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More is more
This bright, rosy-pink tea has everything you need to feel loved. There’s calming hibiscus, warming cinnamon and reassuring rooibos. Sweet pineapple, papaya and peaches. Comforting rosehips, apples, elderberries and raisins. Uplifting mallow blossoms. Supportive orange peel. Caring pieces of coconut and almond. It’s a jumble of love and support and happiness. Word to your mamma. Caffeine-free.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, apple, raisins, rooibos, candied pineapple, candied papaya, orange peel, coconut chips, rosehips, elderberry, mallow blossoms, peach, almonds, cinnamon.

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55 Tasting Notes

303 tasting notes

The more I sample David’s Tea products, the weirder their overall profile seems to me; they’re very much like Teavana in that way. It’s basically a concept/execution issue, as the ideas are often excellent, but the end results can range from unfathomably poor, I mean really, truly what were you thinking poor, to quite tasty. But for me, it never really gets beyond that ‘quite tasty, but…’ with either Teavana or DT.

This tea, albeit double-bagged, had taken over most of the swap box when it reached me – not in a permanent way, it just needed some airing out, but the fact remains: this is a very strongly scented tea. It’s also a hot mess in every possible way. Every sip offers a new flavour combination, every whiff makes you flinch in confusion and sensory overload. This tea makes no sense.

However, I really like when things make sense, so the scenario I would like to propose is the following:

It’s a quiet day at the tea factory, all quotas are met, Dario the Junior Tea Blender is just messing about, playing little drum solos on the ingredient tins.




The unfathomable has happened. The shelf containing the jars for hibiscus, apple, raisins, rooibos, candied pineapple, candied papaya, orange peel, coconut chips, rosehips, elderberry, mallow blossoms, peach, almonds and cinnamon COLLAPSED from Dario’s musical pounding. David the Senior Tea Blender is NOT going to like this.

Dario must make haste to sort this out before David returns! He secures the shelf, returns the tins, and is in the process of scooping the fragrant mess on the workbench into an empty jar, when…

David the Senior Tea Blender enters the room! All hope is lost!

Mamma mia! Dario exclaims, freezing in place.

Cocking an eyebrow, David the Senior Tea Blender leans over the offending tin. His skeptical expression turns to one of delight as he roars, ‘Dario! This is brilliant! You even got the name just right!’

(As usual, thanks for sharing, whoever put this in!)

[Sample from the EU Travelling Box, autumn 2013.]

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I laughed out loud at work!


As a general rule I avoid teas with more than three ingredients. Very seldom do I break this rule as when I do I usually regret it.


haha That’s great!


david’s teas, although they have one or two i like, i generally consider to be a sort of ‘tea daycare’, because nothing gets left out. that’s grand for kids, crap for tea. especially when you’re taking about coloured sprinkles and whatnot. just MY opinion.


Lol this is the best team story ever! Thank you for making my Friday :)


Aw now, David’s definitely has a few gems!


Lol. Thank you for that.
And I’m less impressed with Davids than I was originally, but teas like North African Mint and Movie Night make me happy. I always buy samples now.


Aw, keychange, of course they do! No pouting!

And yeah, Cavocorax, there are a few I really want to try – Movie Night is number one on that list; I’m obsessed with anything popcorn.

Terri HarpLady

Love the story!
I’m with KS on David’s tea. I’ve actually only ever tried a few of them, & they weren’t for me.


i like the vanilla orchid, and i likED the blueberry jam, but i can’t do stevia, and i like to add my own sweetener. call me picky, lol.


*oops I mean tea story haha not team, I also enjoy a few DavidsTeas, but I definitely won’t try Mamma Mia now LOL


I absolutely love your tea reviews … they make my day! Keep up the great work :)


“hibiscus, apple, raisins, rooibos, candied pineapple, candied papaya, orange peel, coconut chips, rosehips, elderberry, mallow blossoms, peach, almonds and cinnamon”

goodness. That is a lot of stuff indeed.

I am not biased against a lot of stuff, sometimes a lot of stuff is perfection itself and unlikely ingredients can work. But this ingredient list, well, it would take a genius to make it work.


lol I love this review too! I had to read it to my husband. He laughed too. I haven’t tried this tea yet, but man, that sounds like a lot of ingredients. I could see how that would definitely confuse anyone.


yes a lot of ingredients the only probs is …where is the tea in DT ? I never found it…

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3134 tasting notes

I feel like I may have steeped this one too long, and am dreading the hibiscus…

Anyhow, the tea smells pretty floral, cinnamony, and strong. Reminds me quite a lot of potpourri, really. And for whatever reason, that smell is not appetizing me right now. Really not a floral tea fan, and mixed with hibiscus?! Yikes. Alphakitty, I hope I sent some of this to you (too lazy to check).

