Maple Pecan Oolong

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Oolong Tea
Nilgiri Frost Oolong, Organic Natural Flavors (Vegan), Pecans
Cream, Creamy, Floral, Wood, Caramel, Maple, Maple Syrup, Pecan, Yeasty, Pancake Syrup, Autumn Leaf Pile, Nuts, Sweet, Nutty, Salty, Smooth, Citrus Fruits, Tangy, Butter, Mineral
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175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 g 10 oz / 301 ml

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  • “cough attention…SIPDOWN! 150! oh yeah baby! that’s right! woot woot! However, this will be short lived as i’m fairly certain there’s a package at the post office my other half is picking up for...” Read full tasting note
  • “Shocking…. another hit from Butiki! This tastes just like maple nut fudge. It’s even sweet and everything. I think I prefer Creamy Eggnog… but only by a smidge, because this is absolutely decadent....” Read full tasting note
  • “I just saw that Stacy already ran out of her new caramel vanilla assam and it wasn’t even online yet!!!!! Nooooo!! I want some so bad! Stacy – when will you have your next batch? Please save some...” Read full tasting note
  • “There’s never enough of this tea.. so hello Friday sales. No. 29. This guy comes out better when the temperature is exact but it doesn’t taste completely terrible if I miss the mark by a degree.....” Read full tasting note

From Butiki Teas

Our Maple Pecan Oolong utilizes our Nilgiri Frost Oolong base. This smooth, silky tea has maple notes that develop into pecan notes then finish with maple notes that linger. Some citrus notes may also be detected. The flavors weave together brilliantly and are well balanced with the oolong base. With a little sugar the maple and pecan intensify for a wonderful desert treat that resembles a pecan pie. We recommend adding sugar slowly; too much sugar and the tea will taste like exactly like fresh maple syrup with a hint of pecan.

Ingredients: Nilgiri Frost Oolong, Pecans, Organic Natural Flavoring (vegan)

Recommended Brew Time: 4 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 1/2 teaspoons of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 170 F degrees

For more information, please visit

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224 Tasting Notes

3283 tasting notes

I made a pot of this, lightly sweetened with Maple syrup, to drink with one of my students. She loved it! It is pretty tasty, but for me, it’s not something I’ll ever really love. The pecan flavor is from real pecans, but somehow that bitter material that resides between the nut & it’s shell manages to be present in my cup, which I don’t care much for. If it wasn’t for that, this tea would be perfect.
And there is just enough for one more cup, so I think I’ll start a new Sipdown Extravaganza box!


Awesome that you shared this one with a student! That reminds me that I need to, gee, actually drink this instead of hoard it. :)


Double maple! PS I hoard this one too LOL


…half my cupboard is one big sipdown extravaganza box.

Terri HarpLady

Sil, that’s because you aren’t as big of a hoarder as I am, LOL. There are so many teas I love, & I NEVER want to run out of them!

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676 tasting notes

Thank you Stacy for this tea sample!

Who says you can’t have dessert before dinner?

Are you nuts? I’m nuts! Actually, I’m CRAZY about this new tea!

My favorite nuts to bake with are PECAN’S and my favorite syrup is MAPLE and my favorite beverage is TEA and you roll them all together in one cup and I’m done for!

Oh, this is buttery too.

The flavor is very good and sweet enough without adding anything,but I know Stacy. These darker tea’s are best with some raw sugar rocks. Yes! Really the best!

I’m going to try adding a little Lapsang Souchong on a cold day to this tea (make it smoke).
Oh, and drink it alongside a grilled cheese sandwich, YUM! How about alongside chicken…yes, really good….almost like chicken maple pecan waffles but without the calories.
Speaking of calories…I won a Pecan Pie contest during Black History Month (for my kids) and the calories, ugh!
Pecan pie flavor without the calories, brilliant! The prize goes to you Stacy and did I mention there are REAL pecans in this tea?!

