Orange Brulee

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Oolong Tea
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Orange, Caramel, Orange Zest
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185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 15 sec 8 oz / 236 ml

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  • “Well i’m glad that tatooed_tea sent me another bit of this since it appears that i like it a bunch better this time around. While still not my favourite in any way, shape or form, it is better...” Read full tasting note
  • “Yeeaaaah!!!! Note 1200, with 4 minutes to go! (We’re pretending I live in Alberta, ok?) Also, happy slightly belated 1-year Steepsterversary to myself. Hahahaha. Like anyone with me on their...” Read full tasting note
  • “I searched through my sample and realized I only have 1 caramel piece! Haha. Oops? I have lots of orange peel, though. 1 tsp in 8 oz water. I really like this tea. Sweet candied orange peels, it’s...” Read full tasting note
  • “Yeesh, as soon as I cut open the pouch, my heart sank. The dry leaf smells like those cheap orange candies filled with sticky sweet syrup in the middle that you used to pick up at parades when you...” Read full tasting note

From Della Terra Teas

The naturally sweet, honey like flavor of this Oolong works perfectly with a rich caramel and bright orange notes. This tea is one for tea drinkers of all sorts, give it a try and find yourself coming back for more. Perfect for a midday treat.

Ingredients: Oolong tea, caramel and creme flavoring, orange peels and flavoring

Suggested brewing tips:
- Serving Size: 1 level tsp./6oz serving
- Water Temp: 176-185°F
- Steep Time: 2-3 minutes

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58 Tasting Notes

775 tasting notes

so yes, i mentioned yesterday that i had a tea log organization project going on. and last night i deleted over 150 tea logs that had no notes. i’m sure there are more to delete too. but before i can, i have about 30 teas that i need to drink again and write proper notes for first. …….. i know who am i kidding?! i don’t write proper notes or reviews!! i mean seriously, looking through my log last night, my reviews range mostly from posting someone else’s poetry, to nerding out on tv or fan fic, to complaining about the weather, and then maybe saying the tea has coconut in it. ….my most verbose reviews are really just me flirting with the fictional character the tea is named after.

i’m so glad the rest of you properly review tea so i can learn from you! …. and also so i can then be lazy about it and constantly indulge my flights of fancy!

i’ve been really into oolongs lately. but was putting off re-trying this tea. something about the orange scent was so strong i’d always think “but where’s the oolong” and put it back on the shelf. but after it’s been brewed it’s not so bam-in-your-face. to me, it IS however more orange than caramel and creme . in fact i can tell the creme is there but i think the caramel has left the building with this cup.

i like it but i’m probably not going to buy this again. i have about two more cups left to decide.

a song by The XX has been in my head for days

You’ve applied the pressure
To have me crystallized
And you’ve got the faith
That I could bring paradise

I’ll forgive and forget
Before I’m paralyzed
Do I have to keep up the pace
To keep you satisfied

Glaciers have melted to the sea
(Things have gotten closer to the sun)
I wish the tide would take me over
(And I’ve done things in small doses)
I’ve been down onto my knees
(So don’t think that I’m pushing you away)
And you just keep on getting closer
(When you’re the one that I’ve kept closest)
Go slow


I, for once, love your reviews! They give the broader context to your particular tea experience.
P. S. I had a good reaction to D. T. Orange Brulee too.


thanks TeaRunner! i blame the caffeine!!!! it gets me jazzed about everything and fuels up my thoughts. (i figure if a tea purist wants to use a tea site for just tea it makes complete sense, and they obviously won’t follow me.)
more off topic…do you have a race this month? or did we already answer and ask that question?


I think your notes are delightful. After all, we all have different reactions to different teas. For me, reviews are mostly entertainment and to see descriptions of teas I might not otherwise know about that I might like. :)


I love your “slice of life” reviews and all the references they include; they’re always different and they make me search up and discover things! btw, good song :)


So CrowKettel! Does that mean that you now love Arrow and Sherlock and read Hobbit slash on a regular basis?! … hah… probably not.
but THANK YOU! seriously.
yes i guess i never consider there might be an upside to my incessant internal ramblings… what does it mean when you even annoy yourself?? JUST KIDDING no i’m not YES i’m joking. seriously. i’m joking. and i love the tea people! i love all the tea people!

Marcel Duchamp

love the xx, btw. Have you heard their new albumb? Its pretty good. I’ve been listening to the Chromatics album from last year lately.


Marcel, i am such a lazy music listener and so jaded about it all that i rarely listen to more than a random song here or there. but i will DEFINITELY try this album. all i need is a nudge! :) and i’m sure my boyfriend would lend it to me in a blink. he is so vexed by my lack of enthusiasm for new tunes. poor fella.

Marcel Duchamp

haha. Nothing wrong with a healthy dose of laziness. Both those albums are pretty good. I can’t keep track of music anymore either. I have enough trouble keeping up with tea!

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1733 tasting notes

Thanks Sil and Kittenna for this sample!! I really enjoyed the cup. Seriously.
A little bit of caramel, but mostly orange. Like marmalade. Very rindy and sweet, sans sugar!
I’ve had an orange kind of day. We made a cake for Mums bday… and she loves marmalade so it was an eggless, orange infused cake with marmalade/vodka glaze. Looks purty but we haven’t tried it yet. Fingers crossed that I didn’t mess it up!!
Anyhow, I am seriously considering getting more of this one :D


This one was just from Sil :) I royally messed up my first cup of it (and wasted like half the packet in doing so), so I wouldn’t have had enough to share, haha.


