Nutmeg Cream

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Black Tea
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Honey, Nutmeg, Raisins, Wood, Cream, Chocolate, Malt, Astringent, Creamy
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205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 15 sec 12 oz / 363 ml

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From Butiki Teas

This tea was featured in the Amoda Tea Box for December 2013.

A wake you up Indian Breakfast tea with a round mouthfeel, light astringency, amazing malt and nut character and even some notes of Baker’s chocolate. And of course, the main feature: nutmeg with the taste of cream. Simply put, this tea tastes like Christmas. Sweeten the pot if you want something more decadent, and a taste of orange.

Ingredients: Khongea Golden Tippy Assam, Organic Sournee Second FLush, Dinjoye Assam, Organic Kundalay, Organic Calendula, Organic Nutmeg, Organic Natural Flavoring (vegan)

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69 Tasting Notes

3155 tasting notes

Nutmeg-Dusted Custard blows this out of the water. But since I have more of this and less of that, I chose this instead. It’s just not so creamy. I was debating mixing a bit of it with Creamy Eggnog to see what resulted… that might still happen in the future.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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326 tasting notes
Thanks to VariaTEA for this sample.

Steepster just crashed on me and deleted my note D:

Unfortunately, I think that this is another tea which has fallen victim to my damp new flat. It’s not as damaged as the last sample, though, and I think the ‘spirit’ of the tea is still present, and there’s no yucky smokiness. I am hoping to pick some more of this up before Butiki closes to try it in its full glory.

Brewing, I can actually smell the cream, which is pretty amazing since even purely cream flavoured tea hasn’t been able to do this in the past. Flavour-wide, the cream is more present in mouthfeel, but the overall flavour is reminiscent of the eggnog I made last Christmas, so perhaps that’s due to the cream. The nutmeg is more present in flavour than smell, although it does definitely smell spicy. The base is prominent, but not overpowering. Stacy does a great job with pairing bases with flavours – it sort of sits alongside the nutmeg in a complimentary way. The cup was a little weak owing to the damp, but still very pleasant.

Sipdown! (3/174)

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 7 OZ / 200 ML

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788 tasting notes

I could melt away into this cup and never come back! I added a little soy creamer and sugar and it is making this cup quite dreamy. The cream really amplifies the creaminess that the tea already has. I can smell a little nutmeg in the cup and get a hint of it just before the tea reaches my mouth. The cream takes over at the start of the sip, riding on a nice solid base, then the nutmeg comes back out at the end. The aftertaste might be my favorite part where they nutmeg and cream hang out together. I need to slow down because I’m downing this cup way too fast. It’s really hitting the spot!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Mmm, sounds delicious. I love nutmeg flavors in chai.


I don’t know that I have picked nutmeg out in chai before! I usually get all cardamon, clove and cinnamon. I’ll have to start paying more attention!


Sometimes I make homemade chai, or add some extra spice to chai I’ve bought, so I’ve experimented with quite a few spices.

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224 tasting notes

So Cavocorax had sent me a sample of this and I was pretty jazzed about being able to try it. Especially considering that I very nearly ordered it when it went up for sale on Butiki’s website, but resisted in the end.
There was alot of dust/particles in the bottom of the package. Maybe it was flavoring or something, but I made sure to shake it up so I didn’t miss some possibly vital part of the tea. In hindsight, I should’ve left it alone. XD
For some reason, I had gotten it in my head that this was Hazelnut Cream, so not getting hazelnut in the first sip was a bit of a start. Lol!
I haven’t really had nutmeg much (or really at all if I’m being honest) so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It has a strange sharp/spicy/nutty sort of smell that’s present in the taste. Along with an almost powdery sort of taste sensation. Hard to describe. I do get a sort of cream taste in the background that’s like a smooth undercurrent. Not sweet and adding a bit of Truvia didn’t really do much at all for the tea. There was also alot of particles in the bottom of my cup that I’m pretty sure added extra bitterness, so I guess I should’ve left it settled.
I’m pretty sure that I don’t much care for it, so I’m glad that I didn’t end up buying it, but still glad to try it. Apparently nutmeg is one of the flavors I just don’t care for. Lol!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML
Butiki Teas

I’m thinking the dust you are thinking of is crushed nutmeg.


When my mom visited last she picked this to drink and loved it.

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2816 tasting notes

Wow, just home from a long trip on the bus, such crazy traffic! I have to go out again in a few hours but I just want to stay at home and hibernate now.

Just trying this tea now which is from a swap with Cameron B. I like nutmeg and I’ve never tried this before. I ended up making this in a giant mug! I wasn’t sure that I liked this so much when it was plain, but after soymilk and sugar was added it became transformed into a nice dessert tea. I definitely think the nutmeg element is prominent, and there is something creamy about it as well, so overall I was fairly pleased with this.

