Blazing Strawberries

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Fire and ice
This tea is ripe and sweet and summery, with luscious strawberries and pretty mallow blossoms. But it also has a wild, fiery side. Those little pink peppercorns give your tongue an unexpected tingle, before the sensible bamboo leaves (which are reputed to lower your body temperature) cool things down. On ice, it’s the ultimate experience: fruity, fiery and quenching. Caffeine-free.

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78 Tasting Notes

3134 tasting notes

Ohhhh man. This is pretty much the best iced tea I have ever made. Brewed this one strong (4, possibly 5 generous tsp to 8 oz.) with boiling water, and then diluted up to probably 14 oz. with cool water after about ~4 min. It went into the fridge maybe 10 hours ago, and the result is seriously amazing. It’s creamy and “vegetal”, but not in any way that tea has ever come across to me. It’s almost more like cucumber, except there’s some sweetness from the strawberry. When I was brewing this up, I fully admit that I was regretting that I had so much left of my 50g bag…. yeah, no longer. And I’m now hoarding the rest of it, because nobody I’ve sent it off to likes it, so now it’s all mine! :D So there! Haha.

Anyways, this was a very pleasant surprise this evening (er, is 4:30am still evening?) while I’m working on project stats. I’m far more interested in drinking this than the 3 hot teas I just made… oh well.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Gah! If I were up at that time I’d be chugging maté.


This is one I really wanted to try, but it had disappeared online before I decided to do a $50 order. Oh well. :) Glad to see a positive review!


I have a pretty messed up sleep schedule right now, so I was wiiide awake at 4:30. Come noon, and I was crashing pretty hard. Caffeine doesn’t seem to do much for me though, other than give me nausea and the jitters if I drink too much on an empty stomach.

OMGsrsly – this one is really hit or miss, or seems to have been. If you really want to try some, you might try asking on the swap threads? That’s how I ended up with about 30-40g of DT’s Buttercream, which was discontinued before I even knew it existed (and then I got it in a swap and loved it). It was a similarly hit or miss tea, so people were willing to part with theirs :D


Caffeine does the exact same thing to me, especially on an empty stomach. It’s almost like a hangover.


Ugh, it’s awful! But at least I rarely encounter that problem (really, it’s only extra-large coffees or matcha smoothies that ever result in consequences, and the coffee has bonus intestinal consequences too).

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8204 tasting notes

Thanks to kittenna for this sample.

All i have to say is seriously? People drink this? UGH i’m not sure if it’s the sample i have or what but it pretty much smells like a dog’s butt and doesn’t taste all that great either. Maybe bamboo teas just aren’t my thing. ick. Ah well, at least it’s another one off the list! woot woot!


Haha I think we have similar taste buds because bamboo tastes off to me too, like cellar. Bamboozled made my taste bud’s die a little inside.


well we are not pandas …why should we eat/drink bamboos ? as we get real teas :)


Mmm.. dog’s butt. I always though the picture of this tea look like it belonged in a microbiology book, or in a photo collection of bizarre macro shots.


crowkettle – heh that kinda cracks me up


Haha! this conversation is really funny!


Mmm-hm. This definitely goes on the shopping list with this amazing description. :)


Lol Nicole

Terri HarpLady

Nice Review, Sil!


Sorry it was pretty bad. Lol

Terri HarpLady

Glad I didn’t have to sample that one!

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514 tasting notes

I’m sorry that people have had bad experiences with this tea, because it is just the taste bomb!! [Is that what the kids are saying these days? Bomb diggity.]

I cold brewed it for today with the last bit of Luscious Watermelon and Swamp Water which were hiding away from me in plain sight. A perfect mix! All this fruity goodness and no hibiscus in sight!

Actually, it tastes like bubble gum! Which makes me think anything is possible. So I’m going to the gym after work today.



Ooooh, that sounds like winning combo to me! I need to try Swampster.


I really wish I had enjoyed Blazing Strawberries. It sounded great. But what I got each time was simply bamboo. No anything else. Maybe next years summer teas will be more up my alley.

Glad you enjoyed it though.


honestly, I have to brew it a certain way to get a lot of taste out of it (in my fridge steeping for 3 days) haha but I love it!
Well when I find a tea that doesn’t suit me but makes you drool, I know where to send it m’dear :)


I wish I had some Blazing Strawberry I could send you but I tried my darndest to like it so steeped many different ways and times so have none left.


Nice haha! That’s dedication :D
That’s ok I stocked up waay too much before the summer teas went away o:

Ashley Bain

I loove Luscious Watermelon. I need to stock up before it runs out!

