Stormy Night (organic)

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Black Tea
Black Tea Leaves, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coconut, Vanilla, Vanilla Flavour
Cinnamon, Spices, Sweet, Chocolate, Vanilla, Bitter, Coconut, Creamy, Cocoa, Cream, Earth, Nutmeg, Spicy, Caramel
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Loose Leaf
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205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 15 sec 5 g 11 oz / 335 ml

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  • “Eh, this one is not quite what I was expecting. It brews up quite murky, and with an offputting aroma that I can’t quite place. It’s a little reminiscent of Super Chocolate or Dr. Chocolate...” Read full tasting note
  • “I must be doing something wrong, or maybe my taste buds are on the fritz? The flavors are a lot weaker than I was expecting. Cinnamon is the only flavor that I can identify among all the...” Read full tasting note
  • “This is another tea I am trying to drink down lol, it doesn’t wow me, and the chocolate gets a bit monotonous after a while for me. I’m really not that much of a chocolate fan I guess lol. Anyways,...” Read full tasting note
  • “I got distracted so this cup is now cold. It is really not good cold. All the flavors combine into one thick, odd taste. The word “muddy” comes to mind. I know that sounds strange but the...” Read full tasting note


As good as it gets

It was three o’clock in the afternoon on a rainy Friday. David was hungry. He needed a nap, a shave, and a hot meal. What he had was a kettle, a pack of matches, and a bag of black tea. So he grabbed some ingredients and threw them in the water. Chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, vanilla – this drink was a real piece of work. He lifted his cup, took a drink and then another. It was hotter than an inferno and smoother than silk. It was good. Almost too good.

Ingredients: Organic: Black tea, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, vanilla. With natural vanilla flavouring*.

Allergens: Dairy and coconut

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174 Tasting Notes

1220 tasting notes

I may need to steep this one longer. It tasted a bit like coconut water.

Other than not being able to taste black tea in here whatsoever, it wasn’t too bad because thankfully I like coconut. It smelled better than it tasted though.

I’ve got enough to make maybe 2 more cups so I’ll be steeping it a bit longer and hoping that works better. It smelled like cinnamon and chocolate (and black tea) while steeping but it just didn’t transfer that well or something.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec

when i bought this i just went full out and bought 100g without even tasting it. and when i did taste it, it was NOT what i had expected. but now, i might say it’s in my top 5 teas! at very least it’s in my top 10. it just grew on me i guess. it’s dark chocolate is the thing i wasn’t expecting i think. more bitter and gritty is all.

side note, i just emailed myself your entire euro/paris list of yelp reviews from your trip! thanks again!!


I think I’ll love it if I steep it just a tad bit longer, there is a huge dark chocolate chunk in the bag so it can only get better.

You’re welcome!! When do you go over there?


i go the first week in april. only 2 weeks to do Paris Brussels Rotterdam Bremen Hamburg. i’m just gonna try to relax, enjoy, and drink as much tea as possible.

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513 tasting notes

This tea has become such a favourite of mine. Initially, I found it a little weak, but a generous amount of leaf, a good steep time, and a bit of sugar and the flavours just blossom. The chocolate cinnamon combination is so comforting and perfect for winter weather. This has become a tea that I reach for over and over again!

Flavors: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coconut, Vanilla

1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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297 tasting notes

Not sure why this isn’t logged because I have definitely had it before.
I way over steeped this.
Surprisingly given the long steep this tea holds up really well, no astringency or bitterness.
This may be better than I remember it to be the first time. Last time I drank it out of a clear mug & it looked very unappealing because it steeps up very murky. Today I drank it from my travel mug so I thankfully couldn’t see it.
Looks aside this was quite good, I found it tasted like a chocolate chai, maybe the best chocolate chai I’ve had. It was a really nice tea to sip all day, a lot of teas get bitter over time or change flavour, this one stayed really delicious all the way through.

Boiling 6 min, 15 sec

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75 tasting notes

As the days get colder and the winds of autumn grow in their intensity this tea hits the spot. Tried this one today at the Hillside branch of DAVIDs Tea and its fantastic. Had a similar but richer nuance than the earlier Toasted Marshmallow. It gave a feeling of being wrapped in a warm blanket and sitting by the fireplace all nice and cosy. The smell was fantastic and the taste was a perfect compliment to the morning’s errand rush, made everything more relaxed. I’ll most likely take this one with me tonight at my late night lecture. Thanks for another winner!


mmm can’t wait to give this one a try!


Yay! I haven’t even been to Hillside yet but was planning to visit on Friday. Will follow suit and try this wonderful-sounding tea!

Ursa Hawthorne

Hey! I’m in Victoria too, and picked this one up from Hillside mall too! Just steeping it now.

Cassie Eng

To Incendiare and Ursa: Would look forward to reading your thoughts of the tea. It’s always nice to fellow Victorians. Cheers!

Ursa Hawthorne

I am drinking it now, and finding it rather weak. Just made a tasting note. Am getting a bit of the chocolate, but that’s about it. Will make it stronger next time. Cheers to you! :-)


I ended up buying it Uptown today! Bought 10g and can’t wait to try it. It smells a lot heavier on the cinnamon than I imagined.

I see a Victoria Steepsterite get together in the future. :D

Ursa Hawthorne

Victoria Steepster tea hang-out would be fab!

Cassie Eng

Definitely, that would be awesome!


I’m from Victoria too!

Cassie Eng

To Heather: That’s cool! The Victoria crew grows even stronger. XD


I would love to do a meetup thing.