In other news, I did get notice from the EDD that I’m eligible for unemployment now. At least that money will cover my rent and maybe I won’t have to be so worried for the next few months. Rents are so expensive in SF that I will still have to use my savings to live but the unemployment money should help me to get by. I guess I still need to watch my tea spending for a while!

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

Glad for the good(ish) news!


I’ll take anything I can get at this point :)

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972 tasting notes

So Stacy from Butiki posted on Facebook that she had a stray ounce of this lingering around and I volunteered to be its new home! Hooray! She was also nice enough to include two samples even though I only spent $5 for this tea (plus the shipping). So yay for Stacy for being so nice! This is my first Butiki tea, although I have been plotting an order since I discovered them here on Steepster a few weeks ago. Soon!

Anyway, this tea is quite beautiful visually, even though it’s just tea leaves with a few golden flower petals. The leaves are nice mix of chocolately brown and gold, and the petals accent their color perfectly. It also smells quite lovely – all nutmeg and vanilla goodness reminiscent of eggnog. I brewed one teaspoon for 3 minutes (Stacy included a note recommending 190 degrees).

The brewed tea smells even better than the dry version. The nutmeg and vanilla have toned down a bit, but they are joined by luscious notes of chocolate and raisin, giving it a richness and depth. I was surprised when I tasted this that I didn’t get a sense of vanilla or cream that many other tasters described. I did get a light but multi-flavored base tea that is well-accented by the addition of nutmeg. The nutmeg hits me most at the beginning and end of the sip, while in the middle I taste lovely hints of raisin, wood, and honey. Quite tasty, and I didn’t miss the cream at all.

I drank this one au naturel, but I can definitely see it being a decadent eggnog treat with added milk and sugar. Thanks again, Stacy! :)

Flavors: Honey, Nutmeg, Raisins, Wood

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

So glad you are having a great experience with butiki, and Stacy is the best, enjoy!!

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3262 tasting notes

Another tea from Sil, which I believe came from Cavocorax originally.
This is my sweetened tea of the day, & it really is nice. I’m tempted to mix in some almond milk & a frozen banana in the blender, for an eggnog type drink, & if I’d thought of that before I drank half the cup of tea, I probably would have done it ;)
Another sip down, leaving me at 374.


Terri I hope you’re having a wonderful time with your folks

Terri HarpLady

We’re just hanging out :) They watch a lot of TV: today show, jeopardy, wheel of fortune, etc.
A great opportunity to practice my knitting, cuz I want to get good enough to make my own toe sox & stuff. Mom & I ran a few errands today that ultimately included a few pints of Luna’s coconut milk ice cream… I ate the Berry one, saving the ginger cookie for tomorrow (it IS the bomb). Tomorrow I’m taking them out to dinner for their anniversary (62 years!)
We also have to measure I purchase a new blinds for their living room window, which I’ll hang before I go home. It’s nice & peaceful :)

Cameron B.

Coconut milk ice cream sounds amazing, even if I can have dairy. Ginger cookie, what? :D


Coconut milk with ginger cookie??? Yes, please! And they got a water filter!!!! Congratulations to them on that amazing milestone :)


This tea sounds yum!

What are you knitting?

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518 tasting notes

Yummy in a cup!

I decided that I wanted to drink Butiki teas all day again today. It’s always a fun way to spend my tea day.

I started with this one. I had a teeny tiny bit left from what I took from the TTTTB what seems like ages ago. (That tea box is what really got me from enjoying a couple of Butiki Teas to loving Butiki Teas.)

Creamy, rich, just the right amount of nutmeg. Delicious.

It helped keep me a little more calm this morning once I got into the office.

I finally got to pick up my car yesterday, after 57 days in the body shop. He looks great. (Yes, my car is a boy. His name is Jake.) This is after they screwed up all the vinyl work before. But now he looks nice:


The one taillight and brakelight were both not working on my way home. And then trying to get to that to check it out, we realized that the hatchback wasn’t opening with the button. Nice. They actually broke the connector for the button and the license plate lights.

So I had to go back to the body shop and show them my problems. They’re ordering new parts.

And I’m still ticked off

But nice tea really helped.


Jake is super cute :)


Glad you finally got your car back… My one experience taking a car to a body shop was not a good one either. I hope they get the parts in quickly and get Jake all good as new for you….Bummer you have to go back!


Whoa! Jake is a hottie :-)


Thanks, everyone. I love my car, and I’m glad to finally have him back. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to get the part in, and hopefully they can fix him right this time. I’m not happy with the shop. I am happy with this tea.


