Blood Orange Pu'erh (organic)

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Fruit Pu-erh Blend
Hibiscus, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Oil, Licorice Root, Orange Oil
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Citrus country

Most people associate oranges with Florida, but they were actually first cultivated in China thousands of years ago. So it should come as no surprise that orange is the perfect complement to pu’erh, China’s King of Tea. Taste it for yourself in this deep crimson tea, a delicious balance of tart hibiscus, juicy citrus and earthy pu’erh, with the lingering sweetness of licorice root. Orange you glad we didn’t add banana? (MK Kosher)

Ingredients: Organic: Fair Trade Certified pu’erh tea, Fair Trade Certified hibiscus, lemon myrtle, licorice root, orange oil, lemon oil, grapefruit oil.

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51 Tasting Notes

676 tasting notes

Thank you TeaFairy for this lovely sample

I do love Pu’erh’s no matter how it’s spelled! TeaFairy put a note on this tea package (cause you are such a pu’erh Diva!) which I think is far from the truth and it got a chuckle out of me. I would love to climb in that direction I’ll admit to it, and learn more about pu’erh’s.
I’ve never known anyone other than myself who liked really good and tangy marmalade either. The U.S. bland and sugary types are aweful but the imports with rind and all are Um so good! I would get the crock of Dundee in the market years ago, and then I learned how to make marmalade myself. The three fruit sort with orange, lemon and grapefruit. There is something so grand about stirring a pot of jam or making your own cranberry sauce or pickles. Anyway, this packet held the two favorites of mine, the tangy orange and the pu’erh which was going to be fun to experience.

The dry aroma was heavy with bitter orange. When the steeping was done after 6 minutes, the steam from my brew basket smelled like a combination of the jam making pot and the scent of a friend sitting at a kitchen table with a cup of coffee. The coffee and the marmalade scent were mixing together.
My first sip was not sharp or rough but smooth, round and juicy, tasting of citrus orange without astringent assertiveness. The flavor was naturally sweet and mellow. I was quite surprised that I wasn’t running to the sugar bowl right off…and would drink this straight up on any occasion. Adding a tad of sweetening was very nice (I tried this on a later cup).

There are a couple of things I tried with this Pu’erh (me being me).
1. If it’s breakfast time, you could put a little (1TB. or so) marmalade in the cup and a teaspoon and snack on it while sipping on the tea, or as Scott Tea Man does sip through a Twixx candy bar.
2. I have been filling water bottles with Pu’erh’s to chill them for when I’m out and about and find this one especially tasty. These Pu’erhs are the healthiest tea’s and I’ve never seen any iced ones commercially so I make-um! I make the Verdant ginger pu’erh iced also.

A bonus to this pu’erh is how refreshing it is. It is not a straight pu’erh. There is hibiscus (which you can’t taste) and black tea (orange pekoe). The orange lingers in a lovely way for a long time and is not artificial tasting. A great hot day choice.

One of my favorite Italian Groups Il Volo…(My granddaughters love them!) O Sole Mio


I’ve tried this iced to, yumeh!
Did you find it fishy at all?


No fish! However, I usually rinse all pu-erh’s about 30 seconds (for anyone who never did this just steep 30 seconds and discard the water) (save water for plants) .This pu’erh was a mix with orange pekoe tea and hibiscus and orange.No room for fishes! If you read about pu’erh they shouldn’t be fishy! Something went wrong if they are!


I find some of David’s Pu-erh teas are fishy. Not very much with this one, just a hint!


sounds like you have English marmalade habits. :D I think most Danish marmalade tends to be like the average American sort, quite sweet and sugary, and my boyfriend (who’s English) complains that it has nothing to do with real marmalade. We can get stuff that is more like what he grew up with, but it tends to be somewhat price-y, so we only splurge on a jar of real Tiptree every once in a while. It seems to help that he knows we’ve got a source for it. :)


He’d probably like this puer then. Having lived in California where the citrus was everywhere, it was cheap and easy to make marmalade and you really don’t need much fruit to make a bunch.


Bonnie, I’m glad this pu’erh is combined with something you really love! Unlike yourself, pu’erh is slowly growing on me, I don’t dislike them, but I know I have a long way to go to really appriciate them… this one however was a hit right away, because of it’s brightness and freshness, lots of tang but not in a bad hibiscus kind of way!


I actually ordered this, should be here this week. It makes a fine iced pu-erh which I enjoy! Sill trying to loose weight and pu-erh helps! Also trying to help other family members with this issue as well during the Summer months.

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1682 tasting notes

I tried this iced today. Odd, it’s better that way!! but… I dislike drinking cold things. Hmmm what do do with the last of my sample!!
I guess I’ll wait for a really hot day to come along…
bumping the rating a few points.


This one is so yummy. Pu-erh and citrus are best friends I think.


lol yes I think that is an excellent observation!! I’m craving some now. Too bad it’s so late…


Did you cold brew or brew hot and cool? I wasn’t a big fan of this one the first time I tried it, but I still have some left and figure I should try icing it!


I have had it both ways. I think I may like it iced better because it’s really refreshing.


I hot brewed it and then stuck it in the fridge. It really changes the profile, I recommend it! Ptkelo is right, this one is refreshing :)


Thanks! Now hopefully I actually remember this conversation when I come across this tea again! :D

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1779 tasting notes

Too much hibiscus. Not enough orange. Weird licorice aftertase.

Pu-erh fail! (148)

I might need to steep more H&S to make up for this one. At least I still have half a cup of Bilbo Brew in my other tumbler!


oh dear! i like licorice…. but with orange? thanks for the heads up!


Hmmm I didn’t get licorice or hibiscus.
That’s what I love about tea, how everyone experiences something different.


