Movie Night

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Fruit Green Blend
Apple, Artificial Flavouring, Green Tea, Popped Corn
Apple, Brown Sugar, Butter, Butterscotch, Cake, Caramel, Creamy, Honey, Kettle Corn, Popcorn, Sugar, Maple, Maple Syrup, Apple Candy, Apple Skins, Fruity, Grain, Sugarcane, Sweet, Toffee, Nutty, Green Apple, Sweet, warm grass, Vanilla, Candy, Almond, Candied Apple, Pecan
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A new tradition

This popcorn tea is better than the real thing. First of all, it has no calories. Second of all, it’s sweetened with maple and apple. Third of all, it has green tea, which studies (well, ok, experience) say is the ideal brew for keeping you quietly alert throughout a late-night flick. Great for thrillers, dramas, westerns or comedies. Drink it at home or smuggle it into the theatre.

Ingredients: Apple, green tea, popped corn, artificial flavouring.

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294 Tasting Notes

749 tasting notes

Mmm this one smells like caramel apple.

This one is actually quite good, which I wasn’t expecting. I don’t know why it’s called Movie Night since it no way does it remind me of movies or popcorn. It’s like an unsweetened apple caramel sweet.

Thanks jessiwrites for yet another awesome one!


Hahaha, I feel exactly the same way about it! I don’t get the name at all, but it’s so delicious.

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513 tasting notes

Backlog. I had this as a tea to go when i was at David’s tea while in Ottawa this week writing that stupid exam. anyway, I need not continue to express my intense hatred of it, it’s over. And until i get the results, everything relating to it falls squarely into the category of not my problem.

Anyway, I got this tea because I’d heard really good things about it on steepster, and also because I was accompanied by a friend who’s a bit of a health freak, so I felt implicitly pressured into picking a green tea. Because you know, I’m twelve years old and peer pressure and all that sort of thing. uggh.

So I should have known I wouldn’t like this tea, and I didn’t. It tastes as though a bag of popcorn was accidentally upset into it, and then for good measure, some angry spouse chucked a bottle of maple syrup across the room and some of it splashed into this cup as well. it resulted in a tea that honestly probably wouldn’t be bad if I didn’t mind the taste of maple popcorn in drinkable form, but the sad reality is that I obviously very clearly do. Popcorn is meant to be chewed by your teeth and then get stuck in them annoyingly LOL. So I’m not going to rate this tea, a) because I don’t seem to be rating them anyway; and b) I don’t like the concept, so I wouldn’t be a fair judge. It kind of reminds me of how some people, when reviewing a fragrance called, say, “Intense vanilla love” start their review by saying “I hate everything vanilla, and this perfume was vile. Don’t bother wasting your time on this!”

Ok, bed time! I’m not writing very mature tasting notes at the moment haha.


I’d just like to say that I… understand the self-inflicted “grown-up peer pressure” thing. I have some very opinionated friends from college, and I still worry about what they’d say when I like certain things, watch certain movies, etc. Argh!

Roswell Strange

The blend for this was recently changed to add more maple flavour. I personally haven’t tried the new mix that has maple, but I have a nearly full tin of the old stuff which, from the sounds of it, is quite different. It’s very much like buttery popcorn with some light green apple type of taste to it. If you want, we could do a small swap or something and I could share some of what I have with you.


TeaKlutz, isn’t it annoying that we still “care” to this tday? and I wonder how much of it is really self-inflicted and how much of it is us genuinely picking up on their subtle judgements…
roswell, I’d be happy to send you some of the new kind, although I have to admit I’m not all that curious about the older version, as I don’t think I enjoy savoury teas all that much.

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160 tasting notes

yummm buttery! I’m drinking the sample of this that elizabeth229 sent me (along with bunches of Pumpkin Chai and a sample of Oh Canada). My first sip is a freshness and a buttery feeling and flavor. I taste the green tea, it’s a grassy tea which I really like. I think it’s too hot to taste the apple and maple right now so I will update this in a little bit :)

update—> ok so I still don’t get any apple flavor but I get a LITTLE LITTLE bit of maple. I love the smell of this tea, but the taste is just kind of whatever to me. I think I’d reach for it more if I wasn’t in the mood for a flavored tea (which is like, never). It’s not one I will re purchase but I will enjoy what I have of it.

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69 tasting notes

I went to David’s Tea specifically for this tea today, and it happend to be the Tea of the Day. The smell of caramel popcorn overpowered even the Kernels popcorn shop literally around the corner from David’s.
I’ve got to admit that I would probably have walked away with this one regardless of what I’d been looking for.
I’m steeping it a little heavy and at the top end of the suggested steep time because the sample I tried in store was a touch on the weak side. I’ve also added maple syrup instead of sugar. Which may prove to be a mistake, because I don’t know how much to use. We’ll see. It smells like the popcorn balls my uncle Tom made for me when we were very little and he was using the cabin at Clear Lake at the same time we were. One rainy night, he made up some popcorn and forbade us from eating it. Then he busted out the marshmallows, butter and microwave and we watched in awe as the marshmallows expanded to envelop the popcorn. Then he buttered his hands, formed the popcorn mixture into balls and handed one each to my brother and I. To say that my brother and I thought we were eating little bits of heaven doesn’t even say enough about it.
He never made them again and my parents never even tried to.

