Good Morning Sunshine

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Cream, Lemon, Lemon Zest, Earth, Honey, Plants, Rainforest, Wet Earth, Creamy
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From Butiki Teas

Feel like a zombie in the morning? Then we highly recommend our refreshing Good Morning Sunshine guayusa. The lemon aroma and high caffeine content awaken the spirit. This guayusa has a zesty lemon flavor that is sweet, tart, and creamy.

Ingredients: Organic Guayusa, Meyer Lemon Peel, Lemon Grass, Organic Calendula, Natural Flavoring (vegan)

Recommended Brew Time: 6 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 1/2 teaspoons of guayusa for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 195 F

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178 Tasting Notes

1782 tasting notes

First full week back at work, first tea of the day. And boy, did I need it this morning. I was sooo sleepy I nearly missed my bus stop, and I’m sure I wasn’t all that productive until at least lunch time. Having a long Christmas break makes work feel very strange. Anyway, a cup of this helped to sort me out. While brewing, I was struck by the smell. It’s gorgeous. Creamy, zesty, fresh, zingy lemon awesomeness. I gave it about 3.5 minutes in boiling water, and then removed my infuser. The liquor is a lovely green tinged golden brown, and I can smell…lemon!

To taste, this is just as fabulous as I hoped it would be. It’s lemon all the way, flavour-wise, but I really do like the creaminess I can taste here. It was slightly unexpected, in a way…for some reason I just didn’t think of guayusa and creamy as two things which could go together. I’m pleased that they do, though. Underneath the creaminess is a bold, tart, zesty lemon flavour. This comes out more in the aftertaste, when the creaminess has worn off, but it’s just as welcome. The guayusa is pretty much completely undetectable under all the lemon.

I’m so glad I picked up a bag of this — it’s a really great wake-up tea, and one I’m going to be revisiting a lot this week, I know. It makes getting up worthwhile.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

I brought some of this one to work with me for the afternoon slump! My fave guayusa so far! :D

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6770 tasting notes

This is really fantastic!

Thanks Liberteas

I’ve been wanting to try this one and I must say I LOVE it! One of the best Flavored Guayusa’s I’ve tried!

The lemon is AMAZING…it has multiple lemon flavors! One being a juicy lemon, another being a semi-tart/puckery lemon, with that Lemon grass type flavor to it, too! AND…a wonderful creamy flavor and texture to go along with it. The perfect flavor ratios and combos for my palate! I REALLY LOVE THIS!

Rebecca Lynn

I’ve been wanting to try this one! Butiki is like the only place I’ve heard of that has flavored guayusas.


Stash came out with a few that are bagged and ok. I’ve had a few others but this one is very memorable!



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171 tasting notes

This is my memorial note to my bag of GMS. You were very young, missing a mere two cups worth. But, I had left you in my work bag and someone spilled water in there and didn’t tell me. So, bit of a surprise this morning when I go to assess my tea stash and find your soggy, crumpled body mangled in my bag.
I’ll miss you, you were the only guayusa I enjoyed, and I enjoyed oyu a LOT! Now you’re gone. :(

Butiki Teas

Oh no, how sad :(


It was very sad. :(


Oh no!! :(


:( that stinks!

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423 tasting notes

I already had my little wake up call (literally) this morning. Long story short I have Lyme Disease…not to worry first dose of meds is already on board. Anyway it was early when I got the call this morning and I wasn’t fully awake. So I dug this out of the box from the order that arrived yesterday. The lemon smell started to give me a little bit of a wake-up. But let me tell you the tea was something else. Zesty, creamy, def an easy push into my day and has kept me going without all the nasty coffee jitters! :)

190 °F / 87 °C 5 min, 45 sec

Oh dear! I’m so sorry! Just what you need…tra la la la la you have lyme disease…and a Happy Holidays to you…blech!
But you are in your right mind and HERE! With a good attitude to begin this whole thing with. Don’t forget to come to this place to complain any time you want to! I for one am all ears! I have a disease that has no cure, so I get what that’s like!

Butiki Teas

Sorry to hear about the Lyme Disease but glad that you found out about it early.


