I was fine with being wet. We were both worried about being lost, but that is something that works out really well if you can maintain your head and analyze the situation, which we were able to do once we had calories flowing through our veins again. So it was all good.

As to the celebratory tea, I decided that this was clearly a test of tea and that whatever tea I picked would have its rating pushed up since in distress and joy I picked that one.

@teaplz It was mostly fun with just a few terrifying moments. And we were warmly bundled so even though we got wet we were fine in the end. I have to tell you that I have tried the refuse-to-move-and-cry strategy and it didn’t work for me. I was hanging from a cliff afraid to go up or down and started crying saying that I wouldn’t move. It was pointed out to me that movement is necessary and it’s a life lesson I’ve taken with me. I’m sure you would have pulled out of the fetal position once you noticed that the snow was cold. ;)

@Heyes Definitely a win!

@Teaspoon I used to be a writer/editor. Programming and project management pay better and people treat you better.


Wow…Awesome adventure! My husband and I freak out at different things too. At some point we take turns saying to the other, “Ok, don’t freak out on me!” It’s a balance that works for us. This makes me think…it’s been a little too long since we did anything like this. Must remedy.


@LENA What led us to that particular swamp in the first place was a geocache. You have some of the prettiest geocaches in the country in the Murfreesboro area. You could take a look. Some of the areas there are just beautiful to hike through.


Niiice. I’ve done a little geocaching myself. I bought my mom a GPS a few years ago to get her into it as well. Murfreesboro has a few cache site that are in really old cemeteries…very cool…and really nice stories behind them.

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2148 tasting notes

Thanks to iHeartTeas for this sample, it came from her sell off sale. This was one of the first teas I added to my shopping list when I joined steepster, it had so many positive reviews that I knew that I just had to try it. When I opened my sample package I was immediately surprised by how large the coconut pieces were and how much this tea smelled like coconut. This tea smells heavenly.

I didn’t have any steeping instructions so I played around a little. My first cup was 212 for 4 mins and I wasn’t initially pleased with it. It had an astringency that I didn’t care for while it was hot and all I got out of it was the coconut flavor. I made a second steep at 212 for 5 mins, mixed it with the first, and allowed it to cool before I drank the rest of it. That cut the astringency a bit and it was more drinkable, but I’m not sure that I care for the black base.

My second cup was 208 for 3 mins. I didn’t notice the astringency as much and was able to taste the coconut and a bit of cream. I find myself wishing for more cream and a hint of pie crust, but overall this wasn’t bad, I’m just not sure that I care for the black base of this tea.

Overall, I think I prefer this one at room temperature or cold. I have a little bit left and am considering making a latte out of it so I’ll post again if I do.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

wonder how it would be with a puerh base… that might give you your pie crust. you could always ask stacy at butiki to do a custom blend for you. puerh, coconut…. and what for the cream? not sure what that component would have to be.

if you decide to go this route, let me know, i’ll join in!

Short Sorceress

That’s an intriguing idea, although I’m still trying to acquire a taste for pu-erh. I didn’t realize Stacy did custom blends, but I’ve only receive my first order from her today and haven’t even had a chance to try any of them yet.

I’ll let you know if I decide to go that route, you’ve really sparked my curiosity :)


have you tried step shoppe’s cinnamon swirl bread? that is a puerh base and it’s the puerh that gives you the bread taste. verdant puts out some addictive ones…. well, for me at least!

Short Sorceress

No, I haven’t, but I’m allergic to some types of cinnamon so tend to stay clear of it most of the time.

I agree with you about Verdant, I’m absolutely in love with their teas!


yikes, that’s a tricky one to avoid! i have tons of sensitivities, but only a few real allergies the main ones being turkey and coffee.

for me a good quality puerh is light and bread/baked goods reminiscent. it could absolutely do a pie crust!

i’ll message stacy and inquire, but as far as i know they will create a custom tea. wonder if they can add that meringue-esque type ingredient that they put in ‘wide open eyes’…..

Short Sorceress

It means that I need to avoid a lot of the best sounding dessert teas :(

Let me know what Stacy says when you message her. I would be interested in this as soon as I’m off my tea buying hiatus. My newest goal is to be under 150 teas by November (for black Friday) and with all of the swaps I’ve done in the last two weeks I’m light years away from that goal.


lol…. and see i don’t have that many, but i do have a budget i really should pay attention to!