@tattooed_tea. true that. still, with this review i wouldn’t buy much more than 10g.


Well don’t just listen to me! Some people seem to enjoy it, for whatever reason. :) Maybe I just didn’t steep it right.


just put down all the david’s tea pu’erhs and WALK AWAY (just my opinion)


Hahahaha. I love the IT crowd. Did you see the US pilot version? (Definiately WALK AWAY)

I don’t mind some of the DT Pu-erhs but that’s only because I’m afraid to try pu-erh on its own after a disastrous attempt. I’m slowlying trying it mixed with other unflavoured teas though!


oh gawd don’t make me watch that sad sad pilot again!! gahhh!

every single other puerh i’ve had from every single other company has been better than the DT ones. i tried a cup of a blood orange puerh from a local place here and then became obsessed with it, it was that good. (i do own the chocolate orange puerh though, and though i don’t drink it often and won’t buy more, i don’t regret having that one at least.)


I liked the berry puerh from DT, but not enough that I need to stock up on it. The ones from Tealux were better, especially the cocoa spice puerh.

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767 tasting notes

this is a fine puerh. i like puerhs a lot. they are dark and brooding. they have an undercurrent and a pull to them.
they have gravity.

personally, i do not want to cheer a puerh tea up with berries, or cajole a puerh with coffee beans. …however the sour flick of citrus always seems to do a puerh a graceful and sultry kind of compliment. basically i love a blood orange puerh. purrrr.

alas, the story ends strained because i have been spoiled.
here in my city a tea shoppe called Carytown Teas has the most amazing Blood Orange Puerh i have ever sipped and probably will ever sip. and it has changed me. i’ll never be the same. amazing when a tea can do that. (but davids tea blood orange, i have found my true love and you will never again touch my lips. we’ll just have to go our separate ways. the distance will do us good.)

When My Ship Comes In (i play bass on this song)


I gave mine away…


ya, i might try a cup again, but it’s more likely this will go away with the tea spring cleaning.

Marcel Duchamp

I’d like to try this one at some point.


It’s strong!


Marcel, maybe after my sis moves in and i do some tea reassessment i’ll send you my sample if i still have some left.

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1158 tasting notes

I iced this. I really like the blood orange taste, but some of the earthiness of the pu’erh creeps through too much. I am also getting a slight “bite” at the end of the sip when its iced. Not my fav for sure, but it is ok. If I could get rid of that bitterness, this would probably be really good.

Iced 8 min or more

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121 tasting notes

I needed a pick me up that wouldn’t upset my stomach so bring on the pu’erh! I am getting more of the tartness and the licorice root now that I steeped this in my teapot vs. a mug. I still enjoy this tea quite a bit because I like my teas a little tart and not too sweet.

In other news, I’m having a hard time containing my excitement that another issue of East of West comes out tomorrow.


Gotta love that delicious pu’erh.
Hm, I was thinking of trying this one!

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297 tasting notes

I tried this quite some time ago, when I made my mom detour 2 hours to get to a David’s. This was her to go cup.

I ended up buying a 50g bag later one because it was soo good.
Recently I have been drinking 2 cups of pu’erh in the mornings & I am now on my second 50g bag of it. Not only cause it’s pu’erh. But because it really does taste delicious.

Tart, citrus, earthy from the pu’erh. So good!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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125 tasting notes

I’m sitting here, sipping on this tea and I’m surprised for couple of reasons:
1. There is apparently a liquorice root in this tea and I don’t taste it (it’s a fantastic thing)
2. The cutest little teapot for one that I got today at a vintage shop, is incapable of pouring tea. I didn’t think that could happen but it did. My counter was a bloody mess pouring this bloody pu’erh… how fitting.

This tea is interesting… I definitely get the woody taste of pu’erh, which I like quite a bit and I get a lot of hibiscus. I think I get some notes of grapefruit and orange but hibiscus is mercilessly fighting them into the shadows. Like I mentioned, no liquorice and I’m very grateful for that. I picked up this tea as a sample when I went into the DT shop couple of weeks ago and I didn’t know back then how bad liquorice can be in a tea (for me anyways). If it was today, this tea would never make it into my shopping bag. I’m glad it did because I actually quite like it.

Edit: The re-steep was unfortunately a failure. Most of the flavour was gone except for the taste of pu’erh. Huge difference between the first and second steep.

I will gladly finish the sample but will not be restocking in the future.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Hehe, maybe that’s the reason it ended up at the vintage place! At least you can still use it as display if it’s cute enough:-)
Maybe you can figure out what’s wrong with it? If it’s a xiying pot, the leaves probably get stuck..


It’s really adorable.. I refuse to give it up… I’ve gotten better at using it.. Maybe there is a hope after all… lol

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230 tasting notes

While I drank this during blizzard Nemo I couldn’t log into Steepster. So it is a bit of a back log.

I have had trouble with Pu’erh tea in the past. I WANT TO LIKE IT! However, no matter what I did it just did not seem like my thing. HOWEVER, I REALLY like this tea. (As you can see from my copious USE OF CAPITAL letters!) The earthy pu’erh tea in conjunction with the citrus flavors was REALLY great. Also, I am not a HUGE licorice fan but the lingering taste in the back of my mouth of licorice was actually a nice flavor-feeling element. I put this tea in the shopping list and will savor the rest of my sample.

I got this as a sample in a swap with Aimeepopovacki. Thanks Aimee for sharing!

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289 tasting notes

Dry Leaf Nose: Fragrant orange aroma with an earthy pu’erh background.

Liquor: Clear, orange-brown colour with an earthy, orangey aroma.

Flavour: Pu’erh is the prevalent flavour note, with an earthy quality that brings out the orange and hibiscus as well.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec

The more Puer the merrier!

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