The Killer’s Vanilla

Tea type
Guayusa Tea
Lavender, Natural Flavors (Vegan), Organic Guayusa, Organic Lotus Stamens, Organic Spearmint, Organic Vanilla Beans
Earth, Herbaceous, Mint, Vanilla, Cream, Spearmint, Citrus, Lavender, Rainforest, Wet Earth, Floral, Flowers
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Loose Leaf
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205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 45 sec 5 g 11 oz / 313 ml

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From Butiki Teas

Don’t let the name fool you, this guayusa is subtle and calming but it is deceptive in its high caffeine content which creates a relaxed yet alert feeling. Lavender, mint, and vanilla are well balanced and come together for a light and earthy treat. Add a little sugar and the flavors come to life. The creamy vanilla, gentle mint, and relaxing lavender mingle and fight for attention but ultimately the vanilla is the strongest. This guayusa was inspired by a song that we adore, The Killer’s Vanilla by Amon Tobin, one of our favorite artists to listen to while blending tea. For more information on the naming of this guayusa check out our blog:

Ingredients: Organic Guayusa, Organic Spearmint, Lavender Flower, Organic Lotus Stamens, Organic Pure Ground Vanilla Beans (No Fillers), Natural Flavoring

Recommended Brew Time: 6 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 1/2 teaspoons of guayusa for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 212 F (Boiling)

For more information about this guayusa, please visit:

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117 Tasting Notes

286 tasting notes

Stacy was so kind to put this on sale last month, so I ordered a couple ounces. It is one of my most favorite teas. So smooth and delicious and flavorful, I love how the vanilla complements the natural guayusa flavor. And the lavender is so soothing and lovely that I really can’t hate it the way I usually do.

Thank you, Stacy! This tea is just perfect.

4 min, 0 sec

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1720 tasting notes

Library tea! I’ve always preferred spearmint over peppermint. When I was a kid and we’d go out for dinner, I’d always hope for a spearmint after-dinner mint since restaurants rarely had them. So I’m impressed that Stacy chose spearmint for this since you don’t see that too often in tea either. Way to be, Stacy!

I haven’t had too many guayusas, to be honest. Maybe one or two before this one, but this is definitely my favourite one so far. It’s so smooth! And refreshing, and has that hint of creaminess from the vanilla. Spearmint really sharpens the senses so this is seriously the perfect thing to keep you awake when you’re at the library being an otherwise useless twit.

I don’t really taste the lavender here but either way, I’m happy.


I am the same with the spearmint. It was always an awesome surprise to get those spearmint candies. They would always trick you and you think you have a spearmint candy only to be disappointed with the peppermint.


Same here.

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4847 tasting notes

Thank you to Azzrian for sending me some of this tisane. I’ve already had two black teas this morning, so I don’t really need the buzz that Guayusa delivers, but, I randomly selected a tea from Azzrian’s box, and this is what I grabbed, so I’m going with it.

This smells really kind of odd, but, in a very alluring kind of way. It is such a weird smell, but, somehow it is enticing me to sip it. It doesn’t exactly smell like vanilla or lavender or mint … but there are elements of each of these ingredients in the aroma, as well as an earthy/vegetative overtone … like the smell you might experience if you were gardening in the spring, and then somehow a light breeze came over the garden that held notes of vanilla in the air.

But it tastes really good. I am in agreement with TeaEqualsBliss about this one, the flavors sort of jump around. In one sip, I’ll notice the vanilla as the strongest note, and then in the next, the earthy notes of the guayusa and the mint really emerge, and then the next, I notice lavender. It’s like the flavors in here juggle around, and you never know which flavor you’re going to notice next.

I like this a lot. No surprise there, really, since it’s from Butiki Teas!


words choice are wonderfully descriptive; like on a foggy day seeing all things as clear as day. “weird smell but enticing”; “smells kind of odd but in a very alluring kind of way.”

You are brave as I cannot make out Guayusa flavoring at all. Thank you.


smells like some sort of dessert (I think) and very tasty :D

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1355 tasting notes

I found the look of this tea curious whilst it’s raw, it’s big on minty fragrance while consisting of teeny tiny pieces that resembles mixed herbs. Small pieces are always fun to watch dance and swim around in the boiling water. :)

Once boiled this tea is dark honey in colour and smells like spearmint with after tones of creamy vanilla (almost like mint ice cream).
To follow the instructions given to brew this tea I have added a little sugar for my first taste test so I can drink this as it’s deigned to be drank.