@Bonnie I’m just happy I’m not nuts as it explains why I’ve been feeling poorly for a few months now. I’m not sure what’s next besides a call to my regular doc Monday. I was in the ER last Monday for massive headache/numbness on left side of face/left arm. I guess the ER doc was pretty smart to run a test for Lyme Disease! I forgot about that test until the ER called this morning. I’m sorry to hear you’ve got something that has no cure. :(

@Butiki well the nurse thinks I may have had it for a bit of time considering the symptoms. But we’ll see when they retest after the course of antibiotics. Thankfully I have a lot of your yummy tea to get me through!!


I echo Stacy’s sentiments. Hopefully you’ll start feeling better once you get through the anitbiotics.


It feels odd to “like” this post, but I’m glad that you have a diagnosis and a doctor who’s starting you on the right medication. Praying that the antibiotics do their job and you are on the mend soon.


Thanks guys! :)

Butiki Teas

I hope the antibiotics work for you. Sending positive vibes your way.


Thanks much! I’m keeping positive too. But the hubbins keeps telling me to know my limits. Apparently he’s been googling when I wasn’t looking. My only plans for the rest of the day are: NaNoWriMo, more TEA, some TV, and chinese food that the hubbins suggested I order before he goes out with the boys. I lucked out there!


Ah yes rest. With your symptoms you must have been scared that it was your heart! What a relief that this is something that you will be able to treat! Don’t worry about me, fibromyalgia is what I have to live with. No cure. Not the worse thing though.
Your hub is right, this is something that I believe requires some rest. (and tea!)


ohmygoodness, that’s not a fun disease to have, not fun at all. SO glad you found out what it is and that it’s treatable


@Bonnie – Yes, we both thought I was having a stroke or heart attack. At the time they just sent me home with a new migraine diagnosis (as the head pain was in a new spot, back of the head into the neck with no light trouble/sound). I recall they told me they were doing a test for LD, but I forgot until they called today.

It does explain why I’ve been tired for weeks, why I got the flu so bad, and some other things. No fun. My mom has fibromyalgia, so I know what you are going through. {{hugs}} Now on to the tea and rest.


@Indigobloom – yes hoping the antibiotics do their thing.


I hope the antibiotics are doing their stuff :D and that you feel better. I don’t remember much about Lyme Disease or Fibromyalgia… but I’ll send good thoughts out to both of you :D


oh and complain away sometimes just venting/ranting can help tons :D


I only have one dose in at the moment. One more at bed time tonight. Pharmacy dude said I would notice changes in maybe a week or two.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Wow, I am so sorry. Is that why you haven’t been well recently? Hope you do feel better soon.


This might be why I haven’t really felt well for a few months. But yes ER doc thinks I still had the flu, but the LD made it worse than normal.


Oh my! I do hope you will get better FAST!

Michelle Butler Hallett

Best wishes for a fast recovery.

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676 tasting notes

Thank you Stacy for this Sample with my order!

I’m cracking up! I drank coffee this morning when I got up with some LS in the brew basket…yes, yes, yes…even there folks…I put Lapsang Souchong in my coffee! Har Har!

Soooo, here I go thinking later that a sunshine cuppa would be the best beginning to my tea day…forgetting that it is a Guayusa…uh…more than your average kick of caffeine!
My house is going to be super clean today, I’m going to be especially well groomed, my shopping will be done in a snap efficiently…before the CRASH! (which will come…we know the feeling). When the crash comes later what will I do? More tea of course!

With the joke on me, I have to give it to Butiki again…this tea is fragrant, not bitter with improperly processed lemon peel and very creamy. All the best flavor of Lemoncello without acidity. Smooth and lingering softness, sparkling and a tea that I want to have on hand. A very beautiful dark golden tea.

I sweetened mine a bit…but what can I say beyond delicious? It is like sunshine!
(Oh….hyper thought! I have fresh mint growing outdoors…a bit added to the second cup…just a tiny bit would be good with this….or iced… I like lemon and basil when It’s a hot day also!) Lazybones Harry Connick Jr.

Hey Bonnie!

Great review! Also, how did you get bold text in your tasting note? I’ve tried HTML tags but Steepster seems to ignore them for me.