Short Sorceress

my problem is that I just had my 30th birthday and was gifted some money that I immediately used to buy more tea than I need. Now I’m on a hiatus until I drink what I bought in May/June.

Don’t get me started on generous swap partners either. I left town for 2 weeks and came back to enough samples to double my stash ::grins::


that’s awesome! yay swapping!

Short Sorceress

Swapping is great and at least for the next few months I’ll have no issue at all staying within my tea budget :)

JustJames me as well… i just got an immensely generous package!!! and two tea deliveries! i have zero justification for spending for a good long while.

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902 tasting notes

Just made my first 52teas order of the month. Whiskey sour tea? This Kentucky girl couldn’t say no to that!

This is another sample from Meghann (it’d kind of be nice if we could actually tag people in these posts) that I’m having in celebration of the new TOTW. I admit, I’m not getting “pie” out of this one. Then again, I’ve never had coconut cream pie. This is, however, very coconutty, and has a creamy quality to it. Black tea base is yummy as always. I’m glad it’s part of the permanent collection…it’s one that I’ll probably invest in in the future.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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1899 tasting notes

Adding milk really brings out the creaminess of this tea and adding some sweetener (honey) is enough to almost make it taste like coconut cream pie filling. The taste of the crust is missing though.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Sounds lovely, even if crustless!

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304 tasting notes

The smell is just like coconut cream pie. The taste is more like a coconut tea. Really good. I am so glad I purchased this tea for my dessert shelf in my tea cupboard!

3 min, 0 sec

Ooh, this sounds good! I’ll have to remember to try this next time I’m around.


I also got in the chocolate chai!


Oh yea, I forgot you ordered those two on special. Let me know if the chocolate chai is good, I like the Mayan Chocolate Chai but I think I may like it better without the cayenne – it seems to give me heartburn…


mrawlins2, do you drink your Mayan Chocolate Chai clean or with milk? Milk or creamer may help.


@Cofftea – with milk. I think I’m just prone to heartburn, I guess I’ll start to take my meds before enjoying my chai – but I don’t have problems every time, just about every other time…strange.

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807 tasting notes

Thank you Kittenna for this sample. I have wanted to try this forever.
I think this would be so good with Frank’s new black base!
It is very good as is however.
I do find I enjoy it more as it cools so I think I am going to let this get to room temp then put in the fridge and see how it tastes cold.
There is such a nice creaminess to this tea but I am a little surprised there is not more of a coconut flavor.
It may be my palate though so letting it cool and having it iced might help.
Will make more notes later. :)

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

I definitely got a nice coconutty flavour from it – I hope I put enough coconut chips in your bag! I do agree that it could be better with the new base though.


Oh I think I got plenty of coconut in the mix. Maybe its me – just not very coconutty flavored today.

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871 tasting notes

From the best sellers sampler pack.

This tea just seems to be not working for me. I really like the sampler pack to try a variety of popular teas, but I dislike that the sample sizes are fairly small so you don’t have much to experiment with.

Initially the tea is super strong black tea. As it cools the coconut becomes quite strong. To me it is very strongly dried, shredded coconut taste. It is creamy but I am not getting much of the cream pie out of this tea. I did add a bit of rock sugar.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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1206 tasting notes

Sipdown no. 136 of the year 2014. Whew. Since I started counting sipdowns I’ve managed to do at least one a day. I even have another one already lined up for tomorrow. I have some individual serving samples I can also use in a pinch, but I’m trying to get some of the bigger containers in a position to sip down on account of that’s where the real clutter problem lies.

This was my second tea of the day, and it turned into a cold tea experience because I spent the morning on my tax information collection project and I got stuck on the phone with the bank and the benefits person at work trying to figure out whether I had a documentation gap. During that time, this became very close to an iced tea.

The good news is that it’s actually quite good cold. I wouldn’t have thought that would be the case, but it is. It’s actually pretty refreshing, and though I wouldn’t ordinarily think of a coconut black as something to drink iced in summer, that idea is now firmly implanted in my mind.

The only downside is that the coolness doesn’t change the missing pie-ness. It’s a tasty coconut flavor, but I don’t get pie. (At first I thought maybe I did, but then I realized it was the macaroon I ate while drinking this. That wasn’t intentional, by the way. We had a big tray of macaroons leftover from Heritage Night at the kids’ school so I grabbed one without really thinking about the connection between it and what I was drinking.)

