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From Custom-Adagio Teas, Cara McGee

created by: Cara McGee
A smooth, timeless blend guaranteed to charm anyone off their feet. You can take it to bed, but it will probably keep you up all night.

- teas: ceylon sonata, rooibos almond, chocolate chip
- blended with ceylon sonata, rooibos tea, black tea, natural almond flavor, natural chocolate flavor, dark chocolate chips, cocoa nibs

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19 Tasting Notes

1779 tasting notes

I probably shouldn’t have steeped this the same time as Mycroft as they have similar ingredients. I was worried I’d mix them up but the almonds in this gave it away.

I can taste the almond/marzipan goodness over a basic black base. Some people don’t like Adagio’s black bases, but I find that if I steep it for 2.5 minutes at slightly less than boiling, they taste quite nice.

I can take or leave this tea. Sadly, the same can be said for the namesake character too. He had some good moments in Doctor Who, but not enough to get me to try Torchwood.

Thanks for the sample Shadowfall

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 30 sec

Awe…I like touchwood. Also, how else will you know more about the face of bo grin


*toRchwood. Stupid phone


Lol. No problem. Sounds like you like it, at least better than I did. I couldn’t get past the almond. Ugh. XD

Awww, poor Jack. I love his character. I just don’t agree that this tea is his, so to speak. I really need to put together the blend I made up for him. XD Torchwood is pretty good. One of these days I’ll get around to finishing the first season. Lol!

Terri HarpLady

I’ve watched a few episodes of Torchwood, but it takes a lot to get me to sit down in front of a tv for any length of time. One of these days I’ll do an all weekend marathon & watch all episodes back to back. That’s usually my method.


Well maybe someday I’ll check out Torchwood but I don’t get much tv time alone so maybe I’ll try it after I get through Downton Abbey!

I know people really adore Jack, and I liked the Face of Bo thing, but I just didin’t get the appeal I guess. But then a few episodes as a side-character might not be the best introduction.

Terri HarpLady

Yeah, I loved the whole face of bo thing too! I loved captain Jack on the Dr, but I’m not always a fan of ‘spin offs’, and also, I was just getting into Dresden Files (which admittedly started out a little lame, like so many scifi channel series do, but having read the books, I had to watch it, & I thought it was just getting good). We watched the entire first season on Netflix, then they cancelled it. Initially I thought they had replaced it with Torchwood, so I wouldn’t watch it in protest. Later I realized they had actually replaced it with Warehouse 13, which I had also watched. Oh well…so much for holding a grudge, :\


oh man. i watched ONE episode of dresden files and swoer never again since it was so unlike the books and i hated the guy playing harry. they ruined it for me because i ADORE the books.

Terri HarpLady

The books are great! The guy playing Harry actually grew on me by the end of that first season, but the guy I REALLY loved was Bob! LOL!


Jack is my favorite. Right up there next to River Song. I can understand why he’s an aquired taste. Between the character himself being a little over the top, and the actor playing that up, it could be grating.

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8267 tasting notes

Hello Captain! You know? I’m ok with this one. I think i’ve figured out that the adagio ceylon is NOT my preferred black base, but it’s not terrible in this one. Yes there’s a rooibos presence, but it’s not dominating. I do get the almond flavour, though it’s pretty subtle. There’s a hint of the chocolate…i guess? i think? but it’s not very strong. Do i like this tea? it’s alright…but it’s NOT captain Jack to me…and it’s not quite what it claims to be.. :)

Roswell Strange

Not sure about the tea version, but I do you me some Captain Jack ;) He can say ‘hello’ to me anytime.

Roswell Strange

**do love me


yeah…it’s weird though when Barrowman has appearances on “Arrow”..my head always goes whaaaaaaaa

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767 tasting notes

“What are you captain of? The Innuendo Squad?”

idk what the descriptor is talking about, this tea is rooibos heavy (at least the sample i got is) so i don’t think it would keep me “up all night”. ..unless john barrowman served it to me personally i suppose??
har har
this IS a nice tea. i can taste the almond and the light chocolate hints.

in related news
someone made this.
and then i watched it.
oh internet.

Single Ladies – John Barrowman

thanks Shadowfall!


That video completely made my day!


Hahaha! I like how they offset the clip used for backup dancers by a few frames to make them feel like separate entities. Very clever!

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224 tasting notes

I didn’t really care for this one. Had a very strong marzipan-y smell out of the bag and it brewed up the same. Almond was overpowering to me and I couldn’t smell or taste much else.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

i would love to try this one. maybe we could do a tiny swap when i get back from vacation in a few weeks? you can browse my cupboard if i have something you wanna try? no pressure. just a possibility :)

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1731 tasting notes

So I’m finally getting around to writing notes for the remainder of my Adagio Doctor Who teas, which I’ve been drinking my way through for a little while now, but apparently not logging. Hmm. I’ve had two cups of Captain Jack this morning – he’s that good. Adagio’s Ceylon base isn’t my favourite – I find it a little thin and a bit over-citrussy, and it has a tendency to become bitter. It’s not bad here, though – I think the addition of rooibos helps to tone it down a bit. Equally, the ceylon stops the rooibos from being overpoweringly woodsy, so maybe it’s a good pairing after all. It works, anyway. I used 1 tsp of leaf for my cup, and gave it 2.5 minutes in boiling water. The kitchen smelled deliciously chocolatey, so I added a splash of milk because that’s the kind of mood I’m in – I want something creamy, decadent, and warming. It’s cold today, and I put my winter boots and coat on for the first time this morning – that must mean it’s comfort tea time!