Star at the beginning and end, that’s all. Don’t leave a space between.


Very cool! Thanks!


I’ve got to go meet up with my granddaughter Schey…I colored my hair last night and…I could stop traffic! Garrrrr! Never had a trip like this one! Must fix pronto! Thanks Stoo!


There’s a post in the discussion forum that describes all the various formatting options. I constantly refer back to it as needed. Just run a search for “format” and it comes right up!




I believe they are also listed in the new FAQ post.

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1328 tasting notes

Good morning Steepsterites.

This one came from Hesper June as one of the selection of Butiki things that she sent me. I didn’t request any particular ones at the time, I just asked for a sample of whatever she was willing to share.. Had I made actual requests, I don’t think I would have looked twice on this one as I’m highly sceptical of the guayusa base. I’ve tried that stuff twice before and I found it sort of meh to unpleasant plain and revolting when flavoured Earl Grey style. So right now I suppose I’m hoping that it’s like rooibos, which I also don’t like plain but do like flavoured with SOME types of flavours. People are so enthusiastic about this one that I’m honestly a little nervous now. I really don’t want to be the first one to say I don’t like it! O.o

The aroma seems safe enough. It’s very lemony and there’s something ever so slightly creamy about it too. Kind of vanilla-ish, although no vanilla has been added as far as I can tell. There’s something very… herbal about the aroma as well. Nothing that I can really put my finger on as anything special or details about what must surely be the base. It’s just very Not Tea.

I taste primarily lemon, and again that vanilla-ish aftertaste in combination with something that’s really only definable as Not Tea. The aftertaste first turns slightly minty and then decidedly leafy and a bit sour. This, I imagine has to be the base at work, and in the case of the souress, perhaps also some of the lemon.

I suspect this is something I’ll have to pay attention to and get drunk while it’s still warm. With most regular teas, I don’t mind continuing after they get lukewarm or even cold, but this doesn’t really taste like something that I would enjoy much cold. As it is now, however, cooled just enough that it’s drinkable with scalding myself, I’m surprised and pleased to say that I will not be the first person to say they didn’t like it. I will, however, also not be handing out hundreds of points. It’s pleasant, this, yes, but it’s not something that I would seek out later. I’m still not really convinced by the base and will always prefer real tea.

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169 tasting notes

“Do you feel like a Zombie this morning?”
That is question that is posed in the description of this tea on the Butiki website.
Why, yes, I do.
Last night was so hot and stuffy that I barely slept, so I am groggy and grumpy this morning.
It did not help that my dog ran away this morning too (she is back safe and sound after I went running through fields after her)
This tea certainly evokes sunshine upon opening its bag, bright and citrus.
The scent encourages us Zombies along in the making process…turn on kettle…grumble grumble…measure tea…grumble grumble…pour water…grumble…WAIT 6 Minutes!! GRUMBLE!
Tea is a golden brown in color.
I have never drank a brown tea before.
I must mention that I have not drank a Guayusa Tea before either.
Once brewed the tea takes on more of a herbal scent.
It reminds me of a herbal tea my Mother would have made me drink for some ailment as a wee lass.
As for the sip, I was quite surprised at a dry like pucker that appeared.
The tea reminds me of a dry wine, it appears on the tongue and then evaporates.
I am finding this tea so interesting!
It is complex, light and bright, herbal yet slightly bitter, perky yet centering.
It seems to be shooing away my zombie grumbles though, so I think I will just sit back and contemplate this tea and maybe life itself.

195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 0 sec

Yes…the answer is YES. I felt like a Zombie this morning

Hesper June

Must be catching ;)


I still feel like a Zombie.

Hesper June

Well, if I could email you some of this tea to you so you could get it instantly I would!


I love the perk guayusa gives you.

Hesper June

Well, no perk yet. But looking forward to it kicking in:)


I need this. :O)


so glad you got your pup back!