You did an awesome job again Stacy girl. I think we girls need a night out! (OK some guys can come too…)

Another naturally flavored, handcrafted with love tea!


oh, this sounds good!


I want my order naaaaoooo! Stupid Canada being so far away.


I want to try this right now.

Butiki Teas

Bonnie, so glad you are enjoying this one! I am super impressed that you won a pie contest with your pecan pie! I bet it tasted amazing.

By the way, my first Maple Pecan Oolong customer was my mom. I told her about the tea after I had made a large batch and she asked me to bring a $20 bag worth of it over her house and a sample of it to try. I made her some tea to try and she loved it and I asked if she wanted the bag of tea and she said “oh yeah”. She then proceeded to try to pay me. For like 5 minutes she wrestled with me trying to pay me and stick money in my pockets. I wore her down and told her no and she agreed but when I got home I found $20 stuffed into my purse. Hahaha.

Butiki Teas

I remember you mentioning winning a pie contest but the pecan pie is winning is new to me. Did you win more than one contest? Yes, my mom and I are a lot alike. Its funny because as a child I remember watching my parents and their parents arguing over who gets to pay the bill and I always thought that was funny but now I do that with my parents all the time.


I started entering contests for a few years and won for the town of Paradise Johnny Appleseed Festival for Apple Pie, Then in San Jose Black History Month for Pecan Pie, then Cinco de Mayo for smoky salsa….hey, I have a multi ethnic family!

Butiki Teas

Bonnie-That’s awesome. Mmmm, smoky salsa.


You roast mild Anaheim peppers until they’re charred, put them in a blender for a rough chop. Make a chunky salsa (tomato, cilantro, onion and a little garlic, salt and pepper) and add some of the roasted pepper to taste. You can add some lime too, baby shrimp and chopped avacado. If you want hot salsa add jalapeno.


Great job on the contests Bonnie!
This tea will definitely be on my next order!


Oh I bet everyone here has their recipe specialties. We could all write a cookbook together I bet. What a great bunch of people.

Tawny Kira

Ooh, I may have to get some of this for my grandmother. Maple Pecan is one of her favorite flavor combinations! :)


Your welcome. That was a few years ago. The only rule really is to use the best ingredients, no skimping! Real butter in the crust, real everything! It matters!


Is this a good first oolong? I’ve honestly never had an oolong in my life and all the flavors (maple and pecan) really appeal to me, as I’m crazy about anything maple, and I do love me some pecans.

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60 tasting notes

This is a tea that I was very excited to work on. I love love love fresh maple syrup but when I was young I never liked it. I would always use fresh fruit or butter (before being vegan) or ice cream or whipped cream but I could not stand maple syrup. It wasn’t until my 20s that I was coerced into giving maple syrup another chance. Before that I had only ever tried Aunt Jemimas or some other artificial syrup that doesn’t even contain maple syrup. Now I buy my syrup from a farmers markets or Whole Foods. I’m still making up for lost maple syrup time.

I decided on using the Nilgiri Frost Oolong as a base for a number of reasons. The tea had some similar characteristics to the flavor of maple and pecan and I knew the notes of the tea would mesh well with the flavoring. Also, it had a nice weighty body. A thin body would not seem right for a maple blend. The leaves are long and strong enough to carry some heavier chunks of pecans. I love to use high quality bases that work with the flavorings and not just simply cover them.

The base tea is a Nilgiri Frost Oolong grown at a high altitude that exposes the tea leaves to a light frost during some of the winter nights. This tea is grown in limited quantities because of the special conditions that must exist. It is a sweet tasting tea that has citrus, pecan, peach, and oak notes.

