Banana Nut Bread

Tea type
Fruit Herbal Blend
Almonds, Artificial Flavouring, Currants, Freeze Dried Banana Slices
banana, Nutty, Almond, Baked Bread, Banana, Berries, Caramel, Sweet, Spices, Cinnamon, Dates, Popcorn, Butter, Nuts, Artificial, Brown Sugar, Cake, Fruity, Raisins, Walnut, Creamy, Candy, Cream, Sugar, Pastries
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Loose Leaf
Caffeine Free
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205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 15 sec 5 g 24 oz / 712 ml

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  • “Classic impulse buy. I don’t even like banana-flavoured stuff that much, but come on, this has dates! The dry mixture smells good, mostly like banana chips. Steeped, the tea smells like roasted...” Read full tasting note
  • “I steeped this for 10 minutes based on other reviews here. I did test it at 5 minutes and it was fairly weak. The brew is a nice light yellow. I noticed that there is some oil on the surface that...” Read full tasting note
  • “So I did a Bad Thing again today, and stopped in at DavidsTea after hitting the gym… because there were ~9 or so teas I hadn’t tried and was dying to! Soooo now I have six cups of tea sitting here...” Read full tasting note


Like all amazing recipes, this one took years to perfect – and it was totally worth the wait. This tea miraculously captures the flavour of freshly-baked banana bread. The taste of real banana slices blends perfectly with almonds and the sweetness of dates and currants. It’s fragrant, with all the warmth of a loaf hot from the oven. As deliciously comforting as mama’s special recipe, but without the calories.

Price: $8.98 per 50g

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182 Tasting Notes

297 tasting notes

I got this in a swap from Sare, thank you!
The dry notes definitely smell like banana. But raisins in banana bread? I actually prefer my banana bread nutless. My Nanny makes the best banana bread.

The steeped notes smell bananaie, cake like and buttery. It even brewed up to look like melted butter. I allowed this to steep extra long because it was so light in colour.

This is really good. It’s like a piece of fresh banana bread with butter that has melted on it. It’s a little sweet for my liking, in the way of teas (which is weird, because I have a major sweet tooth), this almost rivals my Nanny’s banana bread and that’s definitely saying something.

Ick, there’s a yucky scum, powdery layer on the bottom.

I actually wanted to try my banana matcha which also came today (I got four packages in total today) but I knew the caffeine would probably keep me up.

Boiling 7 min, 15 sec

Nice to see someone else that agrees with me….NUTS DO NOT need to be in bread! LOL Seems like everyone around me makes bread and cookies with nuts. UGH


Isn’t there a saying somewhere about nuts ruining some type of cookie? It was something clever. Of course when I try to search it, Google is like “what are you even talking about, lady.”


I thought it was raisins! There’s a Fbook group or something that’s called something to the effect of “raisins, stay the eff out of my cookies!” (I like both raisins and nuts in things though!)

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755 tasting notes

This tea is pretty light in colour and the flavour is mild as well, but with each sip, you can still catch that amazing dry smell as well. It is kinda messy in my steeper so I think I will follow the advice o a fellow Steepsterite and sac it. It wasn’t too bad in the steeper but I can see how it might make it hard to clean in some infusers.

I think that I might get the special tin of this. It’s not amazing, but it is pretty good, and also (and this is important) is a nice comforting and cozy yet caffeine free tea that I can drink later in the evenings without fear of being kept awake potentially. Right now I have amaretto and orange blossom as my hot caffeine free teas, and some tof the herbals that I find are better iced as well…so this really does have a place in that evening comfort hot tea realm.

Wondering what the reusability of the steeped fruits is say in yogurt or oatmeal.

Can’t wait to see more reviews on this and see what people think.


ohh this review has intrigued me! I like the idea of using a Tsac and just letting it sit in the cup as you sip. I’ll have to try it ASAP


For green rooibos, I always let the bag steep for the length of the cup – using a filter bag with loose tea, I mean. I love doing that with chais too, so the last couple sips are spicy city!


I think that it is the dates that got a bit mushy. It’s not too hard to clean the steeper, but the bags are easier for this, I think.

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902 tasting notes

From my Fall Collection sampler.

