Pumpkin Creme Brulee

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Black Tea
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Cinnamon, Clove, Pumpkin, Tea, Natural Pumpkin Spice Flavor, Astringent, Caramel, Malt, Nutmeg, Creamy, Cream, Spices
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From Butiki Teas

Cinnamon, spice, and everything nice! Our Pumpkin Creme Brulee has a premium Organic Ceylon base and combines a scrumptious pumpkin with fall spices and a touch of cream for a delicious guilt-free treat. We recommend adding brown crystal sugar to enhance the cream flavor.

Ingredients: Organic Ceylon Black Tea, Organic Cinnamon Pieces, Pumpkin Flakes (vegan), Organic Nutmeg, Organic Natural Flavors (vegan)

Recommended Brew Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds
Recommended Amount: 1 teaspoon of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 210 F

For more information, please visit: http://www.butikiteas.com

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189 Tasting Notes

1779 tasting notes

This is so good! I will need to buy tons of this in the fall. I think I only had a .5 oz bag, and that seems to make 4-5 cups with the way I make tea, so I’ll definitely need to buy more.

And re-steep!

The spices are pretty perfect though. NGL. It has notes that reminds me of the Caramel Assam, but with more earthy pumpkiny notes.



joint order in toronto! :)


Does joint mean 3? :)


As many as it needs to lol

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133 tasting notes

Made a pot of this this morning and finished what little leaf I had left.

This time I added a tiny amount of half and half with a bit of sugar. I think I enjoyed that preparation the best.

Looking forward to reusing the tin that was housing this for more Butiki treasures when my next order comes on Monday! Yay!

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

sad moment for the both of us! just finished mine also… :-(


looks like this tea is a common tea today haha

Butiki Teas

It must be getting more fall-like outside. :)


Fall is right around the corner. This tea would be great for fall

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6770 tasting notes


This is an amazing pumpkin and cream flavored treat! And VEGAN!

You know…sometimes Pumpkin flavored things can get a little out of hand. A little to over the top, sometimes too harsh…but THIS offering from Butiki is AMAZING! It has a nice amount of pumpkin but with the creaminess you crave! Paired with the Creme Brulee theme this is truly unique and I can’t help but go on and on about it! WOW!!!! VERY NICE! There is notes of spice (nutmeg) that works perfectly with the pumpkin and creamy-goodness! Everything jives well and is happy here with this Pumpkin Creme Burlee and an incredible VEGAN offering!

Butiki Teas

Yay! Glad to hear you like this one. :) It’s kind of an ugly looking tea but I’m really happy with how the flavor turned out. Also, I notice if I use brown crystal sugar I can taste the burned sugar flavor that you get with an authentic creme brulee (not that I’ve had an authentic creme brulee in a long while but kinda what I remember creme brulee tasted like).


I’ve been eying this company for a while and trying to make room in my tea budget, but your love of their teas inspired me to finally place an order today! That and I’m a sucker for all things pumpkin. Thank you, TeaEqualsBliss, for your awesome reviews, and thank you, Butiki Teas, for your willingness to work with your customers and awesome shipping policy!

goes to sit by the door and wait for her tasty teas.


Waaaahooooo! I’m so ordering this one! Just as soon as I get out of tea jail that is :/


is now picturing tea jail, where you are free, but all of your tea is locked up behind bars and unreachable

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2219 tasting notes


Today is the day to drink all the comforting teas. The fact that this one is a sipdown is just a bonus.

While the components of the tea are good, I’m not convinced about the blend. It might be that I’m not a fan of the base, or I prefer more flavour in a dessert tea, or something else. I’m glad I got to try this one, but for me it’s not a must have.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 45 sec

I swear there was more to this.


Oh, there it is!


lol. I love your after-commentary! :-)


I used an emoticon and almost everything disappeared! :)


Eaten by Steepster gremlins!

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3283 tasting notes

I got this sample in my Butiki order, thank you Stacy!!

Picture, if you will, a 4 year old with a little glass tea pitcher that looks just like a miniature of the pitcher on the old Koolaid commercials. The pitcher is filled with a golden liquid that smells like thanksgiving, or at least like her favorite thanksgiving food. She has a tiny 1 oz cup, white ceramic, images of bamboo & butterfly in blue with pink highlights. She also has a jar of thick coconut milk with a tsp in it. She dips a tsp of coconut milk, puts it in the little cup, adds an oz of tea (sweetened with stevia), swirls with the end of a chopstick, and slurp! Again & again, savoring every taste until it’s gone. That’s me, a little while ago; a little kid with her tea set.

I’ve never had creme brulee, but I love pumpkin pie!! This is such a tasty, OMG treat, that I had to stop everything & just be 4 again. This is nicely pumpkiny, the only thing missing is the whipped cream.
After I buy some I’ll brew it stronger, cuz it really lends itself to the coconut milk treatment, I’m picturing an awesome coconut milk & pumpkin Creme Brulee Latte…

Yogini Undefined

Cute imagery :)


Little Terri didn’t have a nap today did she! Ha Ha! I liked the picture of this…cute!


I’ve posted this as a follow-up to pumpkin notes before, but if you really want to be 4, put marshmallow cream on top of your pumpkin pie instead of Cool Whip. Pooh. Now I’m hungry!

