Chocolate Cake

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Black Tea, Cocoa, Cocoa Nibs, Roasted Carob, Sprinkles, White Chocolate
Chocolate, Sweet, Creamy
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  • “So I went into the store today hoping that Chocolate Cake would be on sample… but twas not to be! bah! the trauma :/ Nevermind, when I got to talking with the lovely DT Staff (who I won’t call out...” Read full tasting note
  • “Another work tea; I needed to amp up my stash so threw a (not entirely) random bunch of teas in my backpack last night. Yay! Sadly, although this smells delicious as usual, I am getting a major hit...” Read full tasting note
  • “This is funny Indigobloom … I like this one! HAHA a bit of an inside joke but not really – it seems so far I have not liked anything too much that she has sent me other than one that came in second...” Read full tasting note
  • “So there’s a reason I haven’t had this one in forever. It’s one of those where I had it once, wrote this average tasting note on it, and then tried it again, hated it, and didn’t say a thing. So...” Read full tasting note


It’s a slice

There’s not much you can count on in this topsy-turvy world, but one thing we’re sure of is chocolate cake. No matter who you are, a big slice of cake is pretty much guaranteed to make you happy. We call it the Sweet Life Theory: life just isn’t as sweet without chocolate. And this cocoa and cake-scented tea is just as rich and chocolaty as the real thing. With this in your cupboard, a smile is always within arm’s reach. No baking or shopping required.

Ingredients: Black tea, candy sprinkles, roasted carob, white chocolate, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, stevia

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91 Tasting Notes

635 tasting notes

This tea really surprised me. From all the mixed reviews, I expected it to be a letdown. But it’s tasty! And sooo much like real chocolate cake!! The only con is that instead of curbing my craving for the real thing, it intensifies it.

I get warm chocolate cake and even sugary chocolate frosting in each sip! You know the thick, luscious flavor of a decadent three-layer chocolate cake from Outback or Red Lobster? That’s exactly what this tea reminds me of. I’m really astonished that they put all this in a tea!

Big thank you to Kittenna for sharing a sample with me! This tea is spot on, but now I really want a big slice of chocolate cake. I bet the two together would be heaven, mmmm! Drool.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

This is one of my absolute favorites. I find the flavour comes out more as it cools a bit.


You’re very welcome! I’m a bit confused about the negative reviews as well, as I quite liked it. But yes, like many dessert teas, it just makes me crave the dessert more…

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51 tasting notes

Had a nice visit with an old friend this afternoon, and after she left I felt like spending my last afternoon of holidays browsing Steepster and drinking tea. I brewed up a big mug of Chocolate Cake and went pretty hard on the agave.
This tea is more greasy than I remember it being. Don’t get me wrong, the grease is delicious (lets face it, most grease is) but its a little weird and acts as a marker for how much tea you drink every time you pick up the mug.
Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed that mug and still had a hankering for more tea. Someone here had mentioned mixing Salted Caramel with Chocolate Cake.
Don’t mind if I do!
Made a big mug of that (half and half of each type of tea) and used a big ol’ spoonful of agave. The first sip was just….angels singing. Chocolate came through first, then as you swallowed the caramel came out. It was amazing.
Throughout the rest of the glass, some sips tasted more like chocolate cake and other tasted more like caramel. The sips where you got equal amounts of each flavour were the BEST. I’m definitely going to be mixing these two again.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

ohhh the mix of those 2 teas reminds me of this recipe, that sounds like a perfect mix!


That…that I need.
I like that she puts pictures of each step for culinary-challenged people like myself.

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408 tasting notes

Chocolate Cake is tea darby shared with me few month ago.
As I was a little disappointed by DT ’s first teas I had, I finally left some samples in my sample box without trying them.

Tonight I was in a indulgent mood so I prepared the whole sample for my daughter and I.
Strangely I was more happy than her with this tea whereas I thought it would be a pleasant tea for a child (and the DT black tea base is generally weak)
This is really a chocolate cake tea, not a chocolate tea, this is a creamy tea. The scent of dry leaf is amazing, same when the tea has infused.