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709 tasting notes

Oh man…Oh MAN! This is fantastic. These strawberries really are blazing (but not in a spicy way!)…I get a totally authentic strawberry tastes, complete with the occasional tinge of bitterness that strawberries have. I don’t know where that’s coming from – the bamboo, maybe? Either way, I am extremely impressed. My disclaimer is that I got this in store, and they used the proper amount of tea by their standards. I try to stretch out my tea, so I usually use one perfect teaspoon to two big mugs, but this tea would not work that way, I don’t think. Definitely use at least one solid teaspoon to a mug. I think I will be buying some of this, because when I decide I want a real strawberry flavour, (but no berries are to be found) this will be where I turn. Hoping it’s as light as it looks, because I definitely want this in my repertoire.

8 min or more

This sounds sooooo good!


Wow. I think this is the first one we have disagreed on. I did not have any strawberry flavour in my cup just lots of what I thought was the bamboo. I need to try it again especially since you are recommending it.
did you use any sweetener to it?


Nope, no sweetener. I rarely put things in my tea, unless it’s a chai or it tastes horrible. I definitely had let it steep 5 or 10 minutes before I ever tried it, as we were walking. Also, as I said, they prepared it in store so I’m not sure of the amount of tea, but it might have been extra. I did not get any peppercorn taste though, lol.

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470 tasting notes

Another sample from Kittenna I am finally getting to! Really, it’s shameful how behind I am. I made this one hot, and used the entire sample since I know DT blends can be a little weak. But wow, was it flavorful! Not at all the flavors I was expecting, but tasty.

I got a hint of sweet strawberry, but mostly what I presume was the bamboo. Earthy, rich, and almost… caramel-y? It certainly reminded me of a dessert! I got a little bit of a tingle from the peppercorns, but it reminded me more of eucalyptus than anything spicy. It was a good tea, but very unusual—I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

this one sounds interesting. the photo of it is really pretty!


It’s a really pretty blend for sure! I might pick up some more, it was very intriguing.

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58 tasting notes

So let me see how “in a nutshell” I can make this before I wind up rambling on and on in this tasting note.

I bought this really because of my obsession with the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, and the catch phrase of this tea is “fire and ice” so I decided to give it a shot. And I really love DT’s Bamboozled. I bought it to be an ice tea and really have no plans of trying it hot.

First of all, you get A LOT of tea for 50g. Like, one of DT’s tins was overflowing when I filled it up with this, usually 50g only takes up about a third of the tin. So it is a very spacious tea. I doubled the amount of tea suggested and doubled the steep time as well. Mixed in two teaspoons of rock sugar while it was still hot and let it cool to about room temperature before pouring it over ice. I used ice from my parents ice machine as opposed to ice cubes I made myself, so the flavor was a bit artificial but I really attribute that to a batch of fridge made ice that added that slight chemical note. Blah. Good to know for next time though.

Flavor-wise it was a bit.. strange. A warm feeling for sure, but a somewhat lack of flavor.. mid conversation with my mother about something, I reached into a candy jar on the table and ate a Dove Dark Chocolate, then proceeded to absent-mindedly take another sip of this iced Blazing Strawberry tea. And… BAM absolute total perfection. That is what this tea is lacking… chocolate!!! For some reason, the hint of dark chocolate really brings out the strawberry flavor and melts in nicely with the subtle sweet spice.

So… since then I have blended in a handful of dark chocolate chips to the rest of my 40g or so of tea and ever brew since then has been spectacular! Go figure!!

8 min or more

Ooooh, this may be what I need to finish ASOIAF. =D


Yes! But add chocolate, it’s really.. meh.. without chocolate. ^^

Terri HarpLady

Nice improvisation!
I love the Song of Ice & Fire books, I read the entire series over the summer, & my only complaint is that it will probably be another 5 years before he finishes the next one….


Agreed. I am going to be camped outside my local bookstore DAYS before it releases. Muahaha!


Five years will be lucky.


I am on book 4 right now. Great characters!


I still have two books to go, but I am annoyed that he brags about how he hasn’t even started the next one yet. What a tease! : ) I prefer stumbling onto things after they’re done being written or filmed so I can enjoy it in one sweep.