The leaves of Maple Pecan Oolong are long, thin, and wiry, ranging from chocolate to charcoal in color. Large chunks of pecans are present. The leaves produce an intoxicatingly sweet aroma. Without sugar, the tea is naturally lightly sweet with a light maple and pecan flavor. Citrus and oaky notes are also presenet. Reducing the tea to 1 teaspoon for 8oz of water will reduce some of the citrus and oaky notes. With some sugar the maple and pecan notes are intensified and the citrus and oaky notes are lighter but produce an almost crust like flavor. It tastes just like a pecan maple pie. The maple lasts long after the sip and I can taste it on my lips.

170 °F / 76 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I know what you mean about syrup… my hubby always goes with the Aunt Jemima or other maple flavored syrups (sugar free) and even when they aren’t sugar free (I can’t have aspartame) these syrups are just icky. There is such a difference between those grocery store syrups and the real maple syrup. This blend sounds amazing, it is one that I definitely MUST try soon!


Oh yes this is a must have!


Oh I must try this soon! :D


Agreed, another order is in my near future!


Sounds GOOD. Adding to my shopping list!


Sounds GOOD. Adding to my shopping list!


Oh! I definitely have to try this tea. YUM.

Butiki Teas

LiberTEAS-I don’t know anyone can do those syrups. Ick.

I’m so glad this tea is sounds good to everyone.

Ashley Bain

Oh my gosh I can’t wait to try this one. I LOVE grade B maple syrup. When I was little I rarely used syrup either because I only knew of the high fructose version and it made me nauseous every time I tried to eat it. I’ll put grade B on and in everything. It’s great in tea!

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1777 tasting notes

With a new Butiki order on its way, I’m trying to work through as many teas from my previous orders as possible. This is one I’ve neglected for too long, especially since I’ve been trying to identify oolongs I can get along with for a good long while now.

Dry, this smells amazing – maple and pecan in equal measure. Rich, sweet, nutty, almost syrupy. There are generous pieces of pecan in with the oolong, and the leaves are, for the most part, long and wiry, slightly twisted.

I brewed this as per packet parameters. 170 degree water for about 4 minutes. My first thought on tasting went something like “Ohh. This is lovely.” Not my normal response to an oolong, it has to be said. This is heavily flavoured and pretty rich – rather like drinking maple syrup, only not thick or sticky. The maple is the first thing I can taste – sweet, rich, almost buttery. The pecan develops second, adding an almost toasted flavour which cuts through the sweetness well. The oolong provides just the right kind of base – substantial but not too strong or overpowering. It’s perfect here, adding a faint but discernible mineral taste in the background, and brining the whole thing together really well. Another oolong I can add to my (very short) list of likes. Brilliantly done.

170 °F / 76 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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739 tasting notes

I made this at the proper temperature and I definitely get more maple out of it! it’s not as in your face as DT’s Oh Canada but it works well with the pecan. By the way if you oversteep it all you can taste is pecan :D

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658 tasting notes

It’s my birthday! Yay me!

I’m super big on birthdays. There’s just something lovely about an entire day for celebrating one person. For my birthday, I took the day off work so I could sleep late and relax. The plan was to get brunch when I woke up, but it’s snowing! I have exactly zero desire to spend 20 minutes walking in the snow today, especially since I’m going out tonight. Two outings in the freezing cold on the same day? No, thank you.

Instead, I’m going to stay inside with a nice, hot cup of tea. What better tea theme for my b-day than Butiki? Especially since Stacy is releasing a bunch of new flavors today. I know it’s a coincidence, but I’m calling it a birthday bonus from the universe. Also I can rationalize buying all of them as a present to myself. Whee!

This tea is hands-down one of my all-time favorite Butiki blends. I stocked up when Stacy announced that she’s closing up shop. This is just the perfect blend for a cold, snowy day. It’s sweet maple nutty goodness. The mouthfeel is so thick it’s almost syrupy. The only downside is that this tea oversteeps and gets bitter fairly easily. There’s an easy fix for that though – just pour some out and add more hot water (thanks for that tip Stacy!).