The tea is just the missing ingredient for me, too weak.

I don’t give up…sure I can find a fantastic DT with a very present tea base.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

You might not be able too ysaurella. But if you do, shout it from th rooftops. Lol. I haven’t yet found a davids tea that reminds me of tea. Instead they are mostly all like juice to me….flavoured beverages that I would drink for the flavour, not the tea. Even their straight blacks were disappointing for me. I think of them mostly as a mass market tea company – average, but nothing amazing. If they went out of business tomorrow, I’d barely notice if that makes sense? ( again personal preference, I know a lot of you love davids tea)


well this is the feeling I had after drinking 5 or 6 DT, a tea company distributing tea able to please to a lot of people including the occasional tea drinkers. It may be a good brand to begin with tea before exploring other kind, with a real tea base.We can play around flavours but Tea should be the main & central ingredient in any blend.


I think davids tea, teavana, etc do a great job of getting “tea” out there to people who wouldn’t normally be interested in tea. But once you’ve explored better options, its hard to go back to their teas. To be fair I certainly have some teas in my cupboard that aren’t great teas, but I drink them more when I want a flavour option that’s convenient and quick rather than when I want to enjoy a good cup of tea. And that’s ok :)

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749 tasting notes

Thanks VariaTEA :)

This does smell like chocolate, but maybe more like chocolate ice cream? There’s something there that isn’t quite cake. There is a chocolate flavour, but more in the background here, though I can’t quite tell what’s masking it.

All in all, this was a decent cup.

5 min, 30 sec

I got chocolate ice cream from this too.


I’m glad you liked it.


Thanks :)

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676 tasting notes

Thank you lovely Indigobloom for this sample and many others!

I was humbled today with a big mailing of samples from Indigobloom! I’m like the old woman tucked away who sees family now and then, goes to the grocers and Church but otherwise is invisable in her little home. My friends are the fleeting words on Steepster which I enjoy so much. The kindness of so many samples today was more than I would have expected from anyone!

My daughter told me about a Netflix documentary called Being Elmo…all about the Puppeteer who does the muppet Elmo and how he began as a poor young man in Baltimore, MD. I wanted to pick a delicious tea from my new bunch of samples appropriate for Elmo watching. Hum, got it! Chocolate cake! That’s what Elmo would drink!

I set the steep time for 5.5 minutes. The liquor smelled like cake alright, chocolate and vanilla wafting through the air. The liquor was the color of cream soda…light brown colored and the first sip also reminded me of cream soda with cocoa flavor. The taste was not very sweet on it’s own so I added splenda which improved the dessert quality. One more thing was not quite right. The rich flavor of cake was lacking. The tea seemed thin, so I added cream and again this helped elevate the tea to being more cake-like.
The aftertaste was different…not bitter, but I think the cocoa nibs are giving a woody, dry straw taste on the finish that is a bit odd. Some people might notice this at first and think of a bakery taste and then later it strikes you as an odd aftertaste.

My take is that I think this is enjoyable Chocolate Cake Tea. My grandsons would love this for sure especially with some chocolate ice cream! It was very fun to drink while watching my Being Elmo documentary!

Thanks again Indigobloom!


oooh fun! Elmo was my childhood hero! hahaaaa
Glad you like this one Bonnie :)


also, I think there is stevia in this? that could account for the odd taste

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1473 tasting notes

Wow. I’ve been very impressed by all three cupcake teas! The chocolately tastiness of this one cannot be denied. My wife and I shared a pot last night and to my shock, she actually sweetened the pot with a touch of sugar! Usually she drinks her teas black and I sweeten mine. But she was hoping the sugar would add a little depth to the flavor and boy did it! It tasted like chocolate cake to me, which is awesome…except for the part where I don’t like chocolate cake. But it is what it claims to be and that makes it awesome in my book. Definitely keeping some around for when those killer chocolate cravings hit.