I was rather surprised by how little “tea” the 25g pouch contained…I scooped out 2 heaping tsp, then decided just to dump the whole thing into Chloe and make a 3 cup pot. So, little disappointed that I won’t get a second chance at brewing it if I messed this up, but one more sample of tea down, right?

Okay, so it does taste like banana nut bread. It does. Very banana-y, not too terribly much on the bread part, but definitely the nuts. Not the sweetness, no, but I’m sure that would be fixed with a little brown sugar…

Oh, sweet baby jeebus.

ETA: Whatever you do, put it in a tsac or other disposable steeping device!! You will have to wash, really, truly wash whatever you steep it in otherwise.

Boiling 8 min or more
Meghann M

Jaw dropping in awe of this tea….thinking I really truly need to cave before this tea is gone…Seriously need to clear out more teas from the cabinet though. Yum!

May I ask why the tsac is so highly recommended? Is it sticky, or does it just get all over? Trying to picture disastrous breville brewing of banana nut bread.


Imagine wet, crumbled-up bread. That was what was in the brew basket afterwards. I do wish I had tried this before I put in my David’s order this past Sunday (yes, I’ve got a problem, but I was afraid I’d miss the winter collection, and I did end up missing out on getting more Swampwater).

It is rather sad how little tea 25g made, though. It could get pricey.


Meghann I have enough for a cup maybe two if you want it I can send it to you… let me know if you want it.

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1355 tasting notes

I’m home and it’s good to be back. Sitting down and sorting out my tea shelves that have been dearly missed I pulled out this Banana Nut Bread tea. My parents got me some delicious looking hand made biscuits from Devon and this looks perfect to dip them into.

Woah this smells lovely! Very nutty and dry but with sweet banana to lighten it. I can also smell a sort of baked bread aroma too, nicer than I thought it would be. David’s Teas are hit or miss for me but luckily this one is off to a good start.

Once steeped the tea is yellow in colour with a very toasted banana aroma. Very much like banana nut bread/cake, my husband agrees. Flavour is lighter than it’s scent. The banana is the most dominant flavour that is quite buttery and creamy with a dry nutty and toasted after taste. It does taste like what it says but on a lighter scale.

Matches my biscuits beautifully :)

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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423 tasting notes

Another from this weekend. It was a sample from my recent order (odd considering I ordered the Fall Collection). This really did smell like banana nut bread as a dry leaf and while steeping. But sadly it didn’t taste like much when I drank it. Then again I did make it at I won’t rate it until I can make it again at home.


In my 3 samples I got pumpkin chai and I was disappointed since I also ordered the Fall Collection :/ oh well, I guess they don’t think about it when packing the order.
I read somewhere that you can request specific samples with your order, I’ll try that next time.


I didn’t know you could request samples…interesting. But I do wish they would look at the orders before adding samples.

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318 tasting notes

I got this as a sample in my last David’s order. Based on Steepster recommendations, I went for the upper end of the spectrum, steeping for about 8 minutes.

It’s still a very light flavored tea. There’s some sweetness from the banana. I fortunately don’t get too much of the nuts in here. It’s kind of banana flavored.

All in all, a “meh” tea. Nothing special. it was good for a cup but it’s not something I particularly want to have again. Or to clean out of my strainer. I missed the advice to use a T-sac. Now there’s just a big lump of mush in my ingenuiTEA.

Boiling 8 min or more

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357 tasting notes

I noticed that my sample didn’t contain any of the banana chips depicted in the online image, so perhaps that might be why mine lacked the banana taste that I was anticipating? Or is this normal? In any case, my sample is very nut intensive, which isn’t the best fit for my taste. Other not-so-great points about this tisane: I had to use my entire sample in one go and there is a slight oil film on this tea, which I find a little unappetizing. Overall not a bad tea, just not one that best suits my taste.


Mine doesn’t have that many banana chips in it either. Mostly dried dates and currants.


Mine had no banana chips :( @Incendiare – did yours taste at all like bananas?


Oddly enough, it still does. Just a bit like banana chips. But it smells more like it than tastes. You don’t seem to be missing out even though I have a couple in there.


Good to know that I’m not missing out. I was considering trying it again with my next order, and making sure I had some banana in there somewhere. But if it doesn’t make too much difference, I’ll just stick to trying new and potentially more exciting options.

