Nutmeg Cream

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Black Tea
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Honey, Nutmeg, Raisins, Wood, Cream, Chocolate, Malt, Astringent, Creamy
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From Butiki Teas

This tea was featured in the Amoda Tea Box for December 2013.

A wake you up Indian Breakfast tea with a round mouthfeel, light astringency, amazing malt and nut character and even some notes of Baker’s chocolate. And of course, the main feature: nutmeg with the taste of cream. Simply put, this tea tastes like Christmas. Sweeten the pot if you want something more decadent, and a taste of orange.

Ingredients: Khongea Golden Tippy Assam, Organic Sournee Second FLush, Dinjoye Assam, Organic Kundalay, Organic Calendula, Organic Nutmeg, Organic Natural Flavoring (vegan)

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69 Tasting Notes

2216 tasting notes

This tea is SO good. I overleafed a little bit (by maybe 1/4 tsp) and steeped 4 minutes, trusting Butiki’s recommendations. Ohhhhh, yes. Fingers crossed Butiki/Amoda offer this in the future. I also really like Champagne Cider, and would be super happy for a caffeine free apple tea from Butiki as well.

And day 1 of an allergen free month is already a fail. I had milk in the fridge and automatically added it to my tea. Oh well. I’m sort of doing an elimination diet/paleo mashup. The last time I did an elimination diet, I still ate corn and rice. This time, they’re out. And oops, the coconut milk I got has carrageenan in it. headdesk Oh well. The money’s spent, I’m drinking it.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I have never done an elimination diet before. How long are you going to do it for?


1 month. I was thinking of a full-on Whole30, but I can’t cut carbs that much without getting the shakes. Sweet potatoes and a piece of fruit at (almost) every meal! Maybe some Kasha, as well.

The hardest thing is not being able to add anything to my tea! I’ve cut down a lot, but that last 1/4 tsp of honey or sugar is so hard to give up!


Wow, you’re mightily brave! What was the end result last time you did it? Like, did you successfully pinpoint any problematic foods, lose weight, etc?


I’m not really worried about losing weight. I mean, I’m rather chubby, and sure losing weight might be nice, but it’s not a goal. The goal is to reduce dependence on GF baked goods, grains, and sugar, and also make sure I’m not intolerant of corn or rice..

I know I can’t have gluten, and I shouldn’t have dairy. Soy is also a problem, as are beans that aren’t sprouted/well soaked. That was, umm, “fun” to figure out.


Oh geez, that sounds like such an obstacle. I’m lucky I don’t have any problems, or at least I don’t think I do? Doing something like this would be interesting.


Haha. Yeah, it can be tough. My mom finally admitted she can’t have dairy. They do a 2 week “cleanse” every year, and every year she’d complain after she added the cheese back. :) I had been having HORRIBLE tummy problems, and successfully pinpointed and cut dairy the last time. I’ve added it back after being gluten free for 2 years, and I’m thinking that was a mistake..


Good luck with your elimination diet. Maybe you can try stevia? I’m gluten free, dairy free and sugar free for a year now. I use stevia and almond milk. It’s hard at the begining, but after a while you got use to that. It look me five months to get ride of inflammation and pain (arthrisis). I’m also intolerant to corn but not rice. It’s hard but worth the efforts.


Sadly I can’t do stevia. I found some dates in the fridge and ate one this morning. SO GOOD. Maybe a little mushed date steeped with my tea?

You have arthritis and you’re not sensitive to nightshades? That’s one of the first things they suggest eliminating if you have inflammation. I have a few friends who can’t have them.


I don’t do the paleo diet, but the hypotoxic diet. It’s less restrictive than the paleo and it work well for me. Here in Quebec, it become more and more popular with Jacqueline Lagacée’s books, and it’s derived from Dr. Seignalet’s diet, a french doctor.


Oh, that’s interesting. I ate a raw diet for about 4 months before I just had to stop – too much raw food is just unpleasant for me. :(

I’m essentially doing this elimination diet:
I’m also avoiding strawberries as they are a common allergy. I am drinking tea as I already know it’s coffee that I don’t tolerate.