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634 tasting notes

Hurricane Sandy came and went and oh, we made out like bandits! The power only flickered on and off a couple times. We’ve had no damage at all. Very lucky indeed. My in-laws-to-be, on the other hand, lost several trees that took out their shed and are blocking their driveway. So, they’re stuck until further notice! :/ But we’ve got power so I’m having some tea! ;)

Oh dear Lord!! The aroma of this tea is potent to say the least. I don’t think this is going to be a winner with me. I let my fiancé sniff the cup and he said, “It doesn’t smell good.” LOL! I’m afraid I concur with his assessment. I also set the cup down across the room so I didn’t have to smell it as I wrote my initial thoughts down. Phew! I better gather my courage and take a sip already!

At first, I thought, “Hmm, it’s not as bad as it smells.” Then the aftertaste overwhelmed me and I thought, “Oh yes, actually it is.” Yuck! I am not a fan of bamboo tea. Oh no! I’m so sorry to write such an awful review, but I just can’t take this tea. I suppose I’m more of a traditionalist who favors blacks, greens, and whites. Herbals have never been my first choice.

But hey, life is all about new experiences. Maybe I would have loved bamboo tea! You never know till you try. Thanks to Kittenna for the sample. I’ll leave the rest for you to enjoy. :P

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Interesting! This one is actually very mild, so I wonder if it picked up flavours from something else. It usually tastes very light, a bit fruity, and a bit… refreshing.


So glad you made it through without harm! And to have power and tea!!! Great!


@Kittenna, Well, I used the entire sample in one cup…maybe I should have used less leaf? It was VERY strong!

@Bonnie, thanks!! We’re very happy to have made it through unscathed.


I’m glad the storm did not harm you! I never lost power either, although there were several flickers where I thought “this is it”.


I honestly don’t recall how much I sent, although it should have been enough for 2 cups (so 3-4 tsp?) as I have a large bag of this one. Either way, you didn’t like it, and your sample is gone! Hurrah! :P I think I dug out your box of samples last night, and rediscovered some treasures I’d been meaning to sample! At least, I think it was your box. I’ll have to double check, haha. (If you sent me Butterbeer, that’s the box I was nosing around in :D)


I did send Butterbeer!! :D I hope you enjoy it! It tastes exactly like butter and root beer to me. :)

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232 tasting notes

Mmmm, MMM!

Did not drink this today, I steeped 4 heaping (perfect scoops) in a 2cup measure of hot water, let cool and used it to make pancakes this morning. WOW! This really added to the Sunday Brunch affair! I topped the pancakes with a reduction of strawberries and honey and got RAVE reveiws!

This tea really BROUGHT-IT!

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

I’ve been itching to try cooking with tea… this sounds delish!!


I don’t know if it can be called cooking, since it was a just add water package of pancakes, but today I thought, plain water is so boring… Hmmm, Blazin’ Strawberries is not my favourite sipping tea… Lets use this instead of water, end result… DELISH!


hey cooking is cooking, no matter how easy! :P
and you get credit for the idea so… extra yum!


Very nice! I’ve used almond milk steeped tea to make pancakes and waffles before, BUT I never would have thought if using Blazing Strawberries! Genius :)


I am tempted to use Banana Daiquiri to make banana muffins… Hummmmm?


DO IT! Banana Daiquiri muffins with a rum glaze or crumble! Yes…


Oh my gosh, I am drooling all over the place o_o

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1470 tasting notes

I had this iced in-store today, my first of the summer teas! Eeee!

It was very tasty! It tasted a bit weak, but that’s likely due to their practice of brewing the tea “twice as strong” hot and then pouring it over ice, which, I really prefer to brew the tea and then just let it cool overnight in the fridge. I look forward to trying that with this tea.

That said, I really did enjoy this one. The taste was light, but very refreshing. A lot of the flavor came out in the aftertaste, and there were quite a few “tongue tingly” moments.

I think this tea and I are going to have a wonderful summer together.

Iced 3 min, 0 sec

I’m so intrigued by this one! And I hate the idea of having to double up on the tea just so you can add ice and enjoy immediately – I’ll have to try the overnight brew!

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1220 tasting notes

This is…interesting. I definitely do not like it as much as Bamboozled, that’s for sure. Some sips it tastes oddly of cilantro.

When it does taste like strawberry, it’s pretty tasty. But there is nothing blazing about this. Although I wonder if it’s the peppercorns in combination with the strawberry that are giving me the soapy taste I associate with cilantro?

Definitely do not like this one. I thought I would! Oh well.

Thanks, Kittenna!


I don’t know if my taste buds have changed but it this tea tasted better to me last year.


Try it hot, it tasts really different. Not only strawberry-ish, but the blazing part comes out when it’s hot.

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