Daniella T

I think the small off-white chunks in the tea are still banana so even if you don’t get a chip you still have banana in it. Also I found mine nutty too. And I mean it is called banana nut bread but I like banana taste more than nut taste. I found that if you add a little bit of agave to the tea it bring out the banana flavour :)


@Daniella T I will have to give your agave suggestion a try

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141 tasting notes

This doesn’t even really qualify as a tisane- it’s trail mix! It’s made of huge pieces of dates, raisins, dried banana chips and nut bits. This may also be one of the most expensive products I’ve rated here on Steepster so far. A 25g pouch was only enough for 2 modest cups.

The fragrance was sweet and nutty. There was only one banana chip in the pouch, so that didn’t contribute much. The dates really stood out.

Once prepared, this made a drink that was essentially a fruit soup. The liquid was a light muddy brown. With the nuts floating in it, you don’t want to look at it too long.

The taste wasn’t too bad. The dates were sweet and the slight oil from the nuts gave it a bit of creaminess. There was a very faint note of banana, but I would have liked it much stronger.

Overall, I was a little disappointed with this one. The flavor wasn’t as balanced or deep as I would like and it was a bit expensive. I guess it was fun to try it once but I won’t be reordering.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

Yeah I have different categories for tea: tea (true), herbals, and fruit tisane… and I even distinguis some herbals (like ginger) that has no liquor to speak of. I call those. “waters” (i.e. ginger water). You used 13g for just one modest cup? Hot dang! What qualifies as modest?

Paul M Tracy

The cups were about 6oz each. The recommendation was 1 1/2 tsp per cup. There was only 4tsp in the 25g bag so I used it all since I wouldn’t have been left enough for a third cup. This was really heavy from the dates and nuts.


I agree with your post… I ordered this with my last davids order and was disappointed! I was surprised that I had used most of the bag at one time.


Maybe eating it would reap more favorable results?

Paul M Tracy

I have to admit that I did nibble on a few of the cooked date bits.

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160 tasting notes

Now I was a little surprised that this tisane barely changed the color of my hot water…and was therefore afraid it would just taste like hot water. I was also afraid that it would have that artifical dried pineapple kind of taste that I find some company’s banana teas do. NOPE, this is freaking awesome.

It smells like its hot in the oven, and it tastes a little less like the breadiness that I smell and more like the warm toasty banana-ness I want! My non tea drinking boyfriend again liked a tea! He didn’t want a full cup of it, but he also had real banana cream pie so it’s probably not comparable to him.

I love this, but I’m bummed at how little of my tin it fills when I empty my two 50 gram bags into it. Guess I’ll just have to buy more!


This was yummy, I tried it last night, too! But I am also a bit let down by how little you get for the price. Sigh.

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184 tasting notes

Oh my goodness. I’m definitely ordering this one before it goes away. I’m ordering LOTS. The smell, my god, the smell was divine. Banana bread, spot on. Both the dry tisane and the brew were luscious. This was yesterday’s after work tea, my relax and decompress tea. I needed it, mainly because I wore new shoes which on the walk from my car to my work building rubbed blisters on my toes. And then I had to wear them whenever I got up to go anywhere from my desk. And then I had to walk back to the car at the end of the day. I needed all the TLC I could get when six p.m. rolled around. This tea delivered.

I’m finding that between the Toasted Marshmallow tea and this tea, I might be relaxing my stance against sweeteners in tea. This one had raisins in it, which gave the tea a bit of sweetness, but wasn’t bad, as it (and I really hate to admit this) did bring out the flavor a bit. It was harmonious, like banana nut bread. It made the flavor truer. I’m finding, on consideration of the issue, that my stance on sweeteners may need some revising. Maybe I won’t automatically write off a tea because it has a touch of sugar, or stevia, or raisins, or marshmallows (when I think about what these flavoring elements actually mean to the sweetness and taste of the tea). What an earth shattering realization. Few things have been more constant in my life than my revulsion for sweetened tea.

Prepared 3 t in 750 ml water, at boiling, for 7 minutes.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

Don’t you hate that about new shoes? It never ceases to amaze me that the walk from the car to my work building can give me blisters. Seriously sucks.

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