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Apple, Artificial Flavouring, Black Tea, Cranberry, Pear
Apple, Artificial, Cranberry, Fruity, Pastries, Pear, Sweet, Tart, Vanilla, Biting, Floral, Orange, Creamy, Cream, Apricot
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  • “What can I say – I’m impressionable. Darn you, VariaTEA! This was WAY back in my closet and I have to go digging through my (many) black tea tins to find it because once you mentioned it I just had...” Read full tasting note
  • “All done! I must say that I’m not sad to see this go, I’ve fallen out of like with this tea. It’s a bit too tart and the tea base is too light for my taste. I used double the amount of leaf that...” Read full tasting note
  • “Finishing up my sample of this, why isn’t it called Cranapple Pear Crumble? That would accurately describe it. It’s tasting extra-crumble/streusel desserty today. Even though there were big...” Read full tasting note
  • “Why have I never tried this before?!? I know, because it never sounds all that appealing. Luckily I have read a whole bunch of awesome reviews on it here on steepster (I am looking at you Roswell...” Read full tasting note


Berry good

A few months ago, David tried a fruity dessert tea that knocked his socks off. It was subtle and refined, delicately floral and slightly sweet. He was intrigued. He had to have it. But what was the secret ingredient? Cranberries. Normally associated with a neon red holiday sauce, these beautiful berries really sing when paired with rich, floral black tea. Here we blend them with big pieces of pear and apple for the fruit and black tea blend you won’t believe you ever went without.

Ingredients: Cranberry, black tea, pear, apple, artificial flavouring*.

Price per 50g: $7.50

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230 Tasting Notes

1184 tasting notes

Huge pieces of fruit in this one! It smells delicious.

But the taste is a little disappointing. I think there was lots of apple pieces so I am not really getting that much cranberry pear taste. Don’t get me wrong, it is still there, but I am also getting an artificial taste to it. I will have to see where future cups take me with different amounts of fruit.

But hey, I only got a 20gram sample. I will still drink it but I won’t re-stock.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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1779 tasting notes

Thanks Sil for the surprise sample!

I really enjoy the tart cranberries and the sweet pears, but I don’t really taste the black teas. I… I guess I’ll take their word on it! It’s pretty tasty as an herbal though!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 45 sec

I had a similar experience with this one. It made for a tasty herbal, but I prefer my black teas to taste like there’s some tea in there!

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9050 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! You know… i’m not sure how i feel about this tea. I often wish David’s Tea would just cut it out with all the fruit chunks that hide the TEA! this tea has more tea in it than your average tea from Davids (fruit tea that is) but it’s still not a lot of tea.

So how do i feel about this? well it smells delicious! but drinking it is kinda like drinking a cranberry apple tea. The pear i only really get if i breath in the vapors coming off the mug. So it’s kinda fail in my opinion as a pear tea. it’s a cranberry tea. one that might be tasty as a cold brew though… hmm yeah maybe.

Boiling 8 min or more

Wow, you’re really on a roll today with the sipdowns!


Kaylee…yeah but then ill probably end up going forever without one. Mostly just getting through all the teas that I’ve been hanging on to because I was never getting around to finishing them. Must get down under 200…..


You can do it!

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747 tasting notes

The flavour is predominantly a blunt bitterness. The black tea taste is not very strong but is definitely present. The aftertaste contains all the sweetness and juicy-feel of pear and cranberry flavour. The fruit flavours are quite pleasant, I would prefer that they were more in the main part of the flavour.

Rating: 67

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Nice! Drank the same tea at the same time as me :D


So weird… In a good way! :)


Tea twins! :D

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297 tasting notes

Mmmm smells so yummy, appley and cranberry. To me this is fall, and reminds me of my mom. In October my mom goes to a cranberry festival down south.

So, anyways I got this in a swap and made a small 6oz ish cup. This was light on black tea taste, I almost feel like I could drink this at night. It tastes like typical cranberry and apple tea, I know its suppose to be pear, but I get apple. It’s really good and definitely one I will be adding to my fall collection.

EDIT: This was my 100th tasting note. Wow hard to believe.


Congrats on 100! ^^


100 notes, woohoo!! congrats hun! :)

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676 tasting notes

Thanks again Indigobloom for this sample!