Stevia is something I can have, but I think it tastes horrible. :)

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1779 tasting notes

Ok, so it’s been long enough that it seems safe to drink these down and announce that they came from the Amoda box.

OMG. The smell of this is just divine. It’s like warmed eggnog. I could just sit here and smell this all afternoon…. /drools

And each sip I take is just that much better. Unlike the DAVIDsTEA’s I had earlier, this tea doesn’t hide the base. It respects it. It enhances it by sidling up to it and taking it slow.

The black base is complex and rich and dark. The nutmeg and cream are prominent and give the tea a thick mouthfeel. I just love this tea.

Too bad I’ve only got enough for 3 more cups.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

They clearly need to remake this!


They might make it for Amoda if enough people tell Amoda there’s demand! But shipping from them is $10.


Shipping from Amoda is $10?! That seems a little excessive, seeing as their awesome boxes are about $2.


I know, right? That’s what it was back when they sold the leftover teas. Now they just direct you to the blender if you want to buy more so maybe they’re switching their model again?


I sure hope so. Although, shipping from Butiki is quite expensive to Canada. I hope that Amoda will sell the tea in Canada so maybe we can save a bit on the shipping costs.

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746 tasting notes

Ummm…yum? Oh yeah, total yum, indeed!

This is the first tea from the Amoda Box I tried. I made two travel mugs worth of it the other morning…my DAVIDs kids tumbler from summer before last, and my Timolino. I sucked it down very fast at work. I was very sad when it was all gone.

I really noticed the cream as a mouthfeel, very thick and rich, and the blend of black teas were nutty and chocolatey with minimal astringency. The colour I got in my tumbler was like a brandy or cognac with light shining through. The spice of the nutmeg is well balanced as it neither overpowers the base, nor is is hidden in the complex base notes either.

I mentioned this to Stacy and a few others, but I have to say that I think I like this one better than Pumpkin Milkshake and Vanilla Frosted Carrot Cake. I’m hoping this one becomes permanent.

Also, drinking this tea totally makes me think of JustJames and his custom blend contest submission. It’s not exact, but it echoes some of what he had wanted in his blend.


this is the one i’m most excited about :)


Stacy needs to sell this on her site. Period.


Need to go to amoda Facebook page and start requesting it!


Incendiare, did you get the box also? Have you tried it?

Sil, I also went to the page to say how much I like it.


No, I didn’t get a box but it sounds like something I’d like. Let’s hope either Amoda or Butiki will carry it someday. Let’s be stupid not to. Easy money!


Let’s hope so. I could be nice and save you some from this batch, but I really think Stacy will be makng this, or something quite similar. She really wants to, and Amoda is getting good feedback on it, so I think it will happen.


Nah, don’t save me any since you don’t have much. I have a good feeling they’ll offer it again.


Ok, good. More for ME! :P I feel like 98% there will be an offering of this or something very close.

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390 tasting notes

i had a little nut tree…
nothing would it bear,
but a silver nutmeg
and a golden pear.

such an old rhyme, from so very long ago! i absolutely taste the silver nutmeg in this lovely blend. candidly, amoda should NOT be allowed to have it!! not unless it’s also on butiki’s menu. the tea and the nutmeg intertwine, doing a dance of beautiful intricate complexity. the nutmeg does not hide, neither does the tea- they alternate as tide and shore, colliding.

one of the many remarkable aspects of this stacy creation is that breathes… tiny, light coloured flower petals were incorporated into the blend. as the blend steeps and the petals saturate, they inhale, they breathe, they move…. how striking.

stacy, always the artist.
thank you for sharing MissB.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I know that poem…old but good. How nice!

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612 tasting notes

This smells awesome! I put it on to steep and then went into the kitchen to throw dinner together and could smell it from the breakfast nook, made me antsy to wash my hands so I could get back in there and taste it. It’s creamy and warm without being too hotly spiced, just comfort in a cup, and I love that you can still taste the Khongea Assam (it’s one of favorite straight black teas Butiki offers). Very glad I got in on this month of Amoda, kinda wish this would stay available somehow. It reminds me a little of Irish Cream Cheesecake not in specific flavors so much as how it isn’t a barely-tea-tasting dessert treat but rather a delicious wintery black tea with scrumptious additions, the kind of thing that could replace coffee to close a good meal or be your breakfast cup when you deserve a little something extra. This is ideal for this time of year. Yum!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec

It says in the pamphlet that if Amoda has enough demand for these teas, they will try to get more as an Amoda exclusive! So let them know!


