Chocolate Orange Rooibos

Tea type
Rooibos Tea
Orange Wedges, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Natural Flavors (Vegan), Organic Red Rooibos, Organic Vanilla Beans
Chocolate, Citrus, Cream, Medicinal, Nutty, Orange, Orange Zest, Rooibos, Sweet, Vanilla, Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, Fruity, Wood
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Loose Leaf
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Organic, Vegan
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205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 30 sec 13 oz / 382 ml

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From 52teas

Tea of the Week for October 2, 2017!

At one point, Frank created a Chocolate Orange Honeybush. To be honest, I don’t really remember it – although I did review it and after reading my review, it would appear that I did enjoy it. Sadly, reading the review didn’t help me to remember the tea. So that blend was in no way my inspiration for this blend.

My inspiration for this blend is a love for the flavor combination of chocolate and orange. They go together so well. And when I began to consider the base I’d use for this flavor combination, rooibos seemed to be a natural choice. Granted, rooibos is seldom a ‘natural choice’ for me as it is rarely my first choice for any tea – but I felt that the sweet, nutty, somewhat woodsy flavor of organic rooibos would work well with the flavors of chocolate and orange.

So I started with some organic rooibos and added lots of cacao shells and nibs, some dried orange segments and some vanilla. I didn’t want the vanilla to be a strong, independent flavor, but instead, I wanted it to lend a creamy element to the cuppa – something to lighten the sometimes “dark chocolate” taste of the cacao shells and nibs, and something that would soften the bright orange notes just a little.

And – WOWZA! This is fantastic! There is a strong chocolate note, a creaminess and a sweet orange flavor that starts out kind of subtle but continues to develop as I sip. Nice!

organic ingredients: rooibos, cacao shells, cacao nibs, oranges, vanilla bean & natural flavors

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At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

10 Tasting Notes

5381 tasting notes

Thanks for the share, Sil!

I wanted to like this but found the rooibos to be of the offputting medicinal sort. The flavouring wasn’t bad, though, it was just the base I had a problem with. Too bad!

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1020 tasting notes

From 2017, still sealed. Worked through a terrible migraine all day and just need some desserty-tea therapy tonight.

The chocolate is coming through surprisingly well, with a bit of a creamy, fudgy quality I taste mid-sip, with the orange hitting late in the sip and leaving a lingering presense of zesty citrus. It’s a very spot-on chocolate/orange flavor combo. The rooibos base is fairly strong here though — perhaps because whenever red rooibos is paired with something fruity/citrusy, medicinal notes seem to come forward on my palate which hide from me otherwise. That is, perhaps, the only thing bringing this tea down. There is still a nice nuttiness to the base that I believe the chocolate is really bringing out, and just a hint of a vanilla sweetness.


Flavors: Chocolate, Citrus, Cream, Medicinal, Nutty, Orange, Orange Zest, Rooibos, Sweet, Vanilla

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more 1 tsp 12 OZ / 350 ML

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1380 tasting notes

Another non caffeinated 52Teas favourite: chocolate, orange, and a hint of cream. The rooibos nicely underscores the flavours.

Yesterday, I had one of my very favourite ice creams in the city—roasted marshmallow— and as I was making my way through my two scoops, I made a note of mentioning it to Anne because boy oh boy would it make a fab tea. I don’t know how one would get that slippery sticky marshmallow flavour in a tea though. The smokey crispy marshmallow bit, I think are manageable, likely with a lapsang but that gooey centre part. And then, the ice cream creaminess. Oh boy. Just parking it all here.

I predict another visit to that ice cream parlour in my near future.


Oh my gosh toasted marshmallow icecream tea would be amazing. Maybe some buttercream and caramelized sugar flavour in there to sell the icecream part. Yum!


Sounds delicious!


Yeah, I’ve been thinking of a marshmallow ripe pu-erh… it’s a good thing I’ve never had whatever this ice cream is that you’re talking about. haha.


Oh man… that looks and sounds so so good.

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6176 tasting notes

Latte and plain tea sipdown (236)

I used the entire sample of this to make both a latte (after asking Sil if she thought this would curdle and she said no and was right) and a plain cup. Then I got distracted by instagram and the internet and the 10 year challenge so everything is just warm and not hot. Oh well.

The steeped tea smelled like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange (which is good or bad depending on how you feel about those…I am fairly neutral). When I drink the latte, I get milk mostly at the forefront but the end and after taste is Chocolate Orange…with some earthiness from the rooibos and cacao and a touch more brightness from the orange. It is like if someone tried to make a Terry’s Chocolate Orange at home but added a touch more orange zest and cacao instead of the more processed milk chocolate. Again, that could be good or bad depending on your feelings for those things. Personally, I don’t love them and adding that to my neutral feelings towards chocolate orange in the first place, this latte is good but one is enough for me.