Now to sit back and enjoy the snow from indoors with a nice hot cuppa…


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday ! enjoy your day !

Lariel of Lórien

Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday :D


Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful, tea-filled day :)


Happy Birthday – Have a great day!!!


Happy happy birthday!


woohoo! happy birthday!


Happy Birthday! :)


Happy Birthday!

Roswell Strange

Happy (belated?) Birthday! Not sure if it’s passed midnight yet for you :P


Happy birthday!


Woot!! Bonne Fête ( lol, that’s happy birthday in French, just wanted to be different!)


Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

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2219 tasting notes

Because of the sale and potential freebies this weekend I thought I’d try this tea again. I steeped as recommended on the package.

While I love the idea, and the maple pecan flavours are lovely, I don’t like the base tea. I’m not sure exactly why, but it just doesn’t work as well for me as I hoped.

I mean, maple pecan is my favourite ice cream flavour. I expected to adore the tea.

It makes me rather sad, but I guess that’s how it is. I’m sorry, tea. It’s not you, it’s me.

Edit: As I continue drinking, the impression is sharp, icy, effervescence. I don’t know how that works with tea, but it’s not something that works for me.)

170 °F / 76 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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749 tasting notes

I so want to love this tea! The tea itself truly is a masterpiece, and I know everyone else adores it, but I can’t seem to get completely on board. It really is creamy and delicious, and the maple sweetness is so lovely, but the pecans just aren’t quite doing it for me.

I’ve tried it multiple times now, and I’m just waiting on my second steep from today to cool now. I have a couple cups worth left and I think perhaps next time I have the urge to brew some up, I will measure it out sans pecans to see if it works better for me.

170 °F / 76 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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141 tasting notes

This tea took me completely by surprise! The sweet creaminess along with the full body makes for a very enjoyable cup. I thought for a moment someone had slipped some sweetener into my cup. It’s shocking how smooth and tasty this tea really is, and the fact that it lingers in the mouth is a very nice bonus!

First of all, I love pecans and there are plenty of large pieces found in the darker colored tea leaves. The first impression I got was something entirely different than I anticipate – deep tones of dried berries or fruit, in the range of dates or raisins. The taste in the mouth is one of a good quality granola bar that has plenty of raisins. This slowly changes to the milkier, almost ice cream-like. In fact, for all of you that dairy doesn’t bother the conscience, it takes almost exactly like Butter Pecan ice cream! Of course it’s only a tea, but you’ll have a tough time convincing your taste buds otherwise!

It’s plain and simple – this is a delicious tea! This is saying a lot coming form someone that typically stays with straight or traditional teas. There is no question, this tea can easily replace a desert. It is very satisfying. Thanks, Stacy from Butiki, for this great quality and palate pleasing tea! Job well done!

170 °F / 76 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Yummy tea!


Now I want some.


So happy :) After reading this review and Sil’s review of Cantaloupe & Cream, and lots of drooling over other Butiki reviews, I’ve finally made my first order. Yay!


Missmylin – you won’t be disappointed! Stacy has lovely teas :)


yes (try the good morning sunshine!) really though everything I’ve tried has been good (sometimes not my cup but good)


Missmylin – good decision! You will not be disappointed. Stacy is such a kind and sweet person with a passion for incredible customer service. Their teas are just as equal and praiseworthy. Thanks to all for commenting!


It was yours and Sil’s words that pushed me to order, so I have to thank you for such a tantalizing review. Stacy emailed me today to let me know my shipment went out. Oh, and Helena? Stacy loves the fact that you encouraged me to get Good Morning Sunshine :)

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2390 tasting notes

Additional notes: Just wanted to say that I’m still very impressed with this one. I see the black oolong leaves and I think it will be like a Fujian charcoal tasting oolong, but it is just buttery. It’s like a buttery flavored tea without the vegetableness of a tea that is green. And with maple and pecan, of course!


Yes, this is one yummy tea!

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