Terri HarpLady

I wish, gmathis! I’m allergic to milk, so I don’t get to have REAL shipped cream anyway, & really have to be careful around sugar, so it’s a rare treat. I will say this though, anyone who comes to St. Louis that is a chocolate lover MUST visit Kakao (www.kakao.com). The owner, Brian, makes handmade chocolates, with amazing combos, & although it’s a rare indulgence for me, it is heavenly. He also makes his own marshmallow cream, which he uses to make his version of moon pies: picture a couple of layers of thin cookie, a layer of caramel, a couple layers of marshmallow, and it’s all dipped in chocolate. I took a bite of one once, & thought I’d died & gone to heaven! One bite was all I could handle, but it was enough! I handed the rest off to my sons, who greedily accepted.


Terri, the link takes you to a cell thingy…

Terri HarpLady

huh? oh, you’re right! Here’s the proper one! http://www.kakaochocolate.com/
Enjoy, & try not to drool too much!! If you order anything, tell him Terri the Harp Player sent you!

Terri HarpLady

At the end of the last school year, the parents of my granddaughter’s class took the teacher to Kakao for a special evening ‘tasting’ event. Brian came to the table first, asking who had allergies. My daughter shares my milk allergy. Then he proceeded to bring out samples, & for everything that had dairy, she got the non-dairy equivalent. For the first sample, he brought out a tray of spoons, each filled with warm thick chocolate with the texture of butter. He brought them a variety of squares filled with various fillings, spoons of yummy things like caramel, little cups of hot chocolate to drink, & her favorite moment was when they each got a spoonful of marshmallow cream. Her words, “I could spend the rest of my life eating that stuff”.



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303 tasting notes

Oh, oh, oh. Where was it. I had this luscious dessert back in October when I was in Chicago – a pumpkin bread pudding. It killed. Right! Yes! Sable! It was their warm pumpkin-pecan bread pudding, with bourbon whipped cream and toasted buttered pecans.

Droolface. Seriously.

The dry tea doesn’t smell that much – mostly there’s a hint of warm vanilla – but steeped? So pumpkin bread puddingy! I know it’s supposed to be crème brûlée, but now I’m dead stuck in my dessert memory and there will be no escape.

This was a sample I asked for mostly because it had such a high rating. Pumpkin was very much an acquired taste for me, but now I love it. It’s something I rarely consume, though, and mostly when I’m overseas… and never in liquid form.

This is fairly rich in cinnamon, which is a tea flavouring I generally avoid, and added to my personal is-pumpkin-really-fit-to-drink issues, this really shouldn’t appeal to me as much as it does. It’s very well-balanced, round and smooth, and I doubt I could find a better, more natural-tasting pumpkin tea.

This is a really lovely and well-executed tea. All in all, I could definitely see myself drinking this seasonally, a few times a year, but a pumpkin tea is not something I’d keep as a staple.

[From my Butiki order to Santa Clara, October 2013.]
[Sample polished off in Rome, January 2014.]

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

Ohh, that pudding sounds delicious!


It was so, so well done. I have a thing for bread pudding. <3


hehe..and I don’t even like bread pudding but this one sounded so good that I wanted some! :-)


Gasp! Heresy.


lol I am always worried that it will just be soggy bread.


Aww. And eww. No, there should be a no-sog rule. I like to make challah bread, and soak it in runny custard (cream, egg, really good vanilla) and then layer it with rum-soaked sultanas. I think that was one of my entries for the custom blend contest, actually!


That sounds like it would make a tasty blend!
And yeah, if there is a no-sog rule, then bread pudding is ok – especially one with pumpkin and pecans! :-)

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635 tasting notes

Tried it again with 3 teaspoons this time (three times the recommended amount). Now this is yummy! Still no burnt sugar or vanilla custard. That’s sad because I love crème brulée. But it’s still a delicious pumpkin tea that pairs perfectly with my cinnamon sugar toast this morning. Mmm, yum! I sucked this cup down! Second steep for 3.5 minutes was still super yummy! What a treat!

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

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286 tasting notes

I REALLY wanted more Brazillionaire today, but I restrained myself.

It is cold out there today, and I had to do some running around… and after standing outside and filling my car up with gas, I just wanted to come home and have a warm, comforting cup of tea. I debated trying Della Terra’s Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie, since I have a small sample of that, but this one is just too good to pass up.

It’s so cozy, it makes me feel like I’m curled up in front of the fireplace and I don’t even remember what it feels like to be cold.

2 min, 30 sec

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3699 tasting notes

Maybe I am crazy but this is tasting an awful lot like Pumpkin Milkshake 2.0 to me. This is a bit more subtle on the pumpkin flavor. Although that might be because the vegetal taste of Milkshake really bumped up the flavor for me and this base is less prominent. Also, between this and Traditional Plum Pudding, I am worried I am doing something wrong because the spices are virtually non-detectable to me where as everyone else really seems to taste them. Oh well, it is not a bad cup, just not one I would go out of my way to have.

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

This sounds like it would actually be better and more true to it’s name than Teavana’s version.


OMG! I hated Teavana’s version. That tea made me gag. With that said, I obviously prefer this one. haha.

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818 tasting notes

This has been a challenging day. All I want to do is go back to bed, but I have to work. At least there’s tea!

I haven’t had this one in a long while, so decided to give it another shot instead of the DavidsTea pumpkin chai that I was going to have. I added brown sugar this time, and it was so much more custard-like. Very smooth and creamy. I remember complaining before that there was more cinnamon than pumpkin, but compared to DavidsTea’s pumpkin chai, it’s not overpowering. A nice smooth start to the day, although I probably needed more of a kick in the butt!

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