The plain tea is a lot less Terry’s Chocolate Orange than the latte. It lacks the creaminess from the milk so instead I am getting cacao and orange. Not chocolate orange but cacao and orange. A seemingly minor distinction but one that makes a lot of difference. Cacao is more earthy and dark chocolatey and it stands out from the orange which is a little sharper without the creaminess of milk. The two flavors are distinct from each other as well instead of working together to create the beloved chocolate orange profile.

This one just is not a favorite. I think it is a nice enough latte but I wasn’t much of a fan when it was plain. Mostly I found myself missing Butiki’s Three Friends which is the chocolate orange tea that got me enjoying the chocolate orange flavor profile.


pretty sure i said… uh…shouldn’t? haha glad it didn’t though and yes… 3 friends was good..though 2 friends was my favourite ha

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1792 tasting notes

This is freaking delicious. The scent of the dry leaf truly smells like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, probably more than any other chocolate orange blend I’ve had. Even more than Butiki’s Three Friends? I swear.

With 2% milk, I pick up on the orange notes more so than the chocolate, but it still works. That orange note reminds me so much of Cointreau, and takes me back to when I bought a bottle of it nearly ten years ago for a dessert, didn’t know what to do with the rest, and ended up getting into the habit of making hot cocoa with Fry’s, milk, and sugar, then topped off with Cointreau. I was initially wary of the rooibos in here thinking it was going to take everything over but this was a rather mild rooibos, not too woody in flavour at all.

I shared the last mug with my boyfriend, who also highly approves, and we agreed that this deserves an 85 rating. I’d love for this to be remade so that I could grab a full size. The taster just wasn’t enough.

EDIT: Whoa, the full size is currently available after all. Uh oh…

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682 tasting notes

My Black Friday order from 52Teas arrived yesterday! Boy, am I excited to try all these nummy looking teas. This one was one of the generous free samples that was sent along with the small order. Since i’m always on the look out for a nice dessert non-caffeine tea for evening relaxation, I was glad to see this one.

My sense of smell is almost entirely gone again, but when I first opened the pouch a delicious whiff or orange burst on me. It was like the squirt of orange when you first crack the peel. It is gone again now, but for that split second it was heavenly. I plan to get my kenalog shot next week (which shrinks the polyps in my sinuses enough to allow me to smell for a few months) and I can’t wait to really smell this one. Just from that one whiff I bet it is divine.

I love those chocolate oranges that are so popular around Christmas. The kind that look like a baseball wrapped in foil, and when you smack it, it falls open in chocolate wedges. That is what this tea reminds me of. It brews up a nice dark amber color. I like the flavor best when it is on the edge between hot and warm. Not so hot that you burn your tongue, but not mildly warm. As it cools the rooibos woodiness is more prominent.

I am looking forward to trying this one again in ten days or so when my sense of smell and taste are back. I bet this one is just lovely to smell. Even without a full sense of smell the flavor is smooth and mild. Definitely a hit for me.

Flavors: Chocolate, Orange, Vanilla

200 °F / 93 °C 7 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 14 OZ / 414 ML

Ooh, you make me want to skip ahead and try this even though I have so many others in the queue! Was hoping it would be like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Maddy Barone

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, fjellrev. I resteeped last night, and the second cup was just as good as the first.


Oh wow, great tip! I normally don’t bother with a second steep so I’ll have to check that out.

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2900 tasting notes

Thank you for sending me this free sample, I had a few delicious lattes with it. I finished it this morning and enjoyed my morning brew very much. Some nice orange zest, sweet rooibos, and dark chocolate (cocoa bean)

Flavors: Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, Orange, Orange Zest, Rooibos

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85 tasting notes

Normally I enjoy rooibos teas, especially because usually you can’t really detect it much. But there is something very herbal tasting or maybe savory tasting about this blend that I’m going to attribute to the rooibos. I personally think it would be better with honeybush. The smell of the dry leaf is literally as if I’m smelling a box of chocolate orange truffles. So dang good. But there is something in the taste, I think the rooibos that is off-putting to me. I think the orange is there, and I think cocoa is there, and in that respect its good. I just think the rooibos itself is bothering me. Maybe ill play around with the steep times/leaf amount next time!

UPDATE- i used a little less leaf the next time, added milk and some agave and that weird taste I was experiencing definitely faded. I must have been having an off day lol. I give this a thumbs up, when brewed correctly and mixed with milk & sugar!

Flavors: Chocolate, Orange, Rooibos, Wood

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