Of course it’d be more conenient for us if we could just order them from Butiki. Last I checked, shipping from Amoda was $10 flat.


sounds delish

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3231 tasting notes

The closer I get to the bottom of the bag, the more I am coming to terms with never being able to replenish my stock. Don’t get me wrong, I am SO happy that I have a fair bit left but with each cup, I am convincing myself that it is not as special as what I make it out to be in my mind. Yes it is creamy and has the perfect amount of nutmeg to make it an awesome choice to warm you up in the cold weather but I am getting better at accepting my time with this tea is limited.


I was thinking tealux cream irish breakfast mixed with a good assam and a nice grating of fresh nutmeg. But it won’t be the same… :)


I have never had the tealux tea, though it sounds good. Alas, as you said, I doubt it would be the same.

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8227 tasting notes

sipdown on this one as well, though i’m sad to see it go. The rest is off to Terri so that she can try this! I quite enjoyed this, though i think unlike others i don’t have a dying need to see this one around as a permanent blend. I’m happy to have tasted it and experienced it but Stacy has so many others i love more :)


This one was (for me) the best of the trio, which might be way people made more of a fuss about it.

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1436 tasting notes

I’m confused by this one. My first Amoda box, specifically to enjoy these three specially made teas by Butiki. This one was first I grabbed this morning (3pm morning for me!) and it smells divine.

Steeped, it’s a bit strange. The mouthfeel is like granular nutmeg. It tastes lovely – like a creamy, nutmeg-heavy eggnog, and the black base is very apparent. It’s obviously well made and carefully crafted, there’s just something in it that’s making my stomach rebel. Perhaps I need to eat something substantial.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Can’t win ’em all!

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2247 tasting notes

From the Amoda box! I had to get the Butiki Amoda box! They must be good even if they are random surprises. They are Butiki. BUTIKI! This Amoda box took forever to get here… I don’t know what happened. I’m not even sure if this is the first box or the second replacement box they were supposed to send (well I definitely didn’t get one of the boxes then.. and I think this was delivered to the wrong address for a while or something. Anyway, upon opening this lovely box, the three blends sounded good… maybe not as lovely as some of the Butiki blends in the past, but we shall see! First for review is the black tea blend, since I tend to like those the best…

Steep #1 // just boiled // 3 min
This has a black tea base of a few different black teas that Butiki carries. The only one I’ve had is the Sourenee. Overall, the bases here combine to make a nice flavor… medium bodied – the cup color is light reddish copper. The flavor has the perfect amount of briskness to it – tastes a little like raisins and malt. There is plenty of nutmeg here!! Though I though I shook the bag up more, it seems all the nutmeg is on the bottom anyway. A nice creamy flavor too. This blend does seem fitting for the holidays, as I think I’ve only had nutmeg in eggnog and pumpkin pie. The super strong nutmeg fragrance is reminding me of something that could only be eggnog… though eggnog does NOT have this much nutmeg! Very tasty!

Steep#2 // just boiled // 5 min
Oversteeped this one, so the cup wasn’t as nice (if it has the Sourenee in it, then it can get pretty astringent quickly anyway.) Still plenty of nutmeg though. Less cream this time around. This is a nutmeg explosion! Another great blend from Butiki!

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206 tasting notes

This was the perfect cup to wake me up this morning. Stephanie and I shared the Amoda box from last month and this is the one I was most excited about! And I am truly satisfied! Made this as a latte the second steeping and it did not disappoint. The nuttiness from the nutmeg and the natural creaminess that came through was magnificent! I so hope this becomes a permanent blend for Butiki! Definitely on my top fav from Butiki! Mmmmm mmmm good!


:D :D :D

BrewTEAlly Sweet

This was out there! I loved it! Thank you!

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