Flowery Pineapple Oolong

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Citrus, Flowers, Orange, Sour, Orchid, Pineapple, Cream, Orchids, Sugar, Candy
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From Butiki Teas

This light delicate tea pairs our premium Wen Shan Bao Zhong with a light pineapple flavor. The buttery and orchid notes of the oolong as well as its light body marry well with the pineapple flavor for a well-balanced soft tea. Without sugar this oolong has a wonderful light natural flavor but add a little brown crystal sugar for a stronger yet still natural pineapple flavor.

Ingredients: Wen Shan Bao Zhong Oolong Tea, Organic Freeze-Dried Pineapple, Organic Calendula, Organic Pineapple Natural Flavoring (vegan)

Recommended Brew Time: 4 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 level teaspoon of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 180 F

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129 Tasting Notes

62 tasting notes

Thank you so much for this generous sample,Butiki Teas. Once again, I have to comment on the pristine condition of the leaves. I am just so impressed at the care with which this sample was obviously handled. They infuse beautifully as well, yeilding a bright yellow liquor.

I just did a note on a Bao Zhong and wasn’t too impressed so the fact that greener teas are not among my favorites could dictate some of what I write. For me the Bao Zhong leans hard toward the green side of oolongs. That said I am still impressed with the overall taste I’m currently experiencing. There are delicate intertwining notes of citrus,vanilla,floral notes, and green sweetness. The pineapple is genuine tasting-I’ve heard complaints about other teas attempting to create this flavor unsuccessfully. There’s a buttery creaminess that seems to come from the vanilla that is so prominant in the aftertaste as well. The green portion of this tea gives me that tidbit of dryness, though it’s still juicy and mouth watering. My wife insists that she detects no dryness or astringency whatsoever and she only finds the buttery creaminess throughout.

I ended up steeping this tea three times. The flavors all settled down into a mellow tasty cup. Somewhere in there I was able to appreciate the Bao Zhong part alot more with the subtle blending of added flavors. Thanks again Stacy, a wonderful drink indeed. I look forward to the other samples you’ve sent me yet to be tried. I’m sure to love them.

tunes-Adele=Crazy For You/Fool That I Am/Make You Feel My Love/Lovesong
I enjoy her classic jazz songs best and she chooses some greats to do covers tunes of.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 45 sec

What an amazing description you gave! I can almost taste it ~ slurp

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470 tasting notes

Thanks to Stacy for sending me a sample of this tea! I’ve been looking forward to trying it, but I am not often in a pineapple mood so it had to be the right day, and today was that day. I’ve pretty much been eating fruit salad all day long, I have about 7 different types in the fridge and really want to get through them all before they go bad. With fruit all day long I wanted a matching tea, and this was the perfect one.

This smells divine, like a ripe pineapple. The flavor is SO juicy and sweet, and without that mouth-puckering tartness that pineapple has. Definitely a bonus: it’s a good flavor in fresh fruit, but I don’t want my tea to have me making funny faces. The oolong is delightful, floral and pleasantly creamy. This is like a beach vacation in a cup!


Yippie! I’ve been waiting for someone to review this! I suggested this blend to Stacy and she did such a grest job with the flavor!


Thanks for suggesting it! Such a great combo. Stacy is a mixing genius!


I’m not the first to suggest a tea to her. Anyone can really. I had noticed people complaining about pineapple tea’s not tasting very good so I brought it to her attention. No big deal.She is a genius!


This sounds SO good!


This sounds really delicious!


It’s so nice, especially for summer. I don’t think you can go wrong with a Butiki blend but this is one of my favorites!

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871 tasting notes

The name of this tea is quite accurate. This dry tea smells like delicious candied pineapple with perfumey floral notes. The tea tastes like smooth, light, green, flowery oolong. There is the same candied pineapple taste but it is light and subtle. Tastes very natural and not fake or artificial. I think the flavours would have been stronger if I had steeped longer, but I chose to keep it as a short steep and I quite like it this way. I will definitely have to add some brown rock sugar as suggested for next time.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec
Butiki Teas

Funny you mentioned the name. I was just thinking about changing the name to Hawaiian Pineapple Oolong.


I think that Hawaiin Pineapple works well too. There is nothing better than a fresh picked ripe pineapple from Hawaii. Totally different than anything you get here (in Canada) anyway.