The beau wasn’t swayed by the smell of chocolate cake so we only bought a bit of Ice Cream Cake to sample. Maybe I’ll have to head back! : )


Hmm, does Davids Tea have new flavors out? looks at tea stash I’ll have to keep this in mind for when my stash starts to dwindle. My secret sophomore made sure I would have plenty of Earl Grey.


Secret sophomore???


It is a tradition we do at school. Every senior gets assigned a sophomore that leaves them little gifts. The seniors leave little gifts back for holidays like halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas. Then at the end of the year we do a big lunchtime reveal. It’s really fun and since I’m a senior this year, I had a sophomore.


Awww, that sounds fun! I’d never heard of it before so was wondering if autocorrect had changed ‘Santa’ into ‘Sophomore’ or something like that!

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172 tasting notes

This is another one of the samples Bonnie sent me, and as always, I’m extremely grateful. It’s awesome to be able to have the opportunity to try new teas. The dry leaf of this one smelled delicious. It smelled very rich, chocolaty, sweet and promising…but the brewed tea was a bit of a letdown. I don’t quite understand the good reviews on this one, because I’ve found that no matter how much leaf I added or how long I steeped it, it was a watery, flavorless mess. I sincerely hope you don’t take offense to this, Bonnie! I’m still very grateful for the chance to try it as I was actually considering buying some, so thanks again! I’m just not a fan of this one.


This is why people like me send out sample that have variety so that you can try different things. It’s the point of it. Not to agree but to try. Part of the fun of tea…hit and miss.


Exactly. :) I tried the lapsang souchong you sent which was something very new for me and I was surprised to find that I actually really liked it.


Wow! Convert! It’s different huh…!

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137 tasting notes

Another sipdown! This tea is such a tease. The dry scent is all in your face with its chocolatey deliciousness. Mm seriously, the best chocolate. And it gets me every time I have a cup! I open the envelope, take a big sniff, and hope that maybe this time it tastes anywhere near as delicious as it smells. But, sigh, it never does.

This particular tea has the worst case of the floaties I have ever seen. Ohhh lordy, don’t make the mistake of inspecting your cup too much. Way too many oil slicks and chocolate ickies swirling around for comfort.

Taste wise, it’s a meeehhh at best. Drinkable, but disappointing. It tastes a lot like watered down hot chocolate, and I don’t get much of the black tea base at all. I feel like this one could have been amazing, if only they had stuck to flavourings rather than floaties to make this more true to its name.


THAT’S the disappointing part of this tea, is that although its a delicious tea, it’s not the hot chocolate you expect it to taste like. I love it but sometimes wish I’d just made a cup of hot chocolate instead because I expect it to be super chocolatey, and as a tea it just can’t be as chocolatey as hot chocolate.


Agree completely! I’d rather have either a tea or a hot chocolate, not some disappointing combo of the two.

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144 tasting notes

In all of Davids’ chocolate teas, I can pick up approximately the same kind of chocolate note. This tea is like that “Davids chocolate” taste, isolated and exploded. So chocolatey! I approve. A very satisfying dessert tea in my opinion. I’m not sure what to say about it though. It’s creamy and just on the edge of bitter without actually being bitter. It’s a bit mehh on the second steep. But I’ll definitely be buying a little more of this one.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 30 sec

I definitely thought this one was better than most of their other chocolate teas. But, perhaps that’s because I don’t sweeten my teas, and this one comes pre-sweetened. Consequently, of course, it apparently has about 15 calories per cup, but… compare that to your average sweetened coffee beverage….

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51 tasting notes

Yum yum yummy with milk and sugar. Not much else needs to be said about this tea… it speaks for itself. And now I know of another tea that I would like to eat! I really wanted some chocolate and a cup of this really does the trick of saving you from going out and finding a big piece of chocolate cake somewhere.
Must get a tin of this when it gets cold out (which is like 6 months from now haha… hah… yeah… maybe won’t wait that long)
Thank you Amanda for this highly enjoyed cup of tea!


Chcolate cake!?!?!? How did I miss this? Runs off to check DT.

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