Ah you’re right!! I couldn’t remember who gave it to me, and I just realized that’s cuz it was in the big bag of stuffs I got that was prepared when I arrived


Ahh yes :) We thought we’d be efficient!


Good idea!! Our Kally and S&V order would’ve taken forever to sort

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1355 tasting notes

Still trying to carry on as normal just to keep myself busy. I have done my house chores and worked from home and thought it would be nice to treat myself to another cold brew as my reward. I forgot all about this orange brulee but found it in the back of my cupboard.

I think this was the first Oolong that I have cold steeped and I did notice when separating the steeped leaves the Oolong balls had fully unravelled and resembles seaweed. It has been steeping in my fridge for roughly 5 hours.

It has a delicious caramelised, sweet orange scent. Very brulee like and delicious. The flavour is very creamy and sweetly orange with a slight toasty caramel and floral after taste. Very clean and silky smooth with lots of flavour.

So far it’s turned into one of my favourite cold brews and it would be interesting to see the difference of trying it hot. I may have to do a pot steep later today to see.


Hope you are feeling a bit better everyday :)

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757 tasting notes

Sipdown…I really like this one. Too bad it is my last leaf from my sample from OMGsrsly from our swap a few weeks ago. It is just nice and warming and smooth. There is orange here, but not punch in your face kind of orange, and a sweet creamy vanilla note. The oolong base is slightly floral, so it pairs well with the orange honey nectar tones in this tea. I think I can probably get one, maybe two more steeps from this. The leaves have opened up big now, but I think there’s enough flavour there still.

This is a nice tea for today, as it has enough body for a cool and overcast day, but the orange invokes spring, and we do have an array of blossoms out. The clouds are clearing too. Probably because I am drinking this tea. :P

If we ever do a group Della Terra order, this is one I would probably reorder.


When Della Terra has 30% off, a $40 order has shipping paid for, as well as a couple dollars of the tea itself. Just to tempt you. :) I’m hoping to do another order the next sale they have, so if you like I can snag a bag of this for you.


How often do they do sales? How do you know about them? I should probably make a Della Terra list too.


They post in the discussions forum. :) So sometimes if I’m bored and looking through the discussions, I notice them. This last one (Easter weekend), everything I wanted but this one was sold out, so I didn’t get anything.


Oh, and I’d say every couple months, but the ’s vary. Waiting for 30 off is a good idea.

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4847 tasting notes

On the Fifth Day of Christmas … Della Terra Teas Sent me this tea!

This tea is oh so good! Sweet, creamy and decadent. Exactly what one would expect from a Creme Brulee dessert … in tea form. I was so very happy to discover this tea in my 12 Days of Christmas sampler box. I loved it!

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2148 tasting notes

Thanks go to Katiek for sending this to me in her extremely generous mystery tea box.

I know that I generally hate citrus and if anyone can change that it would be Della Terra. Against all the odds I did fall in love with Lemon Chiffon, so I tried to go in to this with an open mind. I’ll admit, I was worried when I first opened the package, all I could smell was the sharp citrus from the orange peel. That alone almost made me reseal the package and try again later. I’ve had a bad run of citrus teas the last couple days and didn’t want to add to the list.

I was pleasantly surprised on my first sip. While the main flavor of this is orange the sharpness of the citrus is really cut down by the addition of the cream flavoring. I’m not really getting much of the caramel or any of the oolong. I’m still not in love with this tea, but it is officially my favorite orange tea yet, perhaps I’m making progress?

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec

uh oh… and i’ve included a citrus taste in ours. hmmm, but it’s not actual citrus. well, if you hate it turf it into the garden or pass it on to a friend!


Yeah, I just had this and I also thought it was my favorite orange tea!

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390 tasting notes

i adore creme brulee. so much so that i tend to focus in on that word and not observe the words before or after it. sigh. face to palm.

i really don’t like orange peel in teas. well, usually. it’s often bitter and that’s all i taste. the caramel would balance it out though, right? yup, if i could taste it. i have no idea what my problem is but other than butiki’s caramel vanilla assam i can’t taste it.

i’m sorry ShortSorceress and i’m sorry della terra… this was all my oops. note to self in future: maintain level of literacy previous to identifying the presence of the word ‘brulee’. no numbers. my bad.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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39 tasting notes

I receive it today that the one i win on facebook From the contest they do ! ( Thank you for the contest Della Terra Teas ) The shipping was fast as always faster than most stuff i order from Canada.

My first impression when opening the bag was WoW! that smell exactly like one of my favorite chocolate ( Dark chocolate with Candied orange peels in it )

Once steeped the tea smell just as good orange with a creamy hint aroma and some sweetness but nothing tart about it. I don’t taste the caramel at all well i don’t taste anything except orange but not because it’s seem to miss something more because all seem perfectly blend together i really have the impression to drink my chocolate :D

The tea look all foggy but exept that it is a pretty good tea in my opinion

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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297 tasting notes

How does a tea that smells so amazing taste to blah & belch.
This is so orange, creamy & sweet smelling, but it doesn’t follow through.
It’s quite void of yummy flavours & possesses a stale, almost musty flavour.

Just not working for me

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248 tasting notes

Yum yum. I’ve ben absent from Steepster because work has been so so crazy. Plus I’m finally getting over the flu/whatever I had and can taste again. No point in drinking all my lovely tea and not being able to taste anything!

I do love this tea, I was actually expecting it to be a darker oolong when I first got it but I like the orange and creaminess with the lighter oolong.

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