Aloha Pu'erh

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Fruit Pu-erh Blend
Natural And Artificial Flavouring, Papaya, Pineapple, Pu Erh Tea, White Chocolate
Creamy, Earth, Fishy, Fruity, Irish Cream, Tropical
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Loose Leaf
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205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec 8 oz / 251 ml

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Life’s a beach

Don’t you wish you were on a tropical island right about now? Us too. But thankfully we’ve got the next best thing. With the fruity flavour of papaya and pineapple and a hint of creamy white chocolate, this exotic pu’erh is straight out of a Hawaiian beach vacation. And since it already tastes like a tropical cocktail, you can take it to the next level over ice with a splash of rum – just don’t forget the little paper umbrella. Say aloha to our little friend. (MK Kosher Dairy)

Ingredients: Pu’erh tea, white chocolate, candied pineapple, candied papaya, natural and artificial flavouring.

Allergens: Soy, dairy and sulfites

Price: $7.50 per 50g

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38 Tasting Notes

871 tasting notes

Disclaimer: I do not like pu-erh. I should qualify that. I have never tried a pu-erh that I really liked. I have tried flavoured and non, loose leaf and brick-style. I wouldn’t say that I have ever tried top of the line pu but I have no desire to either.

A while ago a friend gave me the David’s Tea pu-erh collection. Which is 8 little containers of different flavoured pu’s. About enough for 2-3 servings of each tea. I hummed and hawed over trading it or giving it away, but I thought because it was a gift, I should at least try the teas. And my friend kept asking me how I liked the tea, so I think I have to stop telling “white” lies and actually try it. In saying that, I did drink the other two teas she got me, so its only half lies – right?? :P

This is the first one to try from the box. I have to admit, I have read a lot of reviews on this so my hopes were no where near high.

On dry smell, it is not too bad. A bit tropical. There are what appears to be coconut shavings and dried fruit mixed in with the tea.

When brewing it appeared that the “coconut shavings” melted and it looked like congealed fat floating on the top of my mug – yuck. After steeping there was no more congealed fat but there was a thick oil slick left over floating on top of the tea trying to trap any fish or birds that got too close.

The smell of the dry tea is like super dried up nuts, no sweetness, very dry type of smell. Almost smelled dusty.

On first taste, I have to admit it is not horrible, but it is only tolerable. I do not get that pu earthy taste but it does taste dusty to me. There is a dry, nutty flavour, which could be coconut but doesn’t have the sweetness or wetness of coconut. There is a slight kind of fruity flavour, but it is more like dried fruit that has been sitting out too long and doesn’t have much taste left. Astringency is left on my palate.

Anyway, not my favorite for flavour, but willing to try. I didn’t expect to like it so that might have tainted my review.

Edit: Just realized my “coconut shavings” were actually white chocolate shavings. Ha, explains a little bit, but not a lot.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

i AM a huge puerh fan and i am offended by this tea on the puerh’s behalf, lol. (nothing like a little anthropomorphization). nah, there are 3 teas i drink from david’s. and while i’m grateful for them when i first started into loose leaf… now that i am more educated both in teas and in their methods i disagree with the way they do business.

completely aside… a really interesting puerh ‘connection’ is verdant’s golden fleece. it’s in the vicinity so to speak. =0)


i am mostly of the “leave it” when it comes to david’s tea but their puerh is pretty much never something i will ever like after trying a few of theirs. Give me mandala or lupicia or any other company first! heh


lala – you might like lupicia’s chocolate strawberry puerh for a flavored puerh..


Lol! Your review made me laugh! Especially the part about fish and birds getting stuck in the oil slick! Btw, you might like sTEApshoppe cinnamon swirl bread, which has puerh in it. Seems like the only one I like so far.


I do have cinnamon swirl bread on my shopping list!!


the cinnamon swirl is outstanding.


it’s tasty for sure lala

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3247 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (161)

Whiskey Buzz sent this to me to try and at first I did not mind it but more and more I am realizing that, for the most part, pu’erh teas are just not for me. I find that for some reason the earthy fermented tea tastes just a little bit too much like dirt. For instance, this is sweet and pineapple-y but it tastes like someone dropped the pineapple first. Well, you live and you learn and what I have learned is I am not a huge pu’erh fan and that is okay. Anyways, thank you Whiskey Buzz for sharing this with me :)

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Some puerh’s are less “dirty” than others. Hopefully you’ll find one someday you don’t mind.

or you won’t. There’s plenty of tea out there. :D


I hope you are right but even Cinnamon Swirl Bread, though very good, was too pu’erh flavored for me. I wasn’t so bothered in the later steeps as the pu’erh mellowed but the first steep got dumped.

It might be a good thing if I can eliminate a whole kind of tea because at least then I won’t be trying to try EVERY tea in the world, just MOST of the teas. haha.


Flavored puerhs = meh. Most of them are disgusting if you ask me. Puerh should be drank plain or with a bit of ginger if anything.

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1779 tasting notes

Maybe it’s because I’m new to pu’erh but it seems to me that this tea isn’t as awful as everyone has led me to believe. It’s sweet, it’s slighty creamy and then that smooths over into something earthy.

Maybe I’m just used to artificial flavouring? Or I don’t know how good this should actually be? I’ll probably have a better idea of what pu’erh should be like after I receive my sample from Butiki but for now I’ll play around with the few samples I bought from Davids.

Now, where do I file my Pu’erh teas? I probably should rearrange all my sachets in the boxes and get more containers, but buying more storage containers just means that I’m accepting the higher number of teas that I have. :| Better to just have them strewn on my counter and annoying me so that I sip and make room to file them away! #newplan

Mmm… I like that this is earthy and not fishy!

