Honey Bee

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Honeybush Rooibos Yerba maté Blend
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Honey, Rooibos, Artificial, Burnt Sugar, Lavender, Lemon, Medicinal, Floral, Burnt, Flowers, Perfume, Sweet, Caramel, Milk, Smooth, Vinegar, Creamy, Marshmallow, Eucalyptus, Lemon Zest, Wood
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Get busy

This honey-flavoured, honeybush tea is just about the sweetest energy-enhancer around. It has all the zest of real lemon and lemon myrtle, and all the smooth flavour of rooibos and green rooibos. But the real secret ingredient? Green maté. It provides a beautiful burst of energy for both mind and body. Strewn with calendula petals and cornflowers, this is the nectar of choice for busy bees.

Ingredients: Red and green rooibos, honeybush, green yerba maté, lemon peel, lemon myrtle, cornflower petals, marigold petals, natural flavouring.

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197 Tasting Notes

97 tasting notes

My favorite goalie just scored a goal so I figure I can get off my lazy behind and catch up on my tea notes.

Honey is one of my favorite things in the world. I have 5 or more varieties in my cupboard at all times. I also love caffeine. I depend on it for survival. And that, my friends, is why I bought Honey Bee. I bought it on a whim as most of my Davids purchases are. But I find that I really really like it a lot.

Dry this tea smelt so lovely. A bit grassy but with an intense honey scent. Brewed the honey was intense both in the flavor and scent. It was like being kicked in the face by one of those clover honey bears you see in supermarkets. It was almost floral and naturally sweet. I also got a nice lemony note from the zest and the lemon myrtle that worked well with the honey. The rooibos rounded out the flavor quite nicely as well with a bit of roasty woodiness.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

This one seems to get lots of bad notes but I love it! Like liquid honey.


The honey was just perfect and loved the addition of lemon to cut the sweet. I was a bit curious as to what a bit of grated ginger would do to the tea. Hmmm maybe next time.


Ooh, ginger sounds great! Definitely going to try that next time I make a cup of this


Goalie? Scored a goal How can that even happen?


Martin Brodeur is a mangod :) It’s his 3rd regular season goal. It was really kind of a fluke play where he was the last Devil to touch the puck on a delayed penalty call…but I have seen him actually shoot and score.


Interesting! I don’t really follow hockey, so had no idea that was even really possible…!

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390 tasting notes

this blend gave me more than just an energy boost… it also gave me information and insight!

this is another of the blends i snagged for a return swap to Ysaurella in paris. it reminded me vaguely of a tea she sent me and i thought she might enjoy variations on a theme.

i had concerns actually trying it though…. i don’t tolerate the high levels of mateine in mate well and i am fairly certain i have the start of an allergy to rooiboos. HOWEVER there are exceptions to every rule. apparently i can handle the mate if it’s diluted and it appears i can tolerate rooiboos if it has a stimulant paired with it!

the tea, the tea: absolutely a bumble bee tea! warm, orange notes that aren’t bitter or overpowering. there is a fuzzy honey bee representation, and yet i do not feel as though i am drinking pureed bee, lol. it seems, somehow, to tap into my bee memory engrams. very cool!

thank you again to Ysaurella for giving me the excuse, and keychange for giving me the shove!

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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749 tasting notes

The smell of this one I’m not loving. It might not be a bad smell if it wasn’t so strong. Also it smells like something from Lush. I can’t remember which product…I’ll have to keep thinking.

This has a sweetness that i’m not liking. I can’t really nail down what it is. Not a normal “it’s just too sweet”. It’s sweet in a roundabout way. Hmm. Not the mate for me.

4 min, 15 sec

ya not my favorite mate. but also not my least favorite. so, there’s that.


This is one of those blends that seeps into the very pores of a room. It’s not bad at all but it’s enough to prevent me from making it too often. Invasive~


Maybe Honey I washed the kids soap, or Honey Bee bath bomb? Or It’s Raining Men shower gel? I looove that honey smell, I know that one! lol


Haha I love Honey I Washed The Kids soap! It’s all I use. But that’s not it. I’ll go check my cupboard.


I find this tea has a really sharp element to the smell, I can’t wait to see what you find! haha


I think it’s Soft Coeur DaisyChubb :) Ah my mind can rest once again.


There we go! haha I was going to suggest that one but didn’t want to list everything ever. Yummmy soft coeur.

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37 tasting notes

Oh my goodness! I though I would not like this tea because the dry leaf smell really throws me off. I bought it for my sister because she does adore this tea, and I asked her if i could try some because I was sort of curious. Wow! This is a goooood tea. Oh man it tastes like an upgraded version of grocery store honey lemon tea. This will definately stay in the cupboards. I bought this tea for my sister but I have a feeling I will be drinking it all myself…


@Bonnie – It has 54 reviews!


Maybe you need to follow better people ;). Don’t worry, we all lose it occasionally :D


Oh dear. I’m sorry you see my comments as rude, if I was making typos I’d want someone to correct me with a smile and not bring attention to it, but I guess that’s just me. I find the comment “no one ever reviews it” rude when it has 54 reviews, but I guess you meant that only the people you follow count. shrugs Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, I suppose.

Drunk From Tea

Did I miss out on something?


You can delete unwanted comments, if you so desire.

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773 tasting notes

umm………i don’t like it. mostly the smell. but i’m glad i have it. cuz i think other people will like it and i can offer it to them when they visit. and my boyfriend is the mate guy and he drinks it. so it’s all cool.

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342 tasting notes

This tea tastes like honey mixed with vinegar. I’m pretty sure I’ve had mate before and it didn’t taste like this. I’m not sure what this flavor is from but I don’t think I can bring myself to drinking this tea ever again. The honey flavor IS really good, and I wish that was the only flavor because then I would love this tea. Maybe something bad happened to this poor tea? I don’t see anyone else mentioning this flavor.

I have a bit left, so if anyone else is interested in it, please let me know. Even though I haven’t exactly made it sound delicious! :P


Have you tried it iced? I really didn’t like it much at all hot, but as an iced tea it’s one of my favourites. Then again, could just be something in there that didn’t agree with you!


I did make it iced :(


This tea seems so divisive, people either really love it or really hate it! I think maybe it’s the combo of so many different base teas? I’m on the like side, but I can see why people think it’s icky.


Yeah, it’s kind of..perfumey? I can see how it could be a little strange.

Oolong Owl

my coworker loves this tea and bought like 200g of it and drank it every morning + resteeping. I thought the “honey” taste was really weird to mix with mate and not for me.

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1355 tasting notes

Well I will not be drinking as much tea today as I had hoped thanks to my late start but I shall do a Sunday sipdown tomorrow like never before. I decided to cook spinach and ricotta ravioli with home made chestnut mushroom and garlic bechamel sauce, garlic and rosemary focaccia for dinner and I have yet to find a tea that sits well with pasta. For that reason I had a naughty glass of red wine with it. To make up for my traitorous mistake and since I’m missing that something sweet after such a wonderful meal I chose this tea to get back on track with. I don’t think there is anything sweeter than honey. That made me smile because I have a cat called Honey and she really is sweet…to me anyway. She doesn’t like my husband so much though he has never done anything to her.


Not such a fan of mate but I do believe there must be a delicious blend of it out there somewhere so I hope I have one of them here in front of me. The tea itself actually smells really nice. It’s honey sweet but fresh and the smell of lemon is unmistakable. It sounds weird honey and lemon but it smells nice all the same.

Once steeped the tea is well..dark honey in colour with the same honey and lemon scent as it’s raw form. Delicious!

Flavour wise it’s light, sweet and honeyed with a touch of citrus lemon that is fresh and also light. It tastes as it smells and that is a treat. It compliments my dinner very well. :)

Side Note – I just popped the last of this into an airtight pitcher to make iced tea and see how that turns out. Will check it tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Additional side note – I poured my iced tea to drink before bed as a sweet treat after being cold steeped for almost 24 hours. It turned out amazingly! So sweet and very honeyed with the lemon and rooibos being extremely subtle. Cold steeping really has brought out more honey and I think if I had more I would cold steep it all the way.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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2360 tasting notes

Thank you CrowKettle for a bit of this to try! I love yerba mates but it’s odd that this is paired with rooibos. The fragrance of the leaves is very sweet. I think they add something to make it honey-like. The taste of it kind of reminds me of 52Teas cheesecake flavor but that doesn’t really make any sense either. haha. It has the same creamy silkiness I guess. But I really love this one! Not too much of a lemon flavor, but I do like the sweet flavor that is here and the earthiness from the yerba mate. I think I’ve liked most of the DavidsTeas I’ve tried so far, when I kind of thought they’d be gimmicky for some reason!

6 min, 0 sec

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372 tasting notes

Hmmm so I have had this one for a while but unfortunately I have not written a note about it. So getting back into the swing after the break has been a challenge. The baby had a fever so being up numerous times last night I needed a good kick in the butt. The mate is always good for that. Though sad that my enjoyment of this tea has come to an end…I’m still glad I got to sample it. The dry leaf smells like halls honey lemon cough drops. Which I like so that is not a bad thing. Anytime I’ve brewed this one my wife says that it smells weird but I find this one quite tasty. I have not had the pleasure of tasting mead, but this is what I would envision it to be like. Smooth and sweet and really can’t taste the mate. Every time I’ve had this one I just think of Blake Shelton’s song :) http://youtu.be/xZjosn2u1gA

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514 tasting notes

$1 today!
First of all, I love that this tea has an energy boost. I can hardly taste the mate aftertaste (the only reason I can taste it is because I know it’s in there I think!)

I am baffled as to how it tastes like honey. I was going to sweeten this one actually but I totally forgot, and it didn’t need it! (Man am I on repeat? haha)
The lemon is very nice too. Not overpowering, just there, like a squeeze of lemon with no harshness or acidity.

It DOES smell like Lush’s Honey soap, which might make this a tea I stock up on. It’s delicious iced. Very unique flavour in my opinion.


I am not a huge fan of this tea. To me it tastes fuzzy, like I am drinking a bee. Is it better iced than hot?


You know, I don’t think I could drink this one hot to be honest. I think it would be too much! I love it iced (not brewed too long), but it doesn’t seem like a nice hot tea. I also think I would be reminded of neocitran or something haha. yuck.
So, unhelpful as I am, I’m really not too sure! It might just be a certain taste for certain people, this one def has a strong taste of.. something. haha


I have to add another comment – it totally does taste like drinking a bee. So maybe it’s better to drink a bee when it’s cold? At least the bee is a refreshing bee. AND at least the name of the tea is relevant to the taste? _;

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