BTW, the tax info collection project went much smoother than anticipated. In fact, I’m ready to take the whole she-bang over to FedEx/Kinkos, make copies and ship them off to my accountant (who also happens to be my cousin). That means I have a vast stretch of not that many hours left until the kids get home to do other stuff. And tomorrow. Let’s not forget tomorrow, which was the cushion day I took off in case I found huge gaps in my tax records and had to try to get copies of stuff. I might have a day in which I get to pretend I’m actually a writer for a living.

What a thought.

That’s great – Enjoy your writing day tomorrow! :)


Thanks, I will try! I am worried I’ll get picked on to join some work calls even though I’m supposed to be on vacation. :-(

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647 tasting notes

I’m going to have to try this again. I ate a few pieces of chocolate and then drank it, and then went back to it hoping the chocolate aftertaste would have subsided, but I wasn’t nearly as enamoured with this as everyone else. Actually, I haven’t been enamoured with any 52 Teas blend so far. I have a theory that maybe packaging, presentation and promotion (and reputation) do a lot to affect someone’s rating of a tea, even inadvertently. If this was called ‘Coconut Garbage Flakes’, and blended by a mean jerk instead of a cool everyman’s nerd kind of guy, maybe everyone else would feel the same about it as I do. Not that it tastes like garbage, I was just giving an example of crappy marketing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s alright, but I notice a weird chemical taste to it, in the back of my mouth. And when I stick my nose in my cup and inhale, it smells like cat pee.

Sorry guys, I said it. I’ve wanted to love every one of Frank’s teas that I’ve tried (via swap) but I’ve been disappointed so far. Marshmallw Treat Genmaicha was good in the end, after I compared it to a straight genmaicha. But still left something to be desired.

After drinking Davidstea’s Coconut Oolong, I’m on the hunt for an equally amazing black coconut tea, and I don’t think this is it.

That being said it is possible that the chocolate seriously ruined my taste so I will try again before rating this, because I don’t want to be unfair. And I don’t want any hate mail either!! I will happily eat my words if I’m way off here, because I wanted to love this!

Thanks to Emilie for the sample of this (no, really!)

(boiling, 3 min)

Edited to add

Yeah… no. Tried it again last night, hoping for the best and it’s just…yucky. That sums it up. Still smells like cat pee once brewed. No coconut taste that I can notice. I feel like there’s something wrong with me because everyone seems to love every 52Teas blend ever, except me. I dumped the rest of this out, because you know why? Because my newest DellaTerra order arrived yesterday – NO BRAINER. I would love to find a 52teas blend to love. Le Sigh.

Thank gawd for swaps!!

Edited again

I want to add that there’s a possibility the batch I tried may not have been fresh and possibly even starting to change tastes on account of age, so the tea company shouldn’t be blamed for that. However I have no way of knowing so my rating stands. If I ever try this again from someone else I will let you know if it tasted better!


I’m convinced that coconut often goes “off” in blends somehow, like it goes rancid or something. Almost every tea (possibly all of them) in which I’ve had a vomit-inducing gross off-flavour (as compared to minor things like plasticky flavouring notes, etc.) has contained coconut.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Well that might explain it! I guess I’d better drink up my coconut teas. I hope that doesn’t happen with my Coconut Oolong from Davidstea!

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Rancid is exactly how it tasted and smelled.


I think it takes quite a while to happen, but I don’t know what causes it. Adagio’s Pina Colada and Persimmon Tree’s Coconut Cacao were both quite gross for me, and I’ve had multiple coconut teas that have a soapy flavour, which I also attribute to coconut rancidity.


I do have teas that contain coconut and are rather old but taste just fine.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

I plan to hoard the Coconut Oolong for the rest of my life so I’d better start working on some sort of preservation technology, haha

Marcel Duchamp

preservation technology! I love it. haha.


I can’t say the age of it either, because I received what I had in a swap from someone else, and I don’t remember who anymore. Sorry!


Shoot! I have had some bad luck with a few of the 52teas lately, but this one was super good for me.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about this tea. I usually love 52Teas’ teas but this one and Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake just didn’t do it for me. Like you, I will definitely be hoarding DT’s Coconut Oolong for as long as I can, haha.

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