I don’t get much of a chance to drink real loaded with fruit tea. This was LOADED!
When I opened the silver DT packet it was hard to find any black tea at all. The plump pieces of cranberry and dried pear with apple looked more like fruit salad. Steeping this 6 minutes to extract as much fruit flavor as possible the pour was golden with a warm, delicious cranberry scent.

I was expecting lots of fruit flavor. Sadly, the apple taste broke the back of the cranberry tang causing the flavors to flatten. This was disappointing. I like cranberry apple juice but the balance has to be just right or the cranberry will get lost, which is what happened here. The result was watery. Too bad.

I think a little hibiscus would have helped. Hibiscus haters who swear that it overpowers every other flavor on earth, in some cases, such as cranberry, it can be a great help if used in moderation. And, maybe a little more tea could have been in this fruit mixture.
Where was that tea anyway?

This was not a winner. But Indigobloom is a winner all the time!


Awww thank you Bonnie! XOX
I found this one to be hit or miss. Sometimes it’s meh, and others… amaaaazing! Sorry yours fell on the meh side!
(and I had the girl put extra leaf in to! lol)

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513 tasting notes

I took this to work with me today and it was very enjoyable. Fruity, but still with a hearty black base, and no bitterness whatsoever. I was really impressed with this tea today, it was exactly what I was looking for this morning!


This one is pretty good! Glad you enjoyed it :)


I am really liking it. I tend to associate black teas with spice or chocolate based flavours, it is nice to see a strictly fruit based one that also really works.

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615 tasting notes

I spent way more time with family than I expected to this year, so I didn’t drink any tea on Tuesday or Wednesday. But Cards Against Humanity has this way of bringing family together over horribly offensive jokes. My mother was surprisingly good at it. o_O

This is like an herbal masquerading about with a tinsy bit of tea in there. That seems to be a common thread with quite a fews Davids blends, but, if you don’t mind not tasting tea in your tea, it’s an okay thing.

It’s sweet with floral notes, but a dominantly sticky apple and pear flavor. Cranberry is there, but I’m finding it quite faint. It’s very candy-like, and doesn’t need any sugar on it’s own. I would almost classify this overall as more dessert-like than fruity. There’s almost a crumble feel to it.

Anyway. Thank you Ellyn for this cup for the first day of Christmas!

205 °F / 96 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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513 tasting notes

Another tea from DT! There are a few blends from them that I really like, and because they’re right down the street and easily available to me, and also don’t have many of the same problems associated with small businesses, I’m always particularly excited when I like a tea from them. Also, I flat-out refuse to become one of “those people” who looks down my nose at an entire company, although i do of course understand how tastes can evolve. I feel similarly about perfume. I am a huge, huge fragrance lover (as in I love them a lot, not as in I am huge, although I guess to some I am haha), and started my journey by falling in love with a lot of department store offerings, and then discovered a whole other world of niche fragrances and it just blew my mind: that there could be smaller perfume houses with a budget dedicated entirely to sourcing high quality ingredients to make such beautiful scent profiles that I could not find anywhere else, but I never gave up on the department stores, because I’m just never one to turn down an opportunity to fall in love with something. I just love the feeling of loving wonderful things. LOL I must sound so annoying, sorry I’ll stop.

This tea is so wonderfully thick and creamy all on its own. That said, a spot of cream just takes this tea to the next level and amplifies the creamy flavours tenfold. I was also perusing facebook earlier and saw omgsrsly talking about vanilla sugar, and realized that I have some of that as well. I am so, so going to throw in some vanilla sugar next time I brew this up. The people who liken the scent of this to bubblegum are probably right, although I imagine that’s the “pear”. You can’t really smell the cranberry in this, although if you inhale deeply enough you might pick up on some tartness. The taste feels similar: the pear up front followed by a hefty dose of cream and a very subtle tang of what could be cranberry but will inevitably keep this tea from ever being cloying or “kid-like”. I really hope dt always keeps this in stock. I also think it’ll do really well in a travel mug, and I intend to do just that when I pick up some more later on. Great, great tea. I also woke up with a scratchy throat this morning and this tea felt heavenly against it.