Butiki Teas

Well, it was either that or something Psych (the tv show) related. Mmmm, pineapples and macadamia nuts from Hawaii are awesome. :)


What I love about the current name is that it’s completely accurate. You taste the florals and then the pineapple. Whatever you name it though, I’m going to keep it in my cupboard! :-)

Butiki Teas

You guys are making me rethink the name change. I was just worried that the current name wasn’t appealing enough.


I found the name intriguing.

Butiki Teas

Interesting! :)


I really like the name! But that name would be good too. Aw man, pineapple in Hawaii is A-MAZ-ING. And the macadamia nuts too. We went to a macadamia nut farm and I bought a huge bag of them…. yummy.


I love the actual name but it may be only because we don’t have here any hawaiian pineapple here in France so I have no idea how fantastic they can be

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1220 tasting notes

I love this oolong! It’s so good, I can’t even imagine it with some sweetener to bring out the pineapple even more. As is, it’s creamy and tropical. I really wouldn’t have thought floral notes in an oolong would blend so well with pineapple.

I iced the second steep and it was similar, just with a slightly lighter pineapple flavor. Good stuff!


Hee Hee you know it tastes really great! Amanda, your idea was the Tamarind tea and this tea was my idea. Stacy however is the Queen of the blenders right? Right!

Butiki Teas

Bonnie-pssst, that was Alphakitty that came up with the Tamarind Pop. :)


OOPS! SORRY ALPHAKITTY! My old age slip is showing! Thanks Stacy!


I ordered 2 bags of this when it was on sale, it should be here anyday!! I can’t wait!

Butiki Teas

Bonnie-Well, they both start with ‘A’. :)

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408 tasting notes

I need to thanks very much Nicole for this sample, she added it as a surprise in my parcel :)

I love this surprise ! It’s a Butiki tea, and I’m rarely not in love with a BT tea and however it is a Pineapple tea ! I love Pineapple !J’adore l’ananas ! Ananas sounds much tropical than Pineapple.

The dry leaves are long and so beautiful,and I love to get chunks of fuits in my fruity teas so I’m lucky I have at least 3 chunks of a beautiful pale yellow Pineapple. the scent is definitively Pineapple. I really enjoy the oolong tea base you used Stacy.
The taste is so fresh and soft, I adore it. I am not disappointed at all by the Pineapple taste of this tea, it was often the case in the past with other teas, unable to respect the natural taste of this fruit.

Stacy are you thinking about working on a Raspberry tea ? I am the raspberry biggest fan…and never found a tea I consider as really respectful with this berry.

Nicole thanks so much for this one !

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Butiki Teas

Glad you are enjoying this one! The Wen Shan Bao Zhong base is one of my top 2 favorite oolongs. Unfortunately, I am not planning on working on a straight raspberry. We will be working on a raspberry beer tea which is pretty close but will have a bit of bitterness that the hops provides. I would be happy to work on a custom raspberry blend to develop the perfect raspberry blend for you.


I loved very much the custom blend you did for Azzrian around beer too, Peach Hoppitea. I’m looking forward to taste your raspberry beer tea :)
Thanks for the custom blend offer – I keep this in mind as we say in French…ce n’est pas tombé dans l’oreille d’un sourd ! Do you use this expression as well ? something like your proposition didn’t fall on deaf ears ? :)


you’re correct. in english we say “falling on deaf ears” or in this case “your offer hasn’t fallen on deaf ears” :)

Butiki Teas

Glad you enjoyed that one. I had a great time working with Azzrian on her beer tea. Yes, we have a similar saying and my mother says that quite a bit. :)


I love this oolong base as well. So light and refreshing. This was the first oolong I had that made me reconsider oolongs as a whole. I’m so glad you liked it!


Stacy has also made a Raspberry Truffle Black Tea that is phenomenal! I highly recommend it!

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169 tasting notes

Shut the Front Door!
Jumping Jehosaphat!
My Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire…this tea is tasty!!!
I fell in love when I opened the little bag.
I was impatiently dancing back and forth from one foot to the other waiting for the water to get to the right temp.
It is like Hawaii in a cup.
You smell floral and juicy pineapple, but neither is overpowering.
Then a creamly oolong in the background.
Taste: Mmmmm…pineapple! then I get hints of jasmine, but I do not see that listed in the ingredients, then the creamy Oolong gently emerges.
All around utterly delightful!
Well Done, Butiki, Well Done!