I love mint tea when I’m in the mood for them (which is usually quite late at night) and I expected this to be overpoweringly minty judging by the smell alone but boy was I wrong. First sip highlights the mint AND the vanilla that have blended very well together and are of an equal strength. As for the after taste there is a slight (and I mean very slight) floral taste which must be the lavender.

For me this tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream but of course in tea form. It’s so wonderfully uplifting and suitable to fill the urges for anything minty and sweet. :)

Half way down the cup the vanilla becomes the stronger taste sensation out of the two and it gets creamier and creamier with every sip. I see myself becoming a Butiki Tea fan girl completely unashamedly. Everything I have tried so far has been unique and amazingly tasty.

The basics: Mint = Refreshing. Vanilla = Smooth. Lavender = Sweet. Mix them altogether and you get a cup of heaven. Try if you like any of the above ingredients.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

Mint chocolate chip ice cream? Oh man that smells soooooooo delicious. I might have to break down and order some. LOL.

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1113 tasting notes

Sample sipdown! Found this one in my desk drawer at work. I think it was from BrewTEAlly Sweet ages ago!

Good stuff. So rare for me to like a vanilla tea, much less one with lavender. A testament to Stacy’s blending wizardry, I suppose! I’d re-order this one but I slightly prefer the Good Morning Sunshine for my flavored guayusa kick :)


I can’t make up my mind on those two blends! I thought The Killer’s Vanilla would be good for starting off an all-nighter, while Good Morning Sunshine would keep me awake long enough to physically hand in the paper later in the afternoon.. Maybe that’s too much guayusa.


hahaha :)


Blending wizardry is right.

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576 tasting notes

I’m trying to branch out to more guayusas so I had to splurge on Butiki Tea’s guayusa pack. This was one I would have tried regardless.

Love the packed-vanilla-punch! But even if there’s a loaded vanilla punch I still taste other flavors, namely mint. It’s almost calming too. I didn’t check out the flavors before reviewing because I didn’t want any suggestions or hints, but maybe there’s lavender in there or something like lavender?

This is really good…although I’m not sure calming is what I need at 9:30 am! Time to try the Good Morning Sunshine variety! :)


It did have lavender! Kudos, senses!


good nose!
Lavender is funny for me. I used to hate it, but recently I’ve found certain lavenders are strangely ok


I was always anti-lavender in my tea until I had a white tea with it and now I don’t mind it, although it can go horribly wrong. This one is decent since it’s more of undertone. :)


To me, lavender can taste incredibly chemical like. If it avoids that, then I usually like it

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635 tasting notes

I have been soooooo tired lately. Once 5 o’clock rolls around, I’m exhausted. Once 9 o’clock hits, I’m dead on my feet. I wish I could use being pregnant as an excuse, but I’m not pregnant. I’m just not getting enough sleep I guess, or at least, not enough restful sleep. We’re going to go see Elysium in an hour, and I want to make sure I don’t sleep through it! So, I decided to make some guayusa.

Butiki’s blog describes this tea as, “Without sugar it tastes like an earthy herbal blend but with sugar it tastes like a creamy dessert tea”. It definitely tastes like an earthy herbal sans additions. I decided to add some Truvia. It made it sweeter, but the flavor profile is virtually the same.

I’m afraid that this isn’t my cup of tea though. Guayusa is a bit odd for my tastes. The flavorings are so delicious in this, but then that distinctive guayusa flavor creeps in. I drank the cup anyway in hopes that it will keep me awake through the movie. I do feel a little more alert.

This is a cup that wakes you up slowly and sweetly. It’s not overly assertive or brisk. It’s just nice and calming and yet awakening as well. I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it. Thanks to JustJames for the sample!

EDIT: I told my husband that I drank this highly caffeinated tea in order to ensure I stayed awake through the movie. Upon hearing me pronounce it a few times (it’s pronounced WHY-YOU-SUH), he said, “Guayusa tired?” And then laughed maniacally. LOL! He’s so ridiculous, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. ;)

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

By the way, Elysium was AMAZING! I give it 5 out of 5 stars. And this tea totally did the trick! I stayed awake and alert with no crash afterwards. ;)

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513 tasting notes

Well, I’ve never tried a Guayusa tea before, but I’ve been on the hunt for a good vanilla mint tea, so Stacy very generously included this as a sample with my last Butiki order.