Now on to the tea.
The smell is overwhelming, even from my little 8oz mug.
It’s quite clear, with just a tint of honey in there, which I don’t care for. I like my tea to look like something.
Holy MACKINAW!! I just dipped my finger in to see if it was cool enough for me to sip, and my FINGER tasted like caramel corn. More, I think, like double hit butter corn from Kernels, actually. Wow, it’s tasty. I may be in for a treat. (Alternately, I may have steeped/sweetened it too aggresively.) We’ll see.
Mmm, mmm, mmm, wow.
No, it’s good.
It has more body than I expected it to. It’s like drinking a thin pudding (which sounds way grosser than it actually is.) And the body totally matches the smell in intensity. Next time I may actually back off a little bit.
Wow, Movie Night. You’re really making this day (dreary enough that it seems like evening all day and only 7 degrees outside. Come on, stupid weather, seriously??) seem a lot less sucky.
Yum, yum, yum.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec

can I double like?? I <3 popcorn so this sounds amazing. I love your story to, memories like that are so precious


It’s a very fancy tea. I suggest you hunt it down straightway!

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117 tasting notes

I haven’t been drinking much tea lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because of my organizational system… or, rather, lack thereof. It’s all jumbled up on a shelf in my cupboard, and forget half of it exists. So I emptied it all out onto the kitchen tables and suddenly I want to drink all of it! … I still don’t know how to organize it though. This is hard. >.<

As far as this tea, I got absolutely no green tea in it this time. Just apples and a piece of popcorn. And while I kinda like buttery appley popcorniness, I’m still pretty disappointed. It seems kinda dishonest on DavidsTea’s part to sell this (or kiwi’s great adventure) as a green tea. They might as well not add any tea and sell it as an herbal…

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427 tasting notes

Backlogging this. Thank you Amanda for sending me some of this in a swap, I have been wanting to try it for awhile. This tastes like apple with abit of maple mainly. I wanted to try this mainly for the fun factor. And this smells really good. I added some sugar and while I could taste this I didn’t think it was strong enough for me and was hoping for more of a maple taste. Mabe I need to steep longer. This is pretty good though.

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525 tasting notes

Very maple-y! I tasted more apple than popcorn, but that’s ok. It was like a caramel apple tea. Like others said, the flavor is light but pleasant. I did taste the green tea, but it was only in a slight metallic vegetal flavor. It added dimension to the apple.

I loved the look of the dry tea. I felt like I should be tossing it into my mouth by the handful. Very snack-y appearance.

It wasn’t really my favorite though. I think I needs something to balance the sweetness. The apple isn’t really cutting it. Maybe some citrus. But that would be a different tea entirely… Perhaps more toasty flavor! If I ever get more of this tea, I’ll try mixing in some genmaicha. That should help the popcorn flavor at any rate. :)

Thanks for letting me try this DaisyChubb!

180 °F / 82 °C 5 min, 30 sec

Ah great idea to mix some genmaicha in!! I find there’s not enough actually tea in this one usually, but that would totally solve the problem

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658 tasting notes

Okay, so this is better with a longer steep. But, I still think it falls far short of its awesome smell, concept, and hype. It’s still kind of watery and yet biting. And I wish there was actually tea in here because I feel pretty cheated when there are only a few tea leaves!

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180 tasting notes

Thanks to Allie for this one; it’s one I’ve wanted to try for a quite a while now, so I’m glad to finally have the chance!

It’s interesting – very light tasting, and the green tea is really more of a background note than a main part of the flavor. Looking at the dry leaf, I wondered if all of the apple pieces would make it similar to Forever Nuts, but it was actually very different. It wasn’t salty like I would’ve thought from a popcorn tea, but it was still a very good “snack-time” cuppa.

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603 tasting notes

When I first saw this tea on the DavidsTea website, it didn’t interest me and actually creeped me out a little bit. It just seemed strange with all of the… popcorn… tea… flavoring… kind of like a crazy carnival in a cup.

I received a nice sample from jessiwrites (thank you so much!) and the scent was calling to me from the bag. I sniffed sweet, salty, buttery… a bit like yogurt-covered pretzels (a huge love of mine — the perfect combination of sweet, creamy, salty). Once steeped, I became a little hesitant to sip because it smells like buttered popcorn jelly beans and I strongly dislike buttered popcorn jelly beans. Actual buttered popcorn is perfectly fine with me & is often my companion at the movies. Bringing my nose to the cup again.. I get caramel corn. Not so bad! Let’s give this a try.

Sipping… the sweetness is the first thing that I taste. It’s followed by a rather savory, almost salty note. Yep, it’s very much like caramel corn.. but in tea-form. There is also a bit of apple — I’m thinking Granny Smith as it’s rather tart. The apple balances out the sweetness pretty well and keeps things interesting. The more I sip, the more everything comes together. Caramel, tart apple, salted popcorn. The tea does finish on an artificial note, sadly.

I’m happy that I was able to try this tea. It’s definitely an original and interesting treat for the taste buds.

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