Happy you got Jake back, he’s looking good, but I say after the fix what’s wrong with him now, never take him back to that place. I would be furious.

My cars name is beauty, ironic because she had already been through a few accidents when I got her, she looks like shes got bullet holes, the door is dented in and looks like someone had put a big sticker of it and then couldn’t get it off, and the front left head light was already damaged
(and then I got into a fender bender where we both went to merge and I clipped the guy, and now there’s no glass covering and theres only a ziptie keeping the bulb from hanging down towards the street).

Plus, shes supposed to be white. but when I got her she was yellowish (my friends called her the cheese wagon), since then I’ve waxed her so shes white, but needs a bath.

And I’ve had so many problems with her, last year I had a short that killed 3 batteries in 3 weeks, so I had to pull the courtesy lights fuse (no hitting a button to lock the doors, no cabin lights to see if a serial killer is in my backseat, ect), and the radio fuse (time and stations restart everytime I turn off the car).

And the door that was hit, the motor for the window went out and someone tried rolling down the window, causing a 1 inch gap that I had to duct tape because palmetto bugs got in and infested it (THAT was fun, had to bug bomb my car).

Oh and I have a short in my brake light that likes to blow the bulbs randomly while I’m sitting at a light and get me pulled over by a cop that was behind me at the light. I now officially keep spare bulbs in my trunk to avoid tickets.

And now my a/c isn’t working again. I can’t even tell you how many hot Florida dog days of summer days I’ve spent working on her, trying to figure out whats wrong with her this time.


That’s pretty crazy, Mandy. I hope you get the A/C problem sorted out.


I even bought freon but the combined efforts of me and my boyfriend and google, can’t find the correct valve. It was a special model or something apparently, and whoever designed the engine was more concerned with looks that practicality (you should see how the battery is placed, it takes an hour just to get it out and I’ve had to take it out ~10 times since I got it in 2010). Gah, I swear the person who designed it was a moron! Can’t wait till I can afford a new car that is from this century at least.

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740 tasting notes

This one is tasty! I waited a while after the kettle boiled for the water to cool, for fear of astringency. It seems to have worked in my favour.

It’s not an overly bold black tea, but a more gentle black base with a definite creamy aspect. The nutmeg is pretty subtle for me, but overall a good cup.

Thanks Roswell Strange!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 15 sec

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4541 tasting notes

Sipdown (180/184)!

Sample comes from VariaTEA.

I was splitting this one up today so that I could send a taste of it to Courtney and I decided to try it myself too so my half got used up tonight as my last tea of the night. I should note, I think, that I’m 90% sure that this is from the revised batch and not the original one that Amoda sent out – and I have not had the Amoda version so I don’t have a point of comparison between the two.

Of the three Amoda box Butiki blends I think this was the generally preferred/favored of the three – but I really struggled to see why through my cup of it. I found it very harsh/astringent with a bitter undertone to the sip and I thought it left a really weird, indescribable taste on my tongue that lingered for a really unnecessarily long time. That said, the mid sip did have both strong Nutmeg and Cream flavours so I guess the title is fitting…

I’m sort of glad I didn’t like it, though – because this is so limited edition I think it would have been harder on myself if I’d fallen in love. But that same reason (the tea being limited edition) is why I’m also so very thankful to VariaTEA for being able to spare a couple cups worth so I got that rare taste of it.

I hope Courtney has a better time with it.

Flavors: Cream, Nutmeg

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

It is from the new batch and I also found it very astringent when compared to the original tea. I am sorry it wasn’t a good cup for you but at least it is a Sipdown :)


Sadly, I don’t like the new base as much as the original. I also find it astringent. So now with the rest of my new batch I’m using milk and that’s toning it all down for me some.

Butiki Teas

The base actually has less astringent teas (we removed one astringent tea and replaced it with a gentler tea and lowered the amount of the other astringent one) but I think there might be 2 issues here that make the tea taste astringent. The time suggested is way off. We kept with Amoda’s suggestion but it should be 2 minutes, not 3 or 4 minutes. 2 minutes should produce no astringency or minimal astringency. We really should have changed the steep time. Also, the nutmeg has been increased. I think that much nutmeg at 3-4 minute steeps is not great. So the tea is oversteeped and the spice is too strong producing bitterness.


I’ll try a shorter steep.

Butiki Teas

Amariel-Great! Hope it helps. :)


I had it today at 195F and 4 minutes, and I really liked it. Maybe I’m the odd one out? :) I’ll try 2 minutes tho, and see what I think!


Still astringent. Maybe I’m overleafing.

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