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

It’s good!

Butiki Teas

Thanks Hesper! No jasmine, however, I sometimes taste notes of jasmine in the Wen Shan Bao Zhong, so I definitely get where you are coming from with the jasmine notes. Oooh, I like “Hawaii in a cup”.


Sounds delightful!


Review made me giggle!

Hesper June

Bonnie: Didn’t you help inspire this blend? I thought I read something like that in the past.
Stacy: It really did remind of my time spent in Hawaii! And I love going back there any way I can.
Ashmanra: It is! I highly recommend it.
Gmathis: I get excited about teas I love:)

Butiki Teas

Yes, Bonnie coerced me to do a pineapple oolong. :) I would love to go back to Hawaii. I was only there for 3 days on business but it was awesome.

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1711 tasting notes

Thank you so much for the sample, Stacy! Pineapple is one of my favourite fruits, and it seems to be a tricky fruit to incorporate into a tea.

The first thing I smell when I open up my little pouch is buttery, buttery oolong. Maybe my nose is/was broken, but I could barely smell the pineapple in the dry leaf.

While I was letting this steep, the buttery aroma filled up that corner of the kitchen and it was utterly taunting me.

Then once I poured the coveted tea into my teacup, the scent of canned pineapple juice shows up to the party. The buttery oolong base is still there but the tangy pineapple juice sprang up to the top.

First sip, it’s like I added a few teaspoons of canned pineapple juice to my oolong. I can detect the buttery, very lightly floral oolong underneath, but with each sip, I am reminded of crushed pineapple from a can.

The floralness comes out a bit as this cools, but the predominate flavour here is the pineapple. Honestly, I was hoping for more of a fresh than canned pineapple here, but perhaps it’s just me. But it’s still a great tea. I’m especially fond of the base. I think I’d rather just drink the unflavoured version of this oolong!

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807 tasting notes

This is something I must have more of!
Now I am not sure why – maybe my palate is just different from others but I get a definitive spicy element in this tea! Chaiapple tea perhaps? I know that the description says nothing about spicy but I was absolutely getting a chaiesque flavor in this tea! The delicate floral oolong base was outstanding and came through loud and clear. The pineapple – superb! Not one artificial flavoring element within this tea whatsoever – perfection!
I ate all the pineapple out of the leaves after the second steep and I do not recall ever having such tasty juicy sweet delicious pineapple before!
I will absolutely get me more of this wonderful stuff!
I still am confused over the spicy element in this tea but I loved it – was a nice surprise!

Butiki Teas

That spicy element is so weird. I will have to brew a cup and see if I can get that. Spicy like cinnamon or something else?

I taste tested 5-7 different freeze-dried pineapple brands to make sure I found the best tasting one. This was by far the sweetest and most delicious (and most of expensive, of course).


LOL of course!
Let me know if you get that spicy element! Probably PM me since I can’t seem to keep up with comments on here well. I am curious if it was just me or if I accidentally contaminated it with something else I brewed previously although I can’t recall brewing anything spicy before hand. I don’t even have many chai teas right now unfortunately.

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4847 tasting notes

The dry leaf of this tea smells incredible. The way that the pineapple melds with the floral notes of the Wen Shan Bao Zhong is just stunning. I want to bathe in this tea.

The flavor is equally as amazing – the floral notes weave in and out throughout the sip while the pineapple tones provide a delicious, sweet, juicy taste, and it is soft and supple and almost creamy. That almost creamy side seems to really emerge as the tea cools… because now that my cup is almost gone and the tea has cooled a bit, I am noticing just how creamy/buttery it is.

So delicious… Stacy, this is phenomenal!

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2219 tasting notes

I want this tea as a perfume too please. Ohhh, it smells so good! Juicy and delicious.

A giant mug for this morning, and the leaves are going into a travel mug, so I can top it up with cool water all day. Grandpa-style cold brew! Woo!

Tea is amazing. Delicate, juicy, floral. Yum. I’m so glad I got more of this.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

I never got much flavour from this one, though what I did get was good. I should have picked up more anyways. :P


Oh, this tea as a perfume would be divine!! :D


Grandpa-style cold brew! Hahaha I like that.


This sounds so delicious. How much tea do you use when you brew Grandpa-style?


This time I just tossed in all the leaves I used hot. No sense in wasting them.

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