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

Oh my, mine was so strong & ick


Maybe I steeped mine for less/at a lower temperature? It might not have been 96C. Or maybe I have bad taste. I DO like a lot of rooibos teas and those annoy a lot of people too. :D

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655 tasting notes

My roommate said this tasted like the Indonesian medicine she had as a kid.

I thought it was ok if I didn’t breath through my nose. It has the puerh trademark fishiness, although it isn’t as heavy as I’ve experienced elsewhere. In theory I should love this; it has a candied tropical fruit flavour and a creamy, white chocolate body. It doesn’t work for me however, and it’s not because I dislike puerh (it’s great every once in a while). This comes off tasting a little medicinal, a little artificial, and very off.

Eh, it does succeed in reminding me of Hawaii- fruit, cream, Kona coffee, fish, and all, but I don’t know if this is the right combination of it. Maybe this would be better on its second steep but I don’t really want to find out.

Edit: I like this a bit more cooled down. It’s creamy on its own but it might be ok with milk or as an iced smoothie/latte.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 45 sec

Sure, fish might remind me of Hawaii, but… that doesn’t mean I want to drink it. :P I just don’t know about pu’erh. Besides Cinnamon Heart and the Skinny I haven’t had a lot of luck.


Yeah, tropical fruit, fish, and chocolate are foods that should never see the light of day together ever again. What twisted madman thought of that flavour combo, anyways? :/ I’ve yet to try Cinnamon Heart but my track record with David’s pu’erh is not great either. I don’t know if it’s the flavoring choices, the kind of pu’erh they use, or both of those things.

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767 tasting notes

every time i’m about to steep this, i think of momo’s review:

“why did they think this was okay to make?”

it has an oily top coat. probably from the candied fruits. or the white chocolate more likely.
it’s not as awful as all that. but really a puerh can be so much better than this.


Too true!


umm, this has gotten a bit weirder since it’s cooled down. or maybe it’s cuz i’ve eaten lunch and i’m not starving?
oh god i HOPE this is NEVER someone’s first puerh. that would be the saddest story ever.


I feel like I probably made so many people afraid of this, but just thinking about it, I can remember that oil sheen off the top and the smell… /shudder/


also I totally meant shudder but I am still internally terrified and forget how to do all the fancy text tricks on here when thinking about this again.


I wrote the review for this one, then decided it sounded too harsh and just deleted it. Now if only I could delete that taste from my memory.


woah … i just let out like a HUGE BLERT LAUGH. and i’m standing outside on the corner in public.

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442 tasting notes

Am pretty glad I only got a small amount of this one. David doesn’t do pu’erh to my taste so I went into this tea with trepidation . . . and I was right, but for different reasons. Normally all I get from their pu’erh is fish and count me shocked to discover that I didn’t this time, dry or brewed. I love how this tea smells in the bag, all fruity and delish. But brewed its just too dark of a pu’erh for me and the more I sip the more I’ve decided I really can’t finish the cup.


Ooh, I should try my sample of this one tonight. When I opened it up to swap some of it, I was re-intrigued with it, but then forgot, haha.

Tina S.

I definitely prefer the Berry Good that came out the same day. It is a blend though rather than a flavoured tea. Looking forward to seeing what you think. :D


I’ve tried the Berry Good, and liked it as well. Probably will prefer it to this one as well! Haha, can’t resist trying EVERYTHING though…. (is it bad that I was relieved when February’s TOTM was a tea I already had? :P)

Tina S.

Not bad at all, I was kind of the same way. I’ve done the entire wall, including the hard to find ones like gyokuro black. It was nice to have a month to sip down!

Michelle Butler Hallett

DavidsTea nearly scared me off pu’erh forever. Theirs is always rotten-fishy and gross. That they are now throwing fruit at it … eek. Thanks for the review/warning.

Cory Boehm

Thanks for the review. Been through the whole wall myself as well and on a break lately as none of the new ones have been interesting enough to get me in store. Going on two months now since I have been to store, however with the spring collection I will likely be back in to pick up small amounts. Heard that the fall tea Copabanana is making a come back as part of the spring collection.

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289 tasting notes

Dry Leaf Nose: Creamy with an earthy note followed by a fresh fruity aroma that gives this blend a very balanced nose.

Liquor: Golden and opaque.

Flavour: Sweet, creamy, slightly fruity and underpinned by an earthy shou pu’erh. The liquor is well balanced and quite sweet, full bodied. The creamy note and the fruit dominate but the earthy pu’erh still shines through.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Interesting… I was wondering when some new teas would be coming out. I assume this is for tomorrow???


You got it! Both will be available in store and online as of tomorrow.

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1220 tasting notes

why did they think this was okay to make?


Why would one put chocolate in Pu-er?


I didn’t think it was that bad! I’m terrified to try prairie berry


Sorry! I have yet to try it; I only tried the other one before sending along a sample :(

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361 tasting notes

Ha Ha, not surprised to look up this tea and see it has a 44 rating. I’ve never seen anything rated that low, but I totally know why!

The smell alone is enough to clear the room. Holy smokes! And I’m around 1 kid that still wears diapers, so yeah, I know stinky smells.

Thanks Shmiracles! This was a fun tea to laugh about :-)

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1470 tasting notes

I’ve been avoiding this because, well, I didn’t like it the first time around. I pout the rest of this in my mason jar in an effort to finish off my little packet, and it worked! Sipdown for me! (388/378)

Usually an oily film on a tea doesn’t bug me, but combined with the white floaters from the chocolate, it’s a huge turn off. It smells…weird. Like old, earthy, white chocolate with a side of…feet. Ugh.

I don’t understand how this was considered a good idea. Earthy, fishy pu-erh with pineapple and chocolate? shudder

So…yeah. It tastes like pineapple feet.


Pineapple and feet. LOL

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