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137 tasting notes

It’s funny, when I took my first big sniff of this glorious aroma in store and ordered a cup to go, my girlfriend looked at me with that knowing look of hers and told me I should get a packet of it to bring home. I should mention that she doesn’t like vanilla or coconut in tea, but she knows me and my tea tastes pretty darn well.

I scoffed at her and said I just wanted to try it, so we left with just my cup to go. After I had my first sip, I let out a big sigh. Yep, she was right. I LOVE this. How could I not? It has several of my favourite tea flavours all combined into one warm, creamy, sweet, comforting cup.

It’s very rich, in that chocolatey coconut way, and has a smooth nuttiness to it too. Yum! These flavours just work so well together. It just begs to be made like a chai, on the stove with milk. I think that would really make the flavours pop.

This tea is somehow familiar, in the best way. Something about the way the flavours all meld together really reminds me of something happy and delicious from my childhood.

My only real gripe is that it has the dreaded signature DT sludge. Why they couldn’t have just used chocolate flavouring and those mini chocolate chips rather than big chunks of oily, messy milk chocolate is beyond me. I really hate the oily scum! But I look past it, because this tea is all kinds of wonderful.

So next time my girl tells me to buy a tea, I’m just going to get the damn tea! She knows best, as I’ve now got a 50g pouch of this that will likely be replaced when it’s gone. This is the first new tea from David’s that I’ve really loved since blueberry jam.


I am going to New York soon and hope to get to stop by David’s tea and get my hand on some of this and some Blueberry Jam!

Also, you have a wise Girlfriend! :)


I’m psyched that we have a DT now in San Francisco!


you posted this review 2 months ago, but i just wanted to say that i am ordering 100g of this strictly based on your opinion. cuz i think we have THAT similar of tea tastes.


Hope you love it!! Your comment inspired me to go make a big mug of it. It is so warm and cozy, perfect fall/winter tea. Just make sure you give it plenty of steep time, or it can come out a little watery.


great tip thanks!
also the fact that you still love this tea months later is very promising. because speaking for myself, i’m quite finicky. :)

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576 tasting notes

I think this is a work-in-progress. The taste is almost there but not exactly fab or “I-Can’t-Live-Without-Consuming.” The tea almost has too much going on – chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, vanilla. I can taste almost all the flavors but the vanilla…if I think about vanilla in the sip I can taste it. It’s just muted and overpowered by the chocolate and cinnamon. Why mix all these together?

Maybe I steeped it too long. I’ll try it at half the steep (2.5 mins or so) and see what transpires…

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

I’ve almost bought this tea several times!

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525 tasting notes

The coconut is hardly there. There is a creamy sweetness but that may be vanilla. Chocolate is light. The real star here is the cinnamon. It’s so strong as to be unnatural tasting. This was not a tea I was interested in when it came out. I only got some now as a sample. Turns out my intuition was right. It feels so good to finish a packet though.

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39 tasting notes

5 minute since i’m back from the store with 25g of that one and one of the new clear glass perfect cup ( the dry branch i just love that model next thing is the dry branch tea pot before they change the model for the holiday and on the counter behind them near the tea was a gongfu glass tea pot and is box did not have time to ask them the price but next time i will for sure since it was no where in the store except there maybe a new product) steeping it right now as i write this

The dry leaf have a smell i can’t identify it’s smell like no ingredient that is in it once steeped the cinnamon aroma take all the place the brownish color is just amazing in a cup with dry branch in front of it make me feel like i’m in a forest :) and with the heavy fog that is outside i don’t know it’s just fit with the smell( ya i know i’m weird sometimes :P but i totally assume it) there is a little oil floating on the tea probably from the coconut but a lot of tea with nut in it do that so it’s ok with me

The taste: now i’ve steeped it 5 minute the bag say 4 to 6 i like to be in the middle of the suggested time when it’s a tea i don’t know i taste a little nuance of cinnamon taste but i do feel the cinnamon on my tongue taht little spicy effect but that all no chocolate no vanilla and no coconut even no black tea bitterness maybe it’s one of those tea i should put some honey in it and all the flavor will get out it’s not bad but i feel like i could just put cinnamon in water and get the same thing so no note till i give it more try

The mug: i love glass mug since i like to see my tea it’s mostly how i know when it ready for me and i just love all the amazing color different tea give us and i love the dry branch model! ( as i already said it ) i know it suppose to be glass but i just can’t get the idea out of my head that the mug feel like plastic the top feel like glass but not the mug itself i was nearly tempted to squeeze it to see if it will bend a little like plastic but i didn’t lol if it’s glass i don’t really want glass in my hand

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

I like glass too. I like to see the tea in the light, it’s so pretty. I used to try to collect a few pieces of art glass just because of the way the light shines on it and thru it.

Terri HarpLady

I also like glass! I have a little glass teapot that I love to use so that I can watch the leaves swimming around & opening. I need new glass cups…ok I admit, NEED is a strong work….I’d like some new glass cups because I often sit in my sunroom, & like you guys, I love to look at the tea with sunlight shining through it….its just so beautiful…

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289 tasting notes

Dry Leaf Nose: Malty with chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla notes.

Liquor: Pale amber colour.

Flavour: Rich, malty chocolate with sweet cinnamon and vanilla notes. Black tea underpins the flavour, while the coconut adds a tropical note at the finish.

205 °F / 96 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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615 tasting notes

Tea Tally: 341

I forgot to add the two (now one) Blue Raven Samples I had in my tea tally, so this is the first real sipdown today, I guess.

I used an extra tsp this time and definitely got more flavor from it. It reminds me a little of weak Mexican Hot Chocolate now.

Still not my favorite. But I upped the rating a little, because I didn’t find it quite as lacking this time around.

Anyway. Thanks again whatshesaid

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