Anyway, the main flavour I can taste here is chocolate. It’s a dark, slightly bittersweet, cocoa-heavy chocolate, the kind that would taste a little dry if you were to eat it. There’s a touch of almond, too, but it’s not strong. The nuttiness is a nice counterpoint to the chocolate, at any rate, and pairs really well. It takes this one from being an ordinary, fairly unremarkable chocolate tea and makes it into something a bit more special and dessert-like.

I enjoyed this one. It’s smooth and seductive, like the Captain, and it’s one I’d consider repurchasing if I ever get my cupboard back under control. Total yum.

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec 1 tsp

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326 tasting notes

I’m really surprised I haven’t logged this one already! I should really be working through the EU TTB teas before going back to my own, but there’s a lot of unflavoured teas in that box and everyone’s talking about Doctor Who because it starts on Saturday and drinking Doctor Who teas and I wanted it okay? Maybe I shouldn’t be drinking tea this close to bedtime, but it’s half rooibos which in my mind makes it practically caffeine free. The description says you can take it to bed but it might keep you up all night, which is pretty accurate. Despite having caffeine, it’s very relaxing and definitely a good drink to have in bed while I read a bit and catch up on steepster before I go to sleep. It’s smooth and silky and seductive and a good fit for the captain, I think. I left the tea brewing and went to get changed. When I came back, the whole kitchen and utility room were filled with the delicious intoxicating chocolate scent. Because of this, and because it’s bedtime, I added half a spoon of homemade vanilla sugar and a splash of skimmed milk, and it became quite decadent. It was good on its own too, with a dark chocolate taste dominating, and the base teas working well together. The black base masks the moodiness of the rooibos, and the rooibos masks the usual bitterness of the adagio black tea base. With the additions the almond comes through a little better, though the dominant flavour is still the chocolate, which is more of a milk chocolate flavour now. It’s a fairly robust cup of tea considering that it’s half rooibos. I’ve just reached the bottom of my cup and would quite like another. If it weren’t 1:30am I would probably have one. I’m getting excited for the new series now!

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 7 OZ / 200 ML

Yes to adding vanilla sugar!

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3134 tasting notes

The fourth and final Dr. Who-themed tea for tonight (my bladder just can’t take any more). The aroma is fairly chocolatey, which is quite present in the flavour as well. I can also taste the distinct flavour of rooibos, though it’s not the objectionable medicinal flavour, just that characteristic woody/herbal-ness, which is bearable. This tea actually tastes much like a chocolate rooibos I’ve had previously… I’m thinking the one from the Amoda box, but I could be wrong (I could probably confirm that if I was less lazy, because I know I still have that one around). It has a bit more body to it though (probably the black). What’s odd is that the chocolate comes through as almost bitter – I’m probably influenced by noticing the documented flavours before pulling up the review screen, but it’s certainly not the milk chocolate flavour that most teas seem to aim for. It’s not unpleasant, though.

Upon looking up the tea ingredients – I think almond might account for that flavour that’s coming off as bitterness to me, and there’s surprisingly not much chocolate in here given the number of chocolate-related ingredients. Ah well. Not overly enamoured by this blend, but it’s not bad. I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy it more sans rooibos. Thanks Sil!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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642 tasting notes

Ugh, I’m so behind on my notes. Stayed at a cousin’s cottage over the weekend, brought a bunch of tea with me that I wanted to sipdown so I guess I made a little bit of progress, though I logged nothing.

This was from Friday.
I don’t get why the blender felt the need to mix rooibos with black tea for a bunch of these Dr Who teas, but luckily the black tea made me not really taste the rooibos.

This one was not overly impressive. Weak base with hints of chocolate and almond.
I was not a huge Captain Jack fan anyway but I don’t know that this tea would remind me of him. I haven’t yet been really impressed with an Adagio tea.

Sipdown achieved!

Thanks for sharing, Sil!

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4541 tasting notes

Sipdown (162/168)!

Many, many thank to Sil for the sample of this! It’s been on my wishlist for months now and I was beginning to think I wouldn’t ever get to try it without blindly buying the full 3 oz. of it. Jack is one of my favourite companions, and actually just one of my favourite characters in general on Doctor Who so I really wanted to try this blend for that reason. Still, 3 oz. is a lot…

I’m very glad I waited though and didn’t get impatient, because it turns out that as much as I love Jack 3 oz. of this would have been 3 oz. too much. I kinda didn’t like it. Well, no – I really didn’t like it. At first it was this light nutty chocolate thing but every sip was concluded with a nasty, harsh bitterness! That’s not like Jack at all – and just gross in general. Jack is supposed to be charming and seductive, and just a touch quirky. Not bitter and blah…

So, one Adagio blend I can cross off the list! So glad I experienced it so thanks a million to Sil for that – but just not for me. Wah wah wah.

Flavors: Bitter, Chocolate


Theres a different Jack that I have…by a different blender and its really good. Let me see if I can link.


That one. Delicious. Looks like its out of commission right now. But just keep an eye out because goodness its yummy.

Roswell Strange

Good to know!

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682 tasting notes

Hmmm this tea. It’s actually pretty decent? It is a bit bitter, to my taste, but not too bad?
The flavours actually work for me! It’s not like super astringent, not overpowering with one tea to the other, and it makes a nice Captain Jack :) Though, I do get a really weird aftertaste…

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 15 sec 2 g 8 OZ / 236 ML

Ahh incredibly glad the after taste issue wasn’t just me haha

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