Hesper June

Me too. She usually is a “stick to your side” type of gal, but once and awhile she gets the urge to bolt.
She probably was just trying to cool off too…a little wind flapping her ears:)


My pup always comes when you call, but he loses it when spots a squirrel. He runs off and doesn’t realize you’re calling him until the squirrel is out of sight. then he comes trotting back looking contrite. Doggies are silly little things. Glad you got your pup back. :)


At least the pup came back safe, lots aren’t that lucky…

Hesper June

Oh, my “furry ones” are very special to me.
I would not have rested until she was safe and sound:)


This does taste good. I’d join you but my queezies are still with me. I have to be better by tomorrow for the tea festival in Boulder…meeting Chadao and Rachel there and taking 2 classes. Barf! Wish we could all attend a tea meetup.

Hesper June

Hope you will be feeling shipshape for tomorrow!
I like the idea of a tea tasting meetup someday:)

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807 tasting notes

Oh I am a happy camper!
So Stacy of Butiki did me a solid and took out the lemongrass from my blend and added a little extra Meyer Lemon rind because I don’t like lemongrass AT ALL.
My tea is amazing and I am sure the original is just as good if not better for those who like lemongrass as it was her master blend having it in there.
This tea is a good morning wake up – both cleansing and flavorful!
There is a slight creaminess to it – fresh zesty lemon flavor – and its somehow just slightly sweet. I did not add anything to my cup.
Citrus – especially lemon is a known mood enhancer – studies have shown that when used in offices the employees are more productive. Lemon is uplifting and energizing so I thought with the guayusa it should be the perfect morning cup and let me tell you – it is perfection!
LOVE this!
Thank you Stacy for spoiling me and making this without the lemongrass. YUMMMMMMM

195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 0 sec
Butiki Teas

That’s interesting to know that lemon is a mood enhancer and makes you more productive. I have drinking this guayusa every morning for days now. The combination of the caffeine, lemon, and the sweetness mixed with slight tartness has been helping me survive mornings.


Indeed – citrus especially lemon as well as the colors yellow and orange! :) If you are ever feeling like you just can’t wake up give your tea a big ol sniff and make a cup and wear or look at something yellow :) I dare you to try not to smile :)

Butiki Teas

I almost always feel like I can’t wake up. I’m such a night person. I will definitely try that with yellow and I have noticed the lemon guayusa helping a lot in the morning. I love the smell of lemon. Maybe I should pick up a lemon soy candle too.


Hmm, I should give that a shot too…


Wow, Butiki Teas sounds awesome!!! I can’t believe they brewed a special version just for you! Sweet! :D


Stacy @ Butiki is awesome. :) She is blending me a Peach Hop tea soon too! :)

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1220 tasting notes

For some reason I just do not want to be awake today so guayusa it is! I asked for this as a sample in my last order since everyone who has tried it seems to enjoy it, specifically Helena.

While it was steeping, it smelled like lemon candy. I almost wanted to just drink it then.

I am definitely going to need more than a sample of this one! It’s so lemony and creamy, and it tastes so fresh. I definitely feel better already.

I forget what I tried with guayusa that just tasted so herbal I couldn’t take it. The flavored guayusas from Butiki are the exact opposite. Everything plays on the guayusa while tasting amazing.

This one is perfect for days where the sun is hiding too, I needed that boost today since it’s very overcast!


told you it rocked! the only reason I haven’t drank all my stash yet is that I’m having a hardcore marshmallow addiction and the two do not mix. But I’m having a cup tomorrow morning :D (possibly two)

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2815 tasting notes

Thanks so much to Stacy at Butiki teas for sending me this sample…

I think I let this steep for too long by accident and my tea is MUCH darker than the one in the picture. This is interesting, it tastes kinda spicy, peppery almost! I do like lemon a lot and that element is very nice here. I’m going to hold off on rating it until I’m able to steep it properly, I did mess up this cup unfortunately!

Butiki Teas

Amy oh-In a mug this guayusa is much darker. That cup in the picture is only 5oz I think and it is really wide so the coloring tends to look much lighter than if served in a mug.


Is it supposed to taste peppery?

Butiki Teas

Hmmm, not peppery, no. It has a lemony-creamy flavor. The creaminess would be more apparent with sugar. The meyer lemon rind might be slightly biting, which I call zesty and tart. Maybe that’s the peppery?

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