0 OZ / 0 ML

i’m with you there…as a whole i generally don’t love david’s tea, but i always try the blends out and there are a few i’ve fallen in love with over the years :)


yeah exactly. Like we notice trends for sure from various companies, but an open mind can always leave you pleasantly surprised every now and again.


I want to know what some of these niche fragrance companies are…


…Even though, sadly, I can’t really ever wear perfume because I work at a winery.


So jealous that you work at a winery! Some of the niche houses I like a lot: serge lutins, Ormond Jane, A lab on fire, il profumo, huitiem art, andy tauer, fredeerick malle, and the list goes on. Some of those can actually be found in some high-end department stores. And speaking of department store offerings, I love lots of them as well. Do you enjoy fragrance in your non-work life? Also, do you love your job?


I love perfume too! I’ll have to look at some of those ones you said. I’m having so much fun exploring the world of perfume.


Finally remembered to go back to this tasting note! I wrote down the perfume houses you mentioned in my phone so I could keep an eye out! Working at a winery sounds awesome, and it mostly is. And even though I work for my family, we actually get along rather well. But I don’t really drink often at all, so I probably enjoy “perks” of the job less than many others would. I do also get to live in Napa Valley, which has amazing weather and is right near San Francisco. What do you do for work? Years ago, I got really into fragrance as a motivator to quit smoking, actually, but I never “graduated” to any brands which couldn’t be found in a department store. I find fragrance fascinating in the way it relates to tea, too. I’ve heard that the many of same places that produce ingredients for fragrance produce flavorings for food products such as tea.

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109 tasting notes

Gah-I REALLY don’t like this! Giving this a lower rating. I dumped the mug and have decided that I won’t finish this tea. The artificial flavoring is overwhelming and nasty. There is very little tea in this “tea”. The dominant ingredient in this tea is cranberry, and I can’t taste it at all thanks to the artificial flavoring. I deleted my old review so as not to bury a tea with multiple poor ratings but you can read it below:

“Actual steep temp 208, to be precise.

My first order from DAVIdS and I had high hopes for this one-good Steepster reviews and a great flavor pairing with Cranberry and Pear. And it’s just, meh.

First off, the photo on here for this tea is misleading-I have hardly any tea at all in this. Basically, I had to look for stray strands of tea leaves. It’s maybe 10% tea. I would call this a glorified tisane, really. It’s not a huge deal, because then it means less caffeine and I could always use less caffeine, but I was expecting more TEA. Perhaps there is more tea on the bottom of the bag if I transfer to a tin and shake it around. However, I am not doing that because I imagine the oily and strong artificial aroma would be really difficult to remove from a tin. I only bought 50 grams in a quality, re-sealable foil pouch, so that is where it stays.

So, in the brewed aroma I smell some pear and the artificial flavoring (wondering if it is alchohol-based? Sure seems like it.) I don’t smell or taste much cranberry at all. The artificial flavor is really strong-shame there’s no cranberry in it. I taste some pear and apple. Had one cup with sugar, one without. Sugared cup is better. It’s not bad or bitter, but it’s kinda dull. The artificial flavoring is predominant and I don’t care for that. I’ll probably finish this-especially on days where I want lower caffeine. But I will do it without any enthusiasm. Won’t be buying this again. I am not big on flavoring added to tea, but after this, I think I am banning any tea with artificial flavors from my cabinet."


FYI, your rating only affects the tea’s overall numerical score once, so you can write as many reviews as you want and it won’t get oversaturated with poor ratings. In fact, usually your reviews on the tea’s page will clump together with the most liked/commented one first, then the others hidden until you click “1 more tasting note” or something.

Scott B

Ok, thanks. Maybe I should withhold rating numbers on teas until I am certain. I gave this a 64 last time.


You can also change your rating to your heart’s content. Just go under ‘tea ratings’ in the top right (under ‘You’). I think many people adjust their ratings after trying a tea a second time, or after they’ve explored other options. I certainly do.


And yes, it won’t let you leave two different numerical ratings for the same tea anyhow.

Scott B

Thanks, Krystaleyn. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of people up ratings as they become more familiar with a tea. I’ve never seen anyone lower a rating, though.


They just don’t say they did :P I’ve done it!


DT’s has many very good flavored teas but I do agree on this one, not their best!

Scott B

Well, this one has really scared me off the flavored stuff-seems like they use artificial flavors in most of them.

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