When I inhaled the smell of the dry leaf, I got a mild combination of mint and vanilla. I leaned over to have myself a good sniff of this while it was brewing, however, and my stomach turned. There’s something about mint tea that, when it’s hot or brewing, just manages to turn my stomach. I have no idea why this is, as I really do enjoy mint in many other forms: ice cream, milk shakes, candy canes, etc.—but I plowed doggedly on anyway haha. Afraid I’d actually hurl, I took my first sip tentatively, and was pleasantly surprised. I could definitely detect the mint, although it isn’t that really intense mint that leaves your mouth cold and tingling. The vanilla was also present, which actually really helped to tip the mint out of the sickly category. See, I’m convinced it’s a type of mint that I don’t like—not all mint in tea entirely. Anyway, I steeped for six minutes and added in some rock sugar, and I don’t think I’d do anything differently if I were to play around with this tea again. I enjoyed my cup, especially because of the vanilla mint pairing, and might even request another sample of this with a future order.
As for the guayusa flavour itself, I can’t say I could really detect it per-se, as I wasn’t exactly sure what it was I was looking for. I really just mostly got a smooth, creamy vanilla, and maybe a slight hint of lavender, although honestly, if I didn’t know there was lavender in this tea, I wouldn’t have guessed as much—so lavender haters, you need not fear.

Glad I started my day with this!


We’re tea twins this morning! I was pleasantly surprised by this one too.


Love a tea twin morning! I’m glad you liked this also. do you typically have trouble with mint too?


Yes, very much so! I’m good with peppermint, but I have the same stomach-turning thing as you with spearmint. This is the first spearmint blend I’ve been able to drink a whole cup of in a long time – possibly ever. I also like mint chip ice cream and mint chocolates and stuff like that, so I don’t know what the deal is.


I really dig guayusa. You should try the Good Morning Sunshine! Its super good :D


Hmmm, doesn’t that have lemon in it? I’m not a fan of anything lemon-flavoured; I tend to find it too tart. But perhaps i’ll change my mind.


greenteafairy-hmmm, maybe it’s spearmint that I have an issue with as well, and maybe pepperment won’t have that weird stomach-turning effect. I wonder why we’re like this LOL.

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137 tasting notes

Yayy my first order from Butiki came! So excited to try it. Wonderful customer service thus far, and quick shipping. I went for this one first since I am super exhausted tonight. Is it seriously only Wednesday? Sigh. Plus it smells wonderful.

I did a 5min steep, which turned out pretty well for me. I’ve only had one guayusa blend, and I only drink that one iced. I wanted hot tea tonight, so I might as well give hot guayusa a try. I sweetened it just a tad, to hopefully bring out the creamy vanilla.

This is such an interesting blend! When I tried it hot-hot, I could taste mostly earthy guayusa. It’s a nice flavour, but I notice a slightly sour note at the back of my tongue. It’s not entirely off putting, just a little strange. As it cools a bit, the vanilla comes out fully and is just amazing. It’s followed by smooth, sweet mint and just a hint of lavender. The guayusa flavour really holds the whole thing together, and the more it cools, the less I get of the sour note.

I really like this blend! I think I’ll bring it to work to get me through the afternoons. Can’t wait to get into the rest of my order :)


I feel ya on the its only Wednesday problem. What is up with the last couple of weeks?

I’ve still got to make a Butiki order.

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9045 tasting notes

I’m pretty sure that as my tastes have evolved, i have ceased to really enjoy Guayusa Tea. it’s just not for me. I don’t need the caffeine boost and the taste just never seems to be what i want. This one came to me from Kallieboo! and i’m glad to have the chance to try this one again. If nothing else, to help me realise that there are other types of tea that i’d rather be drinking. That being said, i finished off the cup, but don’t feel the need to pick up more. Thanks Kallieboo!

Butiki Teas

Hmmmmm, why is this sounding like a challenge to me?



Butiki Teas

The guayusa I did for my friend actually worked really well. It was espresso chocolate cupcake with strawberry cream (had a touch of vanilla too). Espresso works super well with guayusa. Also, I don’t want to mention the flavor just yet but we are working on a really refreshing guayusa. New challenge, must make a guayusa that anti-guayusa people enjoy.


oh god that sounds delicious…

Butiki Teas

It was very tasty. :)


I really want to get this one. Because of Amon Tobin connection, if nothing else :)

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