Oh man. Uhhh… yuck. The hibiscus isn’t bad (actually it’s not really an issue at all), but SO MUCH rose and the cinnamon flavour are just screaming BATH PRODUCT to me, not tea. Which gives me a soap association (not a soapy flavour though). I’m going to go water it down some though, because I think I was a little heavy on the tea compared to the water, and I’ve had that issue with floral teas before (by floral I mean rose. I really like the orchid floralness of oolongs, entirely different beast altogether. A gentle, happy beast, not like this one.)

Ok. Watered down it isn’t making me gag nearly so much. But again, it’s too much like a bath product for me. This one’s going down the drain; I would MUCH rather get started on the Harney & Sons flavoured blacks from Alphakitty awaiting me on the counter……

Lynne-tea, Mercuryhime, CHAroma, any of you guys interested in about a cups’ worth of this one? Zero chance I’ll be drinking it again. (Or anyone else for that matter…)

ETA: I just want to mention that I don’t think oversteeping is my problem with this one, it’s just not a combination of flavours that I find appealing.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

you make it sound so appealing. ;-)


Hahahaha, I’m sure I do! But I’m discovering I really dislike rose, and that’s probably the biggest problem for me here, so someone who likes rose might enjoy it! That said, the reviews generally aren’t fantastic.


Oh Crap…….that reminds me I cold brewed some tea with hibiscus in it last Mon/Tues and almost forgot about it. Imagine me- forgeting about hibiscus….GLADLY!!


Oooooh, risky….. my last cold-brew with hibiscus was Pink Flamingo, and that did not go well…


Thanks for the heads up on the not-so-edible bathwater. Haha. It’s funny how so many people dislike hibiscus yet it can be found in so many teas. What is UP with that…


I don’t think the problem in this tea is the hibiscus, although it might be contributing, I think it’s the rose/cinnamon combination. Either way, unless you have intentions of bathing in this stuff…


Yeah, rose and cinnamon are both such common notes in bath products and candles so I can see how the association would make an odd tea experience. I just found it amusing, as a side note, how you were dreading the largely disliked hibiscus and ended up disliking this tea for a more unexpected reason.


Haha, yes, given the colour of the tea I’m really surprised it wasn’t the hibiscus that ruined it!

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1220 tasting notes

Mamma mia, what a lot of hibiscus, my my how can I get rid of you.

There is TOO much going on in this tea. It’s tart, it’s fruity, it’s cinnamony, it’s nutty, it’s sweet, it’s causing my face to contort.

And the more I drink it, the more it tastes like I’ve licked a bath bomb from Lush. BLEH.


I’ve totally had that “licked a Lush bath bomb” phenomenon, only it was a different tea. It was, however, another DavidsTea.


That’s the perfect way to describe it, actually.

Tina S.

Robyn, was it one of the rose ones? I totally get that sensation from those! And Amanda I agree, this one is just way too much hibiscus for my liking.


Tina, yes, it was a rose one! Midsummer Nights Dream, which is more citrus than rose but contains rose which really came out when brewed hot.

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1779 tasting notes

Ok… strange. I thought that I’d give this a second chance, and it’s a good thing I did?

It’s still a fruity cinnamon mess, but this time the cinnamon balances better with the fruit – I don’t actually mind it! And yes, this would be much better if it were iced.

Guess I don’t need to dump this on someone after all – I’ve only got 25g or so – I can save it as a before bed-tea when I want to mix things up. I must have really destroyed it last time by steeping it for 7 minutes – and steeping it a second time didn’t fix it.

Upping the rating from 33.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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6770 tasting notes

Amanda Special Thanks for this!

Hibiscus! Oye!

Trying to get past that…the almonds, pineapple, papaya, and cinnamon is what I can taste thereafter.

The way to go with this one is ICED – it’s too sweet for me HOT – but it’s totally doable cold. As it cools I can also taste the elderberries…and citrus flavors. There is a lot going on here but a brave attempt from DavidsTea. Not one I would buy for myself but darn happy I got to try it!


Bleh, hibiscus. X(

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357 tasting notes

Eww….make the yucky stop!!!! There are just too many flavors in this one. The sourness of hibiscus mixed with, cinnamon, fruits, nuts, rooibos, BLECH!!! It’s wrong…so very wrong.

I was hoping that I might like this tea at least a little more this second time around – No such luck, in fact, I think I like it less. Oh well, at least this sample is done now. On to better teas….waaaay better teas!

Terri HarpLady

That’s the spirit!


Time for some good tea to wash that icky stuff out of your mouth! :D


Absolutely! I made some Infusion Bouteaque cranberry punch tisane, and I forgot all about the ickiness that is Mamma Mia. Ahhh yes, a good tea is like a hug in a mug


“…like a hug in a mug”

I <3 this. :D

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514 tasting notes

Finally gave this one a try!
You know, it was different than I expected. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the smell (mostly cinnamon) and I knew it would be quite tart with the first ingredient being hibiscus.

I quite enjoyed it! But it’s not a keeper (I’m not the hugest papaya fun), I’m glad I only got enough for a few cups. I had it iced, as is my wont, and couldn’t help but compare it to Kanpe. Even with the strong cinnamon association – the two teas are quite different to me.

The taste of this one is most certainly papaya! It took me a while to place it, but once I got it, it tasted just like the fresh papaya we ate at the sparse but satisfying buffet breakfast in cuba. Whoo do I win the longest sentence award?

haha well I’ll stick to Kanpe as my favourite tart iced tea – but I enjoyed this one and was pleased to find it unique and it really does stand on it’s own! I would definitely recommend it to papaya lovers.


I have yet to try this! For some reason I keep getting it confused with another new tea … oh yeah, Buddha’s Blend. I don’t know if it’s the double letter or alliteration or what, but all I remember is roses and it loses its appeal. Papaya though… yum!

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107 tasting notes

Wooow, this tea is not faring well in the tasting notes on here, is it? Too tart, sour, tastes like soap, weird clashing flavours, etc…

I accidentally over-steeped this one like whoa. I have no idea how long it steeped for before I got back to it, but from the deep dark reddish color and the fact that I could smell hibiscus across the kitchen(!) I knew it would be tart beyond saving with sugar.

And it is. But…I don’t mind it! Normally I wouldn’t be able to stand hibiscus overpowering a tea, but this time the hibby is so strong that I actually can’t taste anything else, and…as one note by itself, I weirdly don’t mind it. I said something derisive about teas that taste like sour gummies recently, but I actually like sour gummies sometimes. This is like that. It kinda makes me think I might like plain hibiscus tea sometimes, too.

I won’t rate it though, because I literally can’t taste anything else here except maybe a faint hint of cinnamon; and I’m sure that’s not what DT would consider this tea to be at its best, so I don’t think that’s fair.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

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709 tasting notes

Thought I’d give this a go in store today on the merit of it’s awesome dry smell. The sales clerk assured me that the coconut was not there in taste, so I bought a cup. I did not finish the cup. Got 1/3 of the way in…Couldn’t take it, even with sugar. It was just a cinnamon and hibiscus assault on my mouth. I rarely dislike a tea that strongly, but this was just a horrible mistake. One thing I do not appreciate about buying a cup in store is that you’re sort of left on your own with steep time. Mine steeped while I paid for it, etc…I like the handy little timer that you get at other stores, such as (my local!) Sawadee. Anyway, if you’re fond of cinnamon and hibiscus you might like this tea. I was overpowered.


I felt the same way, it was terrible! Blegh. I didn’t see that it was being marketed as a hibiscus tea, or I wouldn’t have tried it.

Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

Um, it seems this tea has bad reviews now… Bad new… And the new one who’s coming May 1st the “Movie Night” tea with, hem, Popcorn?? Don’t inspire me a success so… Is there a 2 fail in a row coming?


Although milk oolong is often described as having a popcorn flavor/scent… maybe it won’t be so bad! (fingers crossed)

Michelle Butler Hallett

Hibiscus is just gross.

Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

Hibiscus is like a death metal band which cover a Beatle song, it’s not mean’t to be good. It’s just… Yeah, gross… Haha.


I’m with you 100% on this. Mamma Mia is by far the worst flavored tea I have ever tried from DAVIDs TEA. Hibiscus is awful but some teas I can handle with it in it if the other flavors ovepower it. But in this case the cinnamon hearts flavored cinnamon and the hibiscus together have a terrible bitter taste. Not a fan.

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286 tasting notes

I got a package of this as a free sample from David’s on Mother’s Day, because I spent more than 50 or 60 dollars in-store. I’m glad it came as a free sample package, because I find this tastes more than a little strange.

I know I tried it as a hot brew and not liking it very much, probably because it was too sour. So I recently cold brewed this and all I taste is the tartness from the hibiscus and overpowering cinnamon. Drinking cold cinnamon is not enjoyable.


We loved mamma Mia hot, but I was heavy handed with the sugar. We went through 100 grams in less than a week, I don’t know what it was about it. Somehow I don’t think I’d want it again though, never refilled the tin. Must have been the honeymoon phase of those first few days as a loose leaf drinker


I have enough for one more cup. I’ll take your suggestion and try it with loads of sugar. Thanks for the idea! :)

Aimee Popovacki

its like koolaid when you add lots of sugar/agave haha